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New E-Bikes: Faraday, Pedego, & Juiced Riders

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Introducing the Faraday CortlandWe are excited to announce the arrival of the new electric bike, the Faraday Cortland, which is set to hit the market in February 2016. Similar to their classically styled Porteur, Faraday has designed this step thru frame bike with great attention to detail.Pedego has

Stealth Electric Bike Ridden by Freestyle Motocross Rider Ronnie Renner! (Video)

Ronnie Renner riding his Stealth electric bike Photo courtesy of Stealth Electric Bikes35f143470 1

Ronnie Renner’s Power-Packed Bike AdventuresRonnie Renner is no stranger to handling high-powered bikes! As a world record setting freestyle motocross rider for Red Bull, he knows his way around extreme two-wheeled action.Seeking Thrills Beyond MotoTo take a break from the everyday moto grind, Ronnie

The Cane Creek Thudbuster, Lightrider Lights, and Blackburn Grid 13 Multitool – All You Need to Know in One Video!

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Enhance Your Electric Bike Riding with Three Innovative ProductsRichard Peace takes a closer look at three products that can significantly improve your electric bike riding experience. These products are designed to tackle the challenges of rough roads, provide better illumination, and offer a

Latest Updates on Electric Bicycles: Fresh Models, Winter E-Biking, Drifting E-Trikes, Electric Cargo Bikes, Shared E-Bikes, and Much More! [Watch Videos]

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The Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike is a fantastic choice for any bike enthusiast. With its sleek design and advanced features, this electric bike is truly a game-changer. If you’re interested in the Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike, you’ll be happy to know that it will soon be available in

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Exciting Updates: Ride1Up and Aventon Unveil Affordable New E-Bike Models Alongside Garmin Radar, Volt E-Folder, and More!

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Ride1Up’s Rift – an All-new Fat Tire All-Terrain E-BikeRide1Up is well-known for their urban-styled e-bikes, but their latest model, the Rift, takes a different approach. This adventure-focused e-bike combines practicality and performance with great value. Let’s dive into what it has to offer for

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