Stealth Electric Bike Ridden by Freestyle Motocross Rider Ronnie Renner! (Video)

Ronnie Renner riding his Stealth electric bike Photo courtesy of Stealth Electric Bikes35f143470 1

Ronnie Renner’s Power-Packed Bike Adventures

Ronnie Renner riding his Stealth electric bike

Ronnie Renner is no stranger to handling high-powered bikes! As a world record setting freestyle motocross rider for Red Bull, he knows his way around extreme two-wheeled action.

Seeking Thrills Beyond Moto

To take a break from the everyday moto grind, Ronnie jumps aboard his Stealth Bomber electric mountain bike. These incredible rides from Stealth electric bikes blur the line between lightweight electric off-road motorcycles and bicycles, combining the best of both worlds.

With most Stealth models featuring a bicycle drivetrain, you can pedal if the mood strikes you. However, the Hurricane model opts for foot pegs instead.

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Unleashing Power and Speed

Stealth electric bikes are renowned for their breathtaking capabilities. Expect mind-boggling speeds of up to 50 mph, an impressive range of 50 miles, and the sheer force of 4,500 watts. These powerful machines also sport colossal 1,500 watt-hour batteries, along with robust 8″ front and rear suspension and aggressive off-road tires.

My personal experience riding one of these beasts in Germany was awe-inspiring. The exhilaration of hitting the throttle demanded a tight grip to hold on!

With such impressive specifications, it’s no surprise that Ronnie Renner chooses this e-bike as his thrilling alternative to the typical moto adventures.

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Witness the Stealth in Action

Take a moment to enjoy this video featuring Ronnie Renner taking the Stealth on an epic trail ride. It’s an adrenaline-pumping spectacle you won’t want to miss!

And if you crave even more riding action, here’s additional footage of Ronnie showcasing his skills with his trusty Stealth companion.

Curious about Ronnie’s day job? Brace yourself and watch this mind-blowing video to witness the incredible stunts he pulls off!