Setting a New World Record: Outrider USA Electric Trike Reaches 85.9 MPH! [WATCH VIDEO]

Tommy Ausherman Co Founder on Outrider USA rode a modified 422 Alpha electric bike 85 9 mph88f143468 0

Tommy Ausherman Sets New World Record on Outrider USA Electric Trike

A Thrilling Ride at 85.9 mph

Witness the incredible feat of Tommy Ausherman, co-founder of Outrider USA, as he fearlessly speeds down an airport runway at a blistering 85.9 mph on a modified Outrider USA 422 Alpha electric trike! This breathtaking display of skill and daring is not for the faint-hearted.

Let it be known, dear readers, that this is no ordinary rider, but a seasoned professional who undertook this exhilarating ride on a closed track. Please, kids, do not attempt to replicate this dangerous stunt at home!

The awe-inspiring footage capturing this record-breaking achievement was ingeniously filmed using cutting-edge GoPro action cameras.

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According to Outrider USA, this astounding feat sets a new world record for a vehicle under 100 pounds without a fairing. The modified 422 Alpha, weighing in at a mere 99 pounds, showcases the genius of this pioneering brand.

I was fortunate enough to experience the thrill of riding a stock Outrider USA 422 Alpha myself, reaching a heart-pounding speed of 40 mph. But to imagine the adrenaline rush felt at 85.9 mph is truly mind-boggling!

However, Outrider USA’s innovations do not stop at speed. They have shifted their focus towards their revolutionary Horizon electric trike, which aims to provide individuals with physical disabilities the profound joy and freedom of bike/trike riding.

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Tommy Ausherman, Co-Founder on Outrider USA, rode a modified 422 Alpha electric bike 85.9 mph.

“The driving mission behind the Horizon trike is simple: Just because an individual has a physical disability, it doesn’t mean they don’t still crave the adventure and freedom of riding a bike,” explained Jesse Lee, co-founder of Outrider.

Tommy Ausherman, Co-Founder of Outrider USA, riding a modified 422 Alpha electric bike at 85.9 mph.

Tommy Ausherman, alongside his role as the co-founder of Outrider USA, embarked on this daring journey astride the modified 422 Alpha, reaching a mind-blowing speed of 85.9 mph.

Outrider USA’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of speed and their unwavering commitment to enabling more people to relish the joy of cycling is commendable.

Curious for more information on the incredible range of Outrider USA electric trikes? Visit their website and delve deeper into their groundbreaking innovations.

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