Exciting Updates: Ride1Up and Aventon Unveil Affordable New E-Bike Models Alongside Garmin Radar, Volt E-Folder, and More!

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Ride1Up’s Rift – an All-new Fat Tire All-Terrain E-Bike

Aventon Sinch 2 Gets Impressive Upgrades

Ride1Up is well-known for their urban-styled e-bikes, but their latest model, the Rift, takes a different approach. This adventure-focused e-bike combines practicality and performance with great value. Let’s dive into what it has to offer for $1895.

The Rift features a powerful 750 W rear geared hub motor, boasting a remarkable 95Nm of torque. With a throttle, you can reach speeds of up to 20 mph, while pedal assist can take you up to 28 mph (unlockable to class 3 through the display). The integrated frame houses a massive 960Wh removable battery, ensuring long rides without worrying about running out of juice. Plus, the four piston hydraulic disk brakes provide excellent stopping power. You can choose between XR (step over) and ST (step-thru) frame options.

What sets the Rift apart is its attention to detail and fully-equipped features. Unlike some e-bikes that compromise on weight or cost, this model includes front and rear fenders, a frame-integrated rear rack with an impressive 150 lb. weight limit, and even an optional passenger seat. The Connect mount system makes it easy to attach accessories such as bags and chairs. Additionally, the Rift comes with integrated headlight and tail lights, as well as a convenient kickstand.

Aventon Sinch 2 Gets Impressive Upgrades

Aventon has taken their Sinch.2 step-thru e-folder to the next level with a range of performance-enhancing upgrades. The most notable improvement is the addition of a torque sensor, known for its superior power delivery and ride quality compared to traditional pedal movement sensors. This enhanced efficiency allows the Sinch.2 to achieve its greatest estimated range yet – up to 55 miles on a single charge. The 672Wh battery is now also certified to meet the rigorous UL2849 standards.

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In terms of functionality, the class 2 model of the Sinch.2 now features eight derailleur gears, offering even greater versatility. To enhance safety, indicators have been integrated into the rear seat stays, accompanied by rear brake lights and a 300 lumen headlight. All these upgrades come at a retail price of $1799, making the Sinch.2 an attractive choice for riders seeking performance and value.

Volt’s New Lightweight, Low Maintenance E-folder

Volt, a renowned UK brand exclusively selling in the UK, has introduced their impressive and distinctive e-bikes with their latest model. The innovative folding Lite model weighs a mere 35.2lbs / 16kg and boasts a belt-drive. It is worth noting that belt drives are not commonly found in e-folders, but they are an extremely practical choice as they eliminate the inconvenience of oil staining clothes when carrying or storing the bikes.

Volt’s New Lightweight

Equipped with 20″ wheels, this model features a front hub motor and seatpost battery, along with a Nexus three-speed hub gear unit, hydraulic disk brakes, hardwired lighting both at the front and rear, mudguards, and a kickstand.

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The recommended retail price (RRP) for this exceptional e-bike is £2,199, and it will be available for purchase later in the summer.

Garmin Varia – Rear View Radar Can Now Plug Directly into E-bikes

The Garmin Varia eRTL615 is not just an exceptionally bright taillight, but it also includes a rear-facing radar capable of detecting vehicles approaching from as far as 150 yards behind. By connecting to smartphones via an app or compatible displays and smartwatches, it provides a visual alert of approaching vehicles.

Volt Lite

Recent reports indicate that this innovative device can now be directly plugged into compatible e-bike systems. It is currently priced at £259.99 in the UK and is readily available for purchase. Additionally, it comes with cable adapters for Bosch or Shimano systems and a generic USB-A cable (please consult with the retailer to ensure compatibility with your specific e-bike).

Battery Recycling Now Offered at Rad Power Retail Outlets

Rad Power has implemented battery recycling services at their retail outlets, allowing customers to responsibly dispose of their used batteries. This initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability and reduce wastage.

Rad Power Bikes, in collaboration with Redwood Materials, is stepping up its efforts to recycle end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. As reported by Bicycle Retailer, consumers can now conveniently bring their unpackaged batteries to any Rad Power retail location in the United States. Once collected, Rad Power will ensure that the batteries are properly prepared for shipment to Redwood Materials, where they will undergo recycling, refining, and repurposing processes. By participating in programs like Redwood Materials, more than 95% of critical metals within the batteries can be reused, ultimately reducing the necessity for virgin materials mined from the earth.

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Rad Power Bikes Rad Rover-6-Plus-ElectricBike Review Battery Input

Moreover, select Rad Power retail locations will be equipped with collection bins designated for small-format lithium-ion batteries, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of battery recycling efforts.

Heading 2: 60mph Plus on an Ebike – Possible but Not Legal!

According to a captivating report in the German language, published by Ebike-news.de, officials in the city of Rüsselsheim were left stunned during their recent inspections of e-bike users. Out of the 66 individuals checked, one e-bike, to everyone’s astonishment, had the extraordinary capability of reaching a remarkable speed of 60 mph (100 km/h).

For now, the police have temporarily seized the e-bike in question for comprehensive technical examination. Initial assessments indicate that the e-bike achieved this mind-boggling speed through the addition of an extra motor and the utilization of ‘chip tuning’ technology.

Heading 3: An Update on Bicycleretailer.com’s Article

To learn more about Rad Power Bikes’ partnership with Redwood Materials for e-bike battery recycling, you can visit their article on Bicycleretailer.com by clicking here!