Ride Review: 2019 Riese & Müller Nevo GX Rohloff

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 11 3


Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 0

We have also thoroughly reviewed the previous Nevo model here and here.

The Nevo design has been updated for 2019, now including an inframe battery as standard and the option of a second battery mounted on the down tube.

Introducing the GX Rohloff variant for 2019, which adds an off-road twist to the previously more road-oriented range. The electronically shifting Rohloff hub gears also provide additional gearing options previously unavailable in the ever-expanding Nevo family. This particular model is priced at US $7099 or GB £5319.

The off-road capability is paired with the most powerful Bosch mid-drives, the Performance Line CX.

The practical and user-friendly low step-thru frame remains, combining its excellent commuting, shopping, and leisure riding attributes with off-road capability and low maintenance thanks to the Gates Carbon belt drive.

What to Expect from the Nevo GX Rohloff

Nevo GX Rohloff: A Closer Look

Take a moment to watch the captivating video overview of the Nevo GX Rohloff below. This extraordinary electric bike offers a perfect blend of stunning, modernist architecture and practical transportation design.

Aesthetic Appeal Paired with Unyielding Strength

The Nevo GX Rohloff boasts a durable, clean-lined aluminium construction that exudes a sense of solidity. Whether you’re cruising on smooth asphalt or venturing onto more rugged trails, this bike will instill real confidence in riders.

Revolutionizing the Step-Thru Frame

Traditionally associated with traditional town bikes popular in cycling nations such as the Netherlands, step-thru frames have long been favored for everyday cycling trips. With the Nevo GX Rohloff, Riese and Muller have taken the step-thru frame to new heights, enhancing its popular features like comfortable riding and easy load carrying, while infusing it with off-road capabilities and modernist styling.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 1

Unleashing its Off-Road Prowess

Equipped with Schwalbe Rock Razor tyres, boasting big volume and an aggressively-treaded design (ETRTO 60-584), the Nevo GX Rohloff is ready to conquer the toughest terrains. Additionally, its Cane-Creek seatpost suspension and Suntour XCR32 shock units (air version) with 63mm of travel make it equally adept at navigating off-road adventures and urban landscapes.

Your Perfect Companion on Any Path

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 2

While the practical step-thru frame design of the Nevo GX Rohloff offers great convenience, it does come with slightly reduced ground clearance compared to other Riese and Muller frames. If you’re looking for a step-through frame that can handle bumpier or rockier off-road rides, the Homage GX Rohloff, with its extra bottom bracket clearance, full suspension, and enhanced front suspension travel, might be worth exploring. However, keep in mind that the step-thru design on the Homage is not as low as that of the Nevo.

Bosch Empowers Your Journey

Providing the Nevo GX Rohloff with immense power is Bosch’s highly acclaimed Performance Line CX motor. Renowned for its ability to deliver high torque from a standing start and up steep inclines, this road-legal motor is an excellent choice for off-road adventures. Additionally, its low weight ensures superior handling and stability.

Efficiency and Reliability with Bosch Powertube

Embedded in the frame, the Bosch powertube 500Wh battery is not only efficient but also contributes to the bike’s low and centralized weight distribution. The video demonstrates an easy-to-operate double release mechanism for the battery, preventing accidental drops. Moreover, for those seeking unparalleled capacity, the option to add a second battery, increasing the capacity to an impressive 1000Wh, sets this bike apart from its competitors.

The Incredible Features of the Rohloff E-14 Gear Hub

A Gear Hub Like None Other

Prepare to be amazed by the Rohloff E-14, a gear hub with unparalleled stats. Offering a remarkable 526% gear range and an astonishingly quick change speed of around a fifth of a second, this gear hub truly stands out from the rest.

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The Marvel of Multi-Shift Mode

Experience the convenience of the multi-shift mode that seamlessly shifts not one, not two, but three gears in a single sequence. No more hassle of shifting gears individually. Additionally, the auto-downshift function ensures that you are always in the right gear to swiftly resume your ride after a stop. Pure cycling bliss!

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 3

A Belt Drive Designed to Impress

The Gates Carbon belt drive is the perfect match for this low-maintenance setup. Say goodbye to chain-related woes and revel in the smoothness and longevity of this incredible drive system. It’s the epitome of reliability.

Impressive Suspension for Off-Road Adventure

Although the Suntour XCR32 Air forks may not provide the same level of travel as the full-suspension Homage model, they are an excellent choice for moderate off-road usage. With 63mm of travel, expect a satisfyingly comfortable ride that will keep you in control.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 4

A Welcome Amount of Rear Suspension

While it may not boast the capabilities of a full rear shock unit, the Cane Creek suspension post adds a meaningful 33mm of suspension to the rear of the bike. Embrace the enhanced comfort and performance this feature brings, perfectly complementing the bike’s sturdy frame.

Conquer Rough Terrains with Confidence

Equipped with Schwalbe Rock Razor large volume off-road tires, measuring 27.5″ x 2.35″ (60-584), this bike guarantees exceptional grip and cushioning even in the most challenging off-road conditions. So get ready to tackle any trail with confidence and precision.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 5

Designed to Carry Your Gear

The Nevo comes with an abundance of carrying capacity. With a 20kg rated rear rack and a 3kg rated front rack, you can easily transport your essentials without compromising the bike’s performance. The convenience of having ample storage is truly invaluable.

Illuminate Your Path

Experience top-notch visibility with the Lumotec IQ-X E front LED lighting. As soon as you start your journey, this remarkable lighting system springs to life. It even features an automatic night time mode, offering a powerful beam to guide your way. Never lose sight of the road ahead.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 6

Complete Your Setup

The accessories package includes high-quality SKS fenders and a reliable Pletscher kickstand. These finishing touches add convenience and practicality to your riding experience. Now you’re ready to embark on your adventure fully equipped.

Embark on the Ultimate Ride

Get ready to immerse yourself in the exhilaration of cycling with the Rohloff E-14-equipped bike. With its groundbreaking gear hub, impressive suspension, and unbeatable features, every ride will be an unforgettable journey. Explore the great outdoors, conquer any terrain, and embrace the true joy of cycling.

A Ride through Wet Autumnal Trails in the Pennines

Effortlessly Navigating Tracks and Trails on The Nevo

A few damp autumn days were spent exploring the diverse tracks and trails of the scenic Pennines, located to the northeastern region of Manchester.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 7

One aspect that immediately caught my attention was how much easier it was to mount and dismount The Nevo compared to other bike designs. This convenience proved particularly valuable when encountering the frequent farm gates and bridleway gates along the moorland tracks. I must also credit the kickstand for its significant assistance in this regard.

Releasing the tire pressure proved to be beneficial when maneuvering through occasional deep autumn mud patches. The bike’s ability to stay steady on rockier terrains further enhanced the riding experience, preventing it from sliding off loose rocks due to the aggressive MTB tread of the Rock Razor tires.

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Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 8

Building on my previous encounters with the Bosch Performance Line CX / Rohloff E14 combination, I discovered that the lower gears provided ample torque and power, enabling me to conquer steep slopes effortlessly, even when using the lower power settings. The mid-power settings of tour and sport were primarily utilized for gaining momentum and easily overcoming obstacles, rather than compensating for any lack of power at lower speeds in the lowest Eco setting.

Similar to my prior encounters with this formidable motor, the Turbo setting was rarely employed, except for one instance when fatigue and late-night riding prompted me to squeeze out a few extra miles per hour uphill.

On paved roads, The Nevo, much like its Riese and Muller counterparts, offered sensational stability, particularly when traveling at high speeds and descending downhill. Its strength, weight, and design synergistically instilled confidence, allowing for smooth and swift cornering. However, it is worth noting that the chunky Rock Razor tires, though excellent on various terrains, do not facilitate as easy or seamless cornering on tarmac as slick tires typically do.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 9

Even on rougher earth and mud tracks, the suspension of The Nevo proved adequate, ensuring a relatively smooth ride. However, caution must be exercised when traversing raised rock steps, as the motor is relatively low-hung on this particular design, increasing the risk of scraping the bottom of the motor casing or pedals. For those seeking enhanced off-road capabilities, please refer to the “Other Options” section below, which delves into alternative Riese and Muller bikes that fulfill this criteria.

Exploring Alternatives

Among the various choices available, there are other alternatives worth considering.

1. The Graceful Path

During my rides, there are occasions where I venture down to the picturesque Tame valley, immersing myself in the delightful ambience of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. Here, the LED lighting truly shines, seamlessly transitioning from vibrant daytime illumination to the mystical allure of nighttime within the enchanting Scout Tunnel.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 10

2. Ascending the Heights

Within this journey, I encounter formidable horse steps that ascend steeply at certain points, posing a significant challenge. Fortunately, the remarkable walk assist feature of my bike comes to the rescue, utilizing its strength to conquer these arduous flights of locks.

3. Unleashing Impressive Efficiency

The remarkable “fuel economy” of my bike never fails to impress, especially considering its belt drive and hub gear system. Although perceived as relatively inefficient and burdened by its weight compared to derailleur gears, it defies expectations.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 11 2

4. A Day of Endurance

Covering an extensive distance of around 33 miles, my trusty bike continues to display its endurance, leaving a reassuring battery capacity at the end of each day. Despite frequently opting for lower power settings to conserve energy, my journey remains a constant start-stop adventure, as I ardently capture moments through photography and diligently navigate routes during my survey. With a weight of 68kg, conquering hilly terrains and traversing rough earth and stone tracks seems entirely plausible, with a potential range of 40 miles.

5. Embracing Versatility

While off-roading remains my cherished pastime, often serving as the testing ground for numerous bikes, the Nevo stands out for its remarkable versatility. Seamlessly transitioning into a practical mode for city commuting, its low step-through frame proves invaluable for frequent stops.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 12

6. Maintaining Pristine Cleanliness

Post-excursion, restoring the bike’s splendor is a breeze. A gentle sloshing with soapy water effortlessly eradicates most mud, leaving behind a spotless exterior.

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7. Optimal Design for Cleaning

In contrast to derailleur and chain models, where mud stubbornly clings to various crevices, the Rohloff hub gear and belt drive configuration proves superior. A simple brush and cloth effortlessly eliminate 90% of the accumulated dirt.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 13

8. Streamlined Wheel Removal

For a more thorough cleansing, removing the wheels is a straightforward process. The rear wheel is secured by a conventional quick release skewer (provided the electronic connector is unplugged first), while the front wheel employs a quick release thru-axle mechanism.

Other Avenues to Explore

The Euro spec model and its US counterpart

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Euro spec model of the Nevo GX Rohloff, which has a pedelec assist limit of 15.5mph and a motor power rating of 250W. However, it’s worth noting that the Nevo GX Rohloff is also available in the US with a class 1 version, featuring a higher power rating of 750W and a 20mph assist limit.

Comparing the Nevo and Homage models

If you’re looking for a Riese & Muller model that is similar to the Nevo but offers full-suspension, the Homage GX Rohloff is a great option. It provides enhanced off-road capabilities, although it is slightly heavier at around 1kg when compared to both Rohloff models.

Ride Review 2019 Riese Mller Nevo GX Rohloff Electric Bike Report Videoefb143480 14

For the ultimate off-road experience

For those seeking an even more off-road focused e-bike, the Delite GX Rohloff is definitely worth considering. It not only offers full-suspension, but also provides more travel, making it R&M’s most off-road capable offering. Equipped with the low maintenance Rohloff E14 hub and Gates belt drive, this model is designed to tackle the toughest terrains.

A versatile choice with a super-low step-thru frame

While the non-Nevo options lack the advantages of the super-low step-thru frame, the Nevo GX Rohloff remains an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality e-bike that is both practical for daily use in town and capable of venturing off-road. It strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and versatility.


The Riese & Muller Nevo GX Rohloff stands out as one of the most versatile and top-quality e-bikes on the market. It performs exceptionally well on trails, while also offering great practicality for everyday use, such as running errands or grocery shopping. Additionally, opting for the double battery option makes it suitable for longer tours, and there’s even a high-speed 28mph version available.


The Nevo GX Rohloff is positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum. In the UK, it is priced at GB£ 5319, while in the US, it is priced at US$ 7099. These prices include a similar setup to the GX Touring model, but with derailleur gears, the GX Touring with similar setup but derailleur gears is priced at GB£ 4009 in the UK and US$ 5469 in the US.

Despite the higher price, the build quality and accessory equipment of the Nevo GX Rohloff are truly exceptional.

Riese & Muller Nevo GX Rohloff Specifications

Frame sizes: Available in 47cm & 56cm options.

Bike weight without battery: 25.5kg.

Battery weight: 3.0kg.

Bike weight with battery: 28.5kg.

Charger weight (4amp version): 0.75kg. (There is also a faster charging 6amp version available)

Fork: Suntour XCR32 Air.

Motor: Bosch Performance Line CX.

Display: Intuiva (upgradeable to COBI smartphone display).

Battery: Equipped with a 500Wh battery and the option for a 1000Wh dual battery setup. Recharge times may vary.