How Do Our Electric Bikes Handle Hills

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Electric bikes offer the incredible opportunity to conquer intimidating hills effortlessly. This is one of the main reasons for their skyrocketing popularity, particularly in cities graced with steep inclines. (We all know the struggle of cycling in San Francisco, right?)

When it comes to tackling hills, potential riders often have numerous inquiries about what to expect from the specific electric bike model they have their eyes on. Will the RadCity have what it takes to ascend those sudden slopes during their daily commute? How does the RadMini fare on those mountainous driveways where our rural cyclists face challenges?

To dive deep into this matter, we embarked on a Test Ride Tuesday adventure. Armed with each of our electric bike models, we headed to a hilly neighborhood near our headquarters in Seattle to conduct an experiment.

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Our friend Kagen graciously volunteered to assist us. We didn’t disclose in advance that he would be riding each model uphill while testing every level of pedal assist, but he took it in good spirits.

As you can witness, not only did he successfully conquer each hill, but he even had plenty of energy to spare.

Now, you may be pondering how he managed such a feat. Well, while he would like us to believe it was solely his physical prowess, the truth is that each of our bikes is equipped with a powerful electric motor. Its purpose is to give your ride an extra boost.

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Once the motor is activated, it’s up to the rider to determine the level of effort they wish to exert and the amount of assistance they desire from the bike. Riders can rely on various degrees of pedal assist or take advantage of the twist-grip throttle and forgo pedaling altogether*. Feeling adventurous? Opt for PAS 0 and relish in the delight of self-powered exertion!

The most remarkable aspect, however, is that you can switch things up whenever you desire during your ride. For instance, you might be cruising along contentedly with minimal assistance when suddenly confronted by a daunting hill. At that moment, all you need to do is press a button or flick your wrist to summon the necessary power to conquer the summit.

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If a particular model has been calling out to you, take a look at how it fared in our extensive series of test rides. And always remember, that person enjoying the experience could very well be you, sitting in the saddle.

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*Please note that the Independent Throttle feature may not be available in all countries.