7 Unexpected Ways an Electric Bike Can Be Utilized

Seven Unexpected Ways an Electric Bicycle Can Be Utilizedd0a122397 2 1

One of the most impressive aspects of Rad Power Bikes electric bikes is their incredible versatility. The RadRover 6 Plus, which you purchased to explore nature on the weekends, can also serve as your weekday commuting companion. Likewise, the RadCity, initially chosen for grocery runs, can effortlessly transform into the perfect vehicle for spontaneous camping trips. Even the RadRunner 2, intended for summer rides, can keep you riding through winter and into the new year, ensuring that no matter the season, an electric bike makes your adventures easier, more affordable, and infinitely more enjoyable.

Spoiler alert: This exceptional versatility is no accident. Our engineers meticulously design multi-purpose electric bikes that cater to year-round rides, including those under rainy conditions. It’s all part of our commitment to provide you with a bike that suits any purpose you desire, all while adding an extra dose of fun to your journey.

While commuting, exercising, dropping off the kids at school, or embarking on spontaneous adventures are some of the most common reasons people choose our ebikes we are consistently amazed by the unique and creative ways our riders employ their bikes. Here are a few notable examples:

Gardening and Guitars

“I opted for the RadWagon as a replacement for my 19-year-old truck on shorter trips. It allows me to effortlessly transport compost to my garden, or my guitar and amp to my local gigs, all while incorporating a bit of exercise. I’m actively contributing to a greener environment, saving money, and conquering the daunting hill on my route back home with ease.” — Gary B., Verified RadWagon rider

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A Barbershop on Wheels

(Photo credit: Elise Giordano)

“For my mobile barbershop business, C’Mon Barber, on Vashon Island, WA, the RadWagon has proven to be a game-changer. It handles the island’s challenging hills with ease, allowing me to effortlessly transport my barber equipment and myself, all while maintaining a sharp and professional appearance.” — Tara M., Verified RadWagon rider

Ebikes for Golf

As an enthusiastic golfer, I have discovered a fantastic way to enhance my golf experience. By attaching a carrier to my new ebike, I can effortlessly transport myself around the golf course. This incredible mode of transportation allows me to reach my golf ball swiftly, execute my next shot with precision, and explore the vast greens in a whole new manner. Allow me to introduce you to the remarkable RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru, a multi-dimensional marvel that not only serves as a recreational bike but also offers opportunities for invigorating exercise and convenient golfing experiences.” — Richard P., Verified RadRover 6 Plus rider 

Seven Unexpected Ways an Electric Bicycle Can Be Utilizedd0a122397 0

(Editor’s note: While an ebike proves to be an excellent companion for transporting your golf equipment, it’s essential to note that not all golf courses permit their usage as a personal caddy. It is advisable to consult with your local operators regarding the specific rules and regulations in place.)

Surf’s Up!

Are you ready to ride the waves while delving into the world of ebikes? Well, look no further as I unveil the perfect solution. Picture this: a cargo bike not only designed to accommodate all your needs but also engineered to accommodate your longboard itself. Say hello to the fabulous RadWagon, your ultimate partner for all things adventurous. It’s time to load up all your essentials and embark on an extraordinary journey, be it indulging in mouthwatering pizza, fetching groceries with ease, or relishing the sun-kissed beaches minus the car.”  Michael S., Verified RadWagon rider

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Are you intrigued by Mike’s experience with ebikes for surfing? Curiosity piqued? Discover more about Mike’s exhilarating journey.

An Artist’s Retreat

Being 76 years young, one might argue that I’ve reached the age where fun and adventure take a backseat. However, ever since I discovered the wonders of an ebike, my perception of age limitations has completely transformed. Using the phenomenal RadRunner 2 to transport my painting easel and equipment for plein-air painting sessions has rejuvenated my artistic endeavors. Riding the RadRunner 2 is a breeze, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to embrace this remarkable mode of transportation.”  Melvin P., Verified RadRunner 2 rider

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From Rail to Trail

Imagine a lifestyle where commuting and exercise coexist harmoniously. Well, the ideal solution lies in an ebike. It effortlessly transports me to my desired destinations, all while allowing me to stay active. Dodging unbearable traffic on I95 is now a thing of the past as I conveniently carry my RadExpand onto the train. The best part? The electrifying journey offers opportunities to bond with fellow RAD owners and share exciting anecdotes. With a battery that preserves its power incredibly well, I can travel over 20 miles without sacrificing more than 2 bars. Additionally, the convenience of detaching the battery for charging adds to my overall satisfaction.” — Mary H, Verified RadExpand rider

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Ebikes for Skiing

Prepare to revolutionize your skiing experiences with the marvels of ebikes. It’s time to bid farewell to conventional transportation methods and embrace the exhilarating world of RadPowerbikes. With their exceptional performance and versatility, these bikes ensure you reach your snowy destinations with unrivaled ease. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures like never before, combining the joy of skiing with the exhilaration of ebike rides. It’s time to elevate your skiing escapades to new heights. Are you prepared to join the revolution?

Seven Unexpected Ways an Electric Bicycle Can Be Utilizedd0a122397 2

Skis make it easy for me. I can place them alongside the bike’s spine. If I plan on going snowboarding, all I need to do is secure my board to my back. Once we’ve arrived, I simply release the kickstand and effortlessly step onto the snow. If we were to walk, it would take us an entire day. Ebikes provide us with the opportunity to extend our season, conserve our energy, and embark on longer tours.”