Experiencing the Outrider USA 422: A Thrilling Ride on the High Performance Electric Recumbent Trike!

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Introducing the Outrider USA 422 Alpha Adventure Vehicle



Discover the impressive capabilities of the Outrider USA 422 Alpha Adventure Vehicle! This extraordinary machine boasts a maximum speed of 40 mph, a remarkable power output of 4,200 watts, and a staggering range of up to 165 miles.

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Outrider USA recumbent electric trikes. These vehicles redefine high performance, delivering an exhilarating experience like no other.

A Memorable Visit to Sedona AZ

During their visit to Sedona AZ, Jesse, Daniel, and Tommy from Outrider USA graciously allowed me to test ride their top-of-the-line 422 Alpha adventure vehicle. It was a thrilling experience!

Not only did I have the opportunity to ride the e-trike, but the Outrider team also explored the picturesque and winding roads of this magnificent red rock country. Their passion for adventure and superior craftsmanship shines through every mile.

Background Story

Let me share a little background about Jesse, Daniel, and Tommy. They have been close friends for years and have now ventured into the business of building and selling these extraordinary high-performance e-trikes.

Their commitment to quality is admirable. Every Outrider USA vehicle is meticulously crafted in Fletcher, North Carolina, with a strong emphasis on sourcing components locally within the United States. Their dedication to supporting the domestic market sets them apart.

To demonstrate the remarkable speed and agility of their adventure vehicles, Jesse, Daniel, and Tommy participated in the 2012 Pikes Peak e-bike race and secured the first and second positions. Their accomplishments speak volumes!


Unveiling the Outrider USA Adventure Vehicles

The Outrider USA electric recumbent trikes embody the perfect blend of exceptional quality and unmatched performance.

These outstanding vehicles are available in four models, catering to various preferences and requirements. The prices range from $5,995 to $11,995, depending on the chosen model:

– The 209 Enduro: Designed for exploration, it reaches speeds of 20 mph and offers a range of 66 miles (with pedaling) or 45 miles (no pedaling). With an impressive power output of up to 2086 watts, priced at $5,995.


– The 311 Solo: Ideal for thrill-seekers, it reaches speeds of 30 mph and provides a range of 83 miles (with pedaling) or 56 miles (no pedaling). Equipped with up to 2800 watts of power, priced at $7,995.


Experience the thrill and power of the Outrider USA adventure vehicles – a true testament to engineering excellence and limitless adventure.

The 411 Hyperlite:

The 411 Hyperlite is capable of reaching speeds of 40 mph and offers a range of 83 miles (with pedaling) or 56 miles (without pedaling) when traveling at 20 mph. With a power output of up to 4200 watts, this high-performance electric vehicle is priced at $9,995.


The 422 Alpha:

Introducing the 422 Alpha, another impressive model by Outrider. This electric vehicle can reach speeds of 40 mph and provides a range of 165 miles (with pedaling) or 111 miles (without pedaling) at a speed of 20 mph. With a power output of up to 4200 watts, the cost of this exceptional adventure vehicle is $11,995.


Exploring the 422 Alpha:

Since I had the opportunity to ride the 422 Alpha, let’s delve into some of the fascinating features of this top-of-the-line adventure vehicle!

Outrider 422 Electric Trike

The Outrider 422 Electric Trike is built for speed, capable of reaching an impressive 40 mph!

Outrider 422 Electric Trike Side View

Designed with a recumbent position for enhanced aerodynamics and a low center of gravity for stability, the Outrider trikes offer a unique riding experience.

Outrider 422 Electric Trike Rear View

Equipped with rear view mirrors, the Outrider e-trikes ensure safety, especially when traveling at high speeds. Additionally, you’ll notice the rear rack mounted with a safety flag for added visibility.

2131 Watt Hour Lithium Polymer Battery

The 2131 watt hour lithium polymer battery is securely stored under the seat, ensuring optimal overall handling by keeping the battery weight low. It is an impressive 44.4 volt 48 ah battery! The range of the 422 Alpha electric trike varies between 111 miles to 165 miles, depending on your speed and the extent to which you engage in pedaling. This vast range allows for extensive and enjoyable rides!

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On/Off Key in Battery Pack Area

Located in the battery pack area beneath the seat, you will find the convenient on/off key. This key provides an effortless way to control the power of your electric trike.

Gates Belt Drive for Efficient Power Transmission

The 422 model incorporates the use of Gates belts, which serve as a reliable means of transferring power from the motor to the rear wheel. This innovative belt drive system optimizes the efficiency of power transmission, ensuring a smooth and seamless riding experience.

Belt Drives for Rear Wheel Power

  • Click here to see the belt drives that come from the motor and power the rear wheel.

These belt drives offer different power options: 750 watts, 2,100 watts, and 4,200 watts!

Large Belt Drive Cog

  • Click here to see the large belt drive cog installed on the rear wheel.

SRAM X.7 9-Speed Rear Derailleur

  • Click here to see the SRAM X.7 9-speed rear derailleur and the impressive Industry 9 rear wheel.

The Outrider 422 Electric Trike: A Night Adventure

The Outrider 422 comes equipped with a Cycle Lumenator (1000 Lumen LED) headlight, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience during your night adventures.

Discover the Cockpit of the Outrider 422

Take a look at the captivating cockpit of the Outrider 422. It truly provides a sensation of flying, especially when reaching speeds of up to 40 mph!

The Unique Schlumpf High-Speed Drive 2 Speed Crankset

One extraordinary feature of the Outrider 422 is its Schlumpf High-Speed Drive 2 speed crankset. This crankset allows you to pedal at both low and high speeds. By simply pressing a button located in the center of the cranks with your heel, you can effortlessly switch between gears. It’s fascinating how you can contribute power even while cruising at 40 mph!

The Cycle Analyst for the Outrider 422

The Outrider 422 electric trike utilizes a Cycle Analyst, which not only provides you with a wealth of information but also allows you to make adjustments to the power settings.


The Intuitive Twist Grip Throttle

Located on the left handlebar, the Outrider 422 features a convenient twist grip throttle. Although it may require a bit of practice initially, this unique design allows for effortless control and intuitive adjustments with just a grasp of the bar.


The SRAM X.0 9-Speed Gripshift

On the right handlebar, you’ll find the SRAM X.0 9-speed gripshift that enables seamless adjustments to the SRAM X.7 rear derailleur. This ergonomic feature ensures smooth shifting and enhances overall riding experience.

The 422: A Trike with Powerful Brakes

The 422 comes equipped with Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes on both front wheels. It is important to evenly distribute pressure on both brakes to ensure stability. If one brake is applied too forcefully, the trike may pull slightly in that direction. The experienced riders caution that if you lean too far forward and suddenly apply the brakes, you might even go into an endo. So, be prepared to slam on the brakes if needed!

Premium Trike Wheels for Enhanced Performance

The 422 utilizes the high-quality Industry 9 Premium Trike Wheels, featuring durable aluminum construction and straight-pull spokes. These wheels provide optimal strength and responsiveness, contributing to a smoother ride and enhanced performance for the 422 trike.

A Comfortable Riding Experience

The 422 boasts a laid-back recumbent seat that offers remarkable comfort. The ergonomic design ensures a relaxed and enjoyable riding position, perfect for the low riding style offered by this trike. Experience the pleasure of cruising in ultimate comfort with the well-positioned seat of the 422.

The Surley trailer is an excellent solution for carrying a significant amount of additional cargo. It provides ample space and convenience for your transportation needs.

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The Thrilling Ride

The experience of riding a recumbent electric trike capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 mph is something that requires some adjustment. Once you settle into the comfortable laid-back seat, you need to familiarize yourself with the various controls located within the “cockpit”. The Cycle Analyst display grants you the ability to modify power levels and access an array of statistics, including Battery Voltage, Instantaneous Speed, Instantaneous Motor Power, Amp-Hours Consumed, Miles Traveled, Watt-hours Consumed, Efficiency in Watt-hours per Mile, Average Speed, Maximum Speed, Trip Time, Lifetime Battery Cycles, Lifetime Energy Consumed, and Lifetime Miles Traveled.

Moreover, you’ll find the left brake lever and throttle situated on the left handlebar, while the right handlebar houses the right brake lever and the SRAM grip shifter for the 9-speed rear derailleur.

As you place your feet on the pedals, you can utilize the optional Schlumpf 2-speed cranks by simply pressing the heel button located at the center of the cranks. The gear ratio alteration at the cranks is truly remarkable, as it enables you to effortlessly cruise at low speeds and exert pedal power even at 40 mph.

Engaging the Electric Assist on the Outrider

To activate the electric assist feature on the Outrider, it is necessary to pedal up to a speed of approximately 4 mph. This safety measure ensures that the trike won’t accelerate too abruptly if the throttle is accidentally bumped.

Getting Acquainted with the Controls

Initially, it may require some coordination to manage all the controls at your disposal. These include pedaling up to 4 mph, engaging the throttle, shifting the rear derailleur, and then shifting the crank gear once you reach higher speeds. Additionally, checking the mirrors, maneuvering into corners, preparing for stops, applying the brakes evenly, and downshifting before coming to a halt to avoid getting stuck in a high gear. Although it may seem like a lot, as you spend more time on the trike, it becomes more intuitive.

The Power of Pedaling

One aspect that intrigued me was the impact of pedaling on a powerful machine like this. Surprisingly, I felt that I was genuinely contributing a substantial amount of power to the forward motion. Thanks to the Schlumpf crankset, the bike was geared in a way that I could truly enhance the overall speed by pedaling even at 40 mph.

Adjusting Your Pedaling Technique

A word of advice regarding pedaling: if you are accustomed to pulling on the handlebars while exerting force, you will need to break this habit when riding an Outrider. This is because pulling on the handlebars can cause the trike to turn, even the slightest movement at high speeds. The best approach to successful pedaling is to push yourself back into the seat, isolating your upper body and maintaining smooth power through the pedals. Although it requires practice, it eventually becomes a more natural part of your riding experience.

The Thrill of Speed

Traveling at 40 mph so close to the ground was undeniably exhilarating! Initially, the intensity is palpable, but as I accumulated more miles on the e-trike, I gradually grew more comfortable. We rode in an area where we could keep pace with car traffic, attracting some inquisitive gazes from drivers. Throughout the journey, my focus was on maintaining smooth pedaling and minimizing upper body movements.

Cornering with Confidence

Cornering on an Outrider is an immensely enjoyable experience! To maximize the maneuverability during cornering, it is advisable to lean into the turn. The skilled individuals at Outrider even managed to lift the trikes on just two wheels, although I personally preferred to keep all three wheels on the ground 🙂 The stability of these impressive vehicles, due to their low altitude, adds to the excitement of navigating corners effectively.

Safety Concerns

When it comes to the Outrider USA adventure vehicles, safety is a valid concern. Due to their low position on the ground, visibility could potentially be a challenge. However, these e-trikes come equipped with a visible orange flag attached to the rear rack, which helps improve visibility. Additionally, wearing bright yellow clothing can further enhance safety.

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Are the Outrider USA adventure vehicles classified as electric bikes in the eyes of the law? The answer is maybe. By keeping the vehicle on the low power setting and limiting the speed to 20 mph, it may meet the criteria for e-bike classification. However, it’s important to note that exceeding these limits would be done at one’s own risk.

Consider Registering as a Moped

Another option to explore is registering and insuring the Outrider USA adventure vehicle as a moped. To obtain more information about this option, it is recommended to reach out to Outrider USA directly.

Impressions of the Outrider USA 422

The Outrider USA 422 proved to be an immensely enjoyable ride. Its unique blend of a low seating position, high power, and speed make it a one-of-a-kind pedal/electric vehicle.

Versatile Usage

The versatility of the Outrider adventure vehicles is noteworthy. Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on long rides through scenic countryside or mountains, these vehicles can handle it all.

How to Get an Outrider USA Adventure Vehicle

If you are interested in acquiring an Outrider USA adventure vehicle, please contact Outrider USA directly to place your order.

Riding Experience Captured in Pictures


Jesse gives a talk on how to operate and ride the Outrider 422.


Your’s truly on the Outrider 422 Alpha. The test ride was incredibly enjoyable!

This is the type of road that I tested the Outrider 422 on. Lots of fun!

This is the kind of road where I put the Outrider 422 to the test. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience!

Now it’s time for a ride! Jesse and Tommy check out one of the roads in Sedona.

Let’s hit the road! Jesse and Tommy explore one of Sedona’s scenic routes.

A hard corner and the end of pavement is no problem for the Outrider e-trikes. In fact, it seemed to make the ride more fun!

Sharp turns and the sudden absence of pavement didn’t faze the Outrider e-trikes. If anything, it added to the excitement!

Yes, the Outrider USA Adventure Vehicles can handle some off-road adventure. They work well on relatively smooth dirt roads. Jesse and Tommy enjoyed a little 3-wheel drift through the corners!

Indeed, the Outrider USA Adventure Vehicles can handle off-road adventures with ease. They perform splendidly on moderately smooth dirt paths. Jesse and Tommy had a blast maneuvering through the bends!

Just one of the many places you could ride an Outrider e-trike to.

Here’s just one of the numerous destinations you can explore on an Outrider e-trike.

Not a bad spot for chillin’ out.

It’s a fantastic spot to relax and unwind.

Outrider e-trikes and the open road.

These Outrider e-trikes were made for the open road.

Jesse and Tommy rolling into Sedona.

Jesse and Tommy make their entrance into Sedona.

This happened a lot. The Outrider USA Adventure Vehicles definitely draw a lot of attention. The guys did a great job of getting people interested in their e-trikes.

This occurred frequently. The Outrider USA Adventure Vehicles undoubtedly attract a great deal of attention. The guys excellently piqued people’s curiosity about their e-trikes.

The Outrider USA team after a full day of riding in Sedona. Left to right: Jesse, Daniel, and Tommy.

The Outrider USA team posing together after an exhilarating day of riding in Sedona. From left to right: Jesse, Daniel, and Tommy.

That concludes our adventure. If you own an Outrider or have test ridden one, please share your thoughts on these remarkable vehicles in the comment section below.