The Electrify Expo Showcases the Most Cutting-Edge E-Bikes (and Some In-Between)

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The Electrify Expo: Showcasing the Future of Electric Vehicles

If you happened to visit the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in southern California from June 4th to June 5th, you would have had the opportunity to test drive electric cars from popular brands like Polestar, Lucid Motors, and Toyota. And that’s not all – you could have also hopped on an electric bike or e-motorcycle at a separate test track within the venue.

The Electrify Expo, the first installment of a national series of expos with the same name, aimed to showcase a wide range of electric vehicles. From e-skateboards to e-snowmobiles, e-bikes to electric cars, there was a staggering variety of electric transportation options on display. Surprisingly, even an e-tractor attracted a large crowd, with at least one attendee exclaiming, “I’m not a farmer, but I want one!”

Unlike the typical trade shows and events that the Electric Bike Report team attends, which primarily focus on performance cycling and are dominated by traditional e-bike brands, the Electrify Expo drew a more diverse crowd of EV enthusiasts. The attendees included auto industry executives, e-mobility inventors, and small e-bike startups. This eclectic mix truly reflected our readership and the wider e-bike consumer base.

As is customary at these shows, I combed through the venue in search of the latest, most innovative, and even the quirkiest models the e-bike industry had to offer. Although my original intention was to stay focused on e-bikes, I couldn’t resist the temptation to explore other electric vehicles that deviated from the traditional definition of an e-bike.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the standout EVs (mostly e-bikes) that caught my attention and that I had the pleasure of riding at the Electrify Expo in Long Beach.

A Revolutionary Electric Motorcycle and a Kid’s Electric Push Bike by Super73

Boasting one of the busiest tents at the Electrify Expo, Super73 garnered an enthusiastic crowd. However, it wasn’t their iconic moped-style e-bikes that stole the spotlight. Instead, it was two new models that drew the most attention: the electric motorcycle known as the Super73 C1X and a kid’s electric push bike.

Super73 proudly presented a working prototype of their electric C1X motorcycle, expected to be available for purchase in 2024.

Super73 Electric Motorcycle

While details about the Super73 C1X e-motorcycle were scarce, its stunning design unquestionably captivated the audience. Much of its aesthetic takes inspiration from Super73’s trademark SoCal style.

I managed to have a conversation with a Super73 representative who remained tight-lipped about the bike’s specifications. However, they did mention that it is projected to have a top speed of 75 mph and a range of up to 100 miles per charge. The eagerly anticipated Super73 C1X is set to hit the market in approximately 2024.

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A push bike designed specifically for kids but with the added power of a motor.

During my visit to the Super73 tent, a member of their team told me about their commitment to serve riders of all ages, from “seven to 73.” It’s clear that they take this motto to heart, as evidenced by their exciting lineup of electric bicycles.

Super 73 Youth Series

With thrilling innovations and cutting-edge designs, the Electrify Expo showcased the future of electric mobility. Whether it’s exploring the city streets or venturing off-road, electric vehicles are revolutionizing the way we move, and the possibilities are endless.

The Super 73 Youth Series

Soon to be released by Super 73 is an electric push bike specifically designed for young kids. This unique pedal-less vehicle features a small hub motor and throttle, providing a safe and fun learning experience for children. Straying away from the traditional use of training wheels, Strider-style bikes have gained popularity as they allow kids to develop their balance and independence by propelling themselves along. The Super73 Youth Series takes this concept further, giving kids a gentle push once they are comfortable lifting their feet off the ground.

Similar to the C1X, details about the Youth Series are still limited. However, it has been confirmed that the speed of this bike will be deliberately capped lower than average e-bikes. The hub motor will also be less powerful, ensuring a safe and controlled riding experience for young riders. According to a representative I spoke to, this anticipated release is expected to be available just in time for Christmas this year.

JackRabbit e-bike

The JackRabbit

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the JackRabbit despite its unconventional appearance. Is it an e-bike, a moped, or perhaps an electric unicycle fused with a BMX bike? The JackRabbit is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar electric vehicles I encountered at Electrify Expo. This intriguing contraption is powered by a 300W rear hub motor and features a small 36V, 4.2Ah (151.2Wh) battery embedded into its frame. The JackRabbit effortlessly straddles the line between an e-bike and an e-moped. Despite resembling a bicycle and utilizing bicycle components, it lacks cranks and pedals. Instead, the rider’s feet rest on foldable footpegs.

During my conversation with Tom Piszkin, the founder and CEO, he revealed that this bike was specifically designed for college students. It needed to be lightweight enough to carry up stairs, compact enough to fit into the back seat of a car, and agile enough to maneuver through a bustling campus. And I must say, Piszkin truly succeeded. Contrary to what the extremely short wheelbase suggests, the JackRabbit is impressively stable and predictable. Surprisingly, it ranks among my personal favorites among all the bikes I had the opportunity to ride at Electrify Expo. Despite its unconventional appearance, the thought and expertise poured into its design are evident.

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New Models from NCM/Leon Cycles

As NCM expands its presence in the United States, it is a brand that definitely deserves attention. Part of the Leon Cycles umbrella, NCM holds the advantage of controlling a significant portion of the manufacturing process, even producing their own motors through their subsidiary, DasKit.


At the Electrify Expo, NCM showcased two new models: the NCM M7 light electric trail bike and the NCM CRU7 electric cruiser. The NCM M7 is equipped with a torque sensing rear hub motor and is specifically designed for light off-road riding.

Despite their distinct frames and intended purposes, both bikes share numerous components. They boast a powerful 750W torque sensing DasKit rear hub motor and an impressive 48V, 20Ah battery. Additionally, they feature Shimano Acera 8-speed drivetrains and reliable hydraulic disc brakes. The NCM CRU7, on the other hand, is a stylish cruiser-style e-bike.

The Revolutionary Torque Sensor: Enhancing Performance

JackRabbit e-bike

The most remarkable feature of both these bicycles is their incredible torque sensor. Unlike cadence sensors that function like a simple on/off switch for the motor, the torque sensor measures the force exerted by the rider on the pedals and adjusts the motor power accordingly. This means that when you push hard on the pedals, the bike accelerates with great force, and when you apply gentle pressure, the acceleration is soft and smooth.

NCM: Leading the Way in Pedal Assist Sensors

While many brands have recently incorporated pedal assist sensors into their hub-powered e-bikes, none have done it as masterfully as NCM. The M7 and CRU7 models showcase incredible responsiveness and a powerband that can be effortlessly controlled by the rider.

Coming Soon: NCM M7 and CRU7

The eagerly awaited NCM M7 and CRU7 bikes are set to hit the market in approximately one or two months. Get ready to experience the future of electric biking!

The Mighty Delfast Top 3.0i

With an impressive Guinness World Record for the longest range on a single charge (228 miles), a powerful 3,000W motor (when unlocked), and an astonishingly large battery, the Delfast Top 3.0i blurs the boundary between e-bikes and e-motorcycles.

This groundbreaking electric vehicle demands careful usage to ensure safe and legal riding. Its category may be ambiguous, but one thing is certain: the Top 3.0i is an incredibly thrilling ride.

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Riding the Delfast at the Electrify Expo was an exhilarating experience. Even in street legal settings, this bike proves to be incredibly swift and possesses a robustness reminiscent of an e-motorcycle. Its demeanor resembles that of a streetfighter, offering a sensation akin to being the star of an action scene in a James Bond film.

Delfast e-bike

Meet the Visionaries: Daniel Tonkopi and the Delfast Team

While the Top 3.0i may be familiar to most e-bike enthusiasts, what is perhaps less known is that Delfast is a Ukrainian company. Founded by Daniel Tonkopi as a delivery service in the capital city of Kyiv, Delfast has since relocated its headquarters to Southern California alongside its approximately 10 employees. However, a majority of the company’s workforce, comprising around 30 individuals, continues to reside in Ukraine.

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February forced these employees to flee their homes in Kyiv, Kherson, and Kharkiv, areas deeply affected by the conflict. Seeking refuge in safer regions of the country, these dedicated individuals, who work in Delfast’s sales, customer service, and research and development departments, persistently strive to perform their duties despite hiding in basements and bunkers. This unwavering commitment to their work is truly commendable.

A Larger Tale: Delfast’s Ukrainian Team and the Impact of War

Stay tuned for a comprehensive account of Delfast’s Ukrainian team and the profound impact the war has had on their lives. In the meantime, it is worth noting that Delfast is donating five percent of their sales to support the Ukrainian war effort. If you have contemplated purchasing the remarkable Top 3.0i, now is an opportune moment to place your order and contribute to this cause.

Moonbike Electric Snowbike: A Fusion of Coolness

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate something extraordinary: the Moonbike Electric Snowbike.


It’s as if a snowmobile and an e-bike decided to create a unique hybrid.

The Moonbike defies categorization—it’s not exclusively an e-bike or a snowmobile, yet it possesses characteristics of both. The front end resemblances a mountain bike, featuring recognizable components such as the fork, headset, and handlebars, while the rear end embraces a snowmobile-inspired design, equipped with a massive track and a potent 3Kw motor. Prepare to be captivated by its sheer coolness!

The individuals manning the booth were unwilling to grant me permission to test it on the sandy shores of the beach; however, I remain hopeful for future endeavors…

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