Bosch’s Dual Battery, Exciting Releases from Giant and Cannondale, Bicycle Autobahn, and More

Bosch pushes e-bike innovation to new heights

Expanding battery options


Bosch, the renowned German e-bike manufacturer, has recently unveiled their latest system updates. Excitingly, future models will offer the choice of two batteries – either two frame batteries or a combination of a frame battery and a rack battery. What makes this even more impressive is that both batteries can be charged simultaneously using a single charger.

Unrivaled power supply

Imagine the possibilities of having a whopping 1000Wh of power under your control. By opting for the largest capacity Bosch batteries at 500Wh each, e-bike enthusiasts will enjoy a full day of nonstop riding over even the most demanding mountain biking terrains. The bike’s intelligent controller seamlessly switches between the two batteries, eliminating the need for any manual intervention. It truly becomes a unified powerhouse, delivering unparalleled performance.

Introducing the sleek Purion display

In addition to their existing Intuvia and Nyon displays, Bosch has introduced a new player to the scene – the Purion display. Designed with utmost elegance and efficiency in mind, the Purion combines the previously separate display and power controls into a beautifully compact unit. It also features buttons with less sensitivity, making it an ideal choice for adventurous mountain bikers conquering rugged trails.


New Retrofit Option: Relo crank drive system

Seeking even greater versatility, buyers can now access a cutting-edge retrofit solution – the Relo crank drive system. This innovative design, originating from Germany, seamlessly attaches to the left-hand crank side, leaving the bike’s gearing unaffected. The system comprises a detachable 100Wh battery, flawlessly integrating with a powerful 250W crank-mounted motor.


Prepare to be astonished as Bosch raises the bar once again in the realm of e-bike technology. With these incredible updates, cycling enthusiasts worldwide are in for an exhilarating journey like never before.

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Electric Bike News


2017 E-Bike Launches

In the realm of electric bikes, a system called Relo has gained quite a reputation. Bike Europe praises its versatility, claiming it is compatible with “almost any bike.” Additionally, they hail the system’s exceptional quality and durability. If you’re interested, pre-orders are currently available on the company’s website for 2,200 Euros.

The Rise of Road E-Bikes

Will Giant revolutionize the world of road biking with their 2017 e-bike range? These bikes, specifically designed for the road, are a rarity in the market. Giant’s “Road E” model, with a Yamaha crank drive motor and renowned Shimano gearing, is now being offered in two different versions. In the UK, these models are priced at £2299 and £2749. While Giant has already established a presence in the US, their e-bikes for the road have yet to make their mark.


Cannondale’s Bosch-Powered MTB

Cannondale has introduced the Moterra, an electric mountain bike boasting a powerful Bosch motor. With full suspension and various travel options, this e-MTB promises an exciting ride. Prices for the Moterra will range from 3999 euros to 5999 euros.

Audi Enters the E-Bike Market


Even car companies are jumping on the e-bike trend to gain attention for their brands. Audi has partnered with Haibike to create the e-tron e-MTB, a high-performance electric mountain bike. With a price tag of 15,300 Euros, this bike comes equipped with impressive features. You can explore the full specifications and make a purchase here.

Expanding Cycle Infrastructure

To support the growing popularity of e-bikes, the development of well-designed bike lanes is crucial. In southwest Germany, plans are underway to create exclusive motorways for bikes. This project, as reported by The Guardian here, aims to connect major cities that are only 6-10 miles apart. With 1.6 million people living within 1.25 miles of the proposed route, this initiative could revolutionize long-distance e-bike commuting.

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Talking about bike lanes, People for Bikes in the US have recently launched an appeal for applications from 10 towns and cities across the country for their BigJump project. This initiative aims to provide additional bike lanes and other pro-bike measures to the winning applicants, highlighting the importance of promoting biking infrastructure.

If you ever wonder about the difficulty and determination required to implement bike lanes in a major city, ‘Streetfight’ offers a comprehensive account of this challenge. Written by a former NYC Transport Commissioner and her deputy, Seth Solomov, the book delves into the intricacies of battling for bike lanes and enhancing urban life.

In the UK, inter-urban bike lanes are also gaining momentum beyond London. The recently launched Leeds-Bradford superhighway connects two densely populated areas in Northern England. Marketed as ‘the first cycling superhighway outside London,’ this project is expected to witness approximately 9,000 daily journeys. It signifies the growing recognition of the need for improved cycling infrastructure nationwide.

Country Roundup

The popularity of e-bikes continues to rise in western Europe. Bike Europe has reported increasing sales in the UK, while Austria has experienced a staggering 54% annual surge in the e-bike market, representing around 20% of the overall bike market. Interestingly, the article highlights that most of the higher-priced e-bikes are sold by independent bike dealers, similar to other markets.

Meanwhile, in Australia’s Gold Coast region, e-biking is rapidly gaining traction among the locals, contributing to its popularity as a destination for e-bike enthusiasts.

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In an effort to prevent any motor doping scandals similar to the one that recently rocked Belgium, Tour de France organizers are planning to scan 3,000 to 4,000 bikes using magnetic technology. This rigorous process aims to eliminate any possibility of cheating during the renowned cycling event.

Lastly, let’s explore the fascinating world of e-bike manufacturers. Flyer, a Swiss pioneer in the industry, has evolved from producing traditional, step-over city e-bikes to developing high-performance e-mountain bikes. Their journey showcases the innovative approaches undertaken by manufacturers in creating advanced e-bike models.

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California is hosting its inaugural e-bike track race, which will take place on the historic Polo Fields cycle track of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. E-bikers will compete by completing continuous laps on a 1 km track, and the rider who covers the greatest distance within one hour will be declared the winner. This race marks a significant milestone for e-biking in California.

In an article featured by Oregon’s Mail Tribune, the incredible story of Myrna Rafalovich, a 69-year-old e-biker, is shared. Myrna has embarked on an e-bike journey to recreate her memorable coast-to-coast ride from 1976. This ride holds historical significance for the cycling community in the United States as it led to the establishment of the Trans-America Bicycle Trail and the founding of the Adventure Cycling organization.

Curious about the outcome when a highly trained mountain bike rider faces off against a skilled rider trying out an e-MTB? Discover the answer to this question here:

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