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The Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike is a fantastic choice for any bike enthusiast. With its sleek design and advanced features, this electric bike is truly a game-changer.

If you’re interested in the Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike, you’ll be happy to know that it will soon be available in the US. Keep an eye out for its release because it’s sure to be a hit!

The Swiss Cruiser Happy Maker electric bike.

Speaking of new e-bikes, the Stromer ST2 is another impressive electric bike that has recently been unveiled. With its high-tech features and innovative design, the Stromer ST2 is definitely worth checking out.

Another electric bike that stands out from the crowd is the Gi Bike. This futuristic folding bike is not only stylish, but it also offers the convenience of being a full-size folding bike.

For those interested in custom electric bikes, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show showcased some incredible designs. These bikes featured various systems, including the Bosch mid-drive system with Gates belt and NuVinci continuously variable rear hub, the SRAM E-Matic and Gates belt, and the BionX with 3-speed internal gears and Gates belt. The pictures of these custom electric bikes are truly awe-inspiring.

If you’re in the mood for some adventure, why not try “fat” e-biking in the snow in Aspen, Colorado? Surface 604 has a thrilling video that showcases the excitement of this unique activity.

Curious about the design process of electric cargo bikes? Juiced Riders takes you behind the scenes and shows you the effort that goes into designing and producing their electric cargo bikes. Plus, you’ll get to see pictures from the Tianjing E-Bike show in China.

In the fight against global warming, Copenhagen has taken a bold step by launching an electric bike share program. This initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable transportation. Copenhagen is truly leading the way in creating a greener future with their electric City Bikes.

Madrid Launches E-Bike Share Program

Madrid has recently introduced a new e-bike share program, consisting of 1,500 e-bikes. This initiative aims to provide a convenient and eco-friendly transportation option for residents and visitors alike.

LG Explores E-Bike Battery Market

LG, a renowned electronics company, is considering entering the electric bike market. According to reports, “LG Chem is reviewing a plan to plunge into the business of making e-bike batteries after seeing a clear sign that the market is indeed growing.” LG will join other prominent brands like Samsung, Bosch, and Panasonic in the thriving e-bike industry.

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Newport Beach Police Opt for Electric Bikes

The Newport Beach, CA police force has recently welcomed custom Pedego electric bikes to enhance their patrolling capabilities in beach areas. These bikes provide the police with the ability to swiftly navigate the boardwalk and pier, areas inaccessible to traditional police cars and motorcycles. This improved mobility ensures a quicker response time to calls throughout the Balboa Peninsula.

UCLA Chef Commutes with Stromer ST1 E-Bike

Kevin Aiello, a talented chef at UCLA, has adopted a healthy and enjoyable way to commute to work—riding his Stromer ST1 e-bike. This double-duty exercise routine significantly benefits Aiello, especially as a diabetic. He emphasizes the financial savings achieved by reducing expenses such as gas, car registration, insurance, gym membership, and parking fees.

How an Electric Bike Transforms Lives

Discover the inspiring story of David Somers, who shares his remarkable experience with an OHM electric bike. Through this life-changing mode of transportation, Somers has witnessed improvements in his health and substantial cost savings. This heartwarming tale sheds light on the transformative power of electric bikes.

Retired Police Officer Embraces Pedego E-Bike

In spite of a knee injury, a retired police officer from England remains active and fit by riding his Pedego electric bike. This sustainable choice not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also showcases the adaptability and versatility of e-bikes for individuals of various physical capacities.

London Author’s Transformation with Electric Bikes

A London author initially harbored suspicions about electric bikes. Nonetheless, after experiencing one firsthand, her perspective underwent a noticeable shift. This newfound appreciation highlights the advantages and positive impact that electric bikes can have on commuters.

USA Today recently featured a captivating story on Uncle Adam’s Uphill Bikes, a remarkable ProdecoTech e-bike shop located in Lafayette, Indiana. The article emphasizes the importance of enjoying bicycles throughout the year, highlighting how e-bikes offer a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Inventor Spotlight: ShareRoller Electric Bike Kit

Take a moment to explore the fascinating world of the inventor behind ShareRoller. This innovative friction drive electric bike kit offers a convenient solution for adding or removing electric power from bike share bicycles. Witness the brilliant minds behind this ground-breaking technology.



A Revolutionary Documentary on the Cargo Bike Movement



The documentary “LESS CAR, MORE GO” is creating quite a buzz as it explores the growing phenomenon of cargo bikes. These bikes are emerging as an excellent alternative to cars, and when combined with electric assist, their efficiency is further enhanced!

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Cargo Bikes: An Excellent Car Alternative


A growing number of individuals are recognizing the benefits of using cargo bikes instead of cars. They offer a range of advantages, including reduced costs, decreased stress levels for employees, and saved time and distance traveled. It’s no wonder that more and more cities and countries are exploring pilot programs to incorporate cargo bikes into their transportation systems.

Exploring the Cargo Bike Documentary


Are you intrigued by the cargo bike revolution? If so, you’ll want to check out the captivating videos that accompany this documentary. They provide even more insights into this exciting movement. Just click on the following link to watch the videos: [Checkout these videos](

Cycling: Saving Time, Money, and Resources


Cycling within urban areas has proven to be a wonderful way to save time and money. It’s an economically viable option that yields favorable results. Furthermore, it can lead to lower stress levels and decrease the distance traveled. With these benefits in mind, DHL plans to expand its pilot programs across more cities and countries.

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner: A Cargo Bike Review


For a comprehensive review of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner, paired with the Falco eMotors electric bike kit, look no further! This review delves deep into the features and capabilities of this cargo bike. To read the full review, click on the following link: [Review of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner with the Falco eMotors electric bike kit](

Enhance Your Bike’s Cargo Capacity


Do you need to carry more cargo on your bike? Look no further! Check out this innovative rack attachment that expands your bike’s cargo-carrying capabilities. Their motto, “If your bike can do more, you can ride more,” perfectly encapsulates the benefits of this accessory. Please note that some electric bike racks may not be compatible with this attachment if they carry the battery.

The International Cargo Bike Festival


Get ready for the highly anticipated International Cargo Bike Festival! This exciting event is scheduled for April 12-13 and promises to be a celebration of all things cargo bike-related. Mark your calendars and join us at this incredible festival!

Introducing Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles


Have you heard of Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles? This emerging cargo bike company is making waves in the industry with its innovative and economical designs. With a commitment to providing reliable and efficient cargo bikes, Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles is definitely a brand to watch.

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Super Capacitors: A Revolutionary Device for Electric Bikes


In the near future, electric bikes may utilize super capacitors, a device that could revolutionize their performance. Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a groundbreaking way to harness the power of wood cellulose for these capacitors. This exciting development could significantly enhance the electric bike industry.

Charged Up! Interbike: Showcasing Electric Bike Technology


Exciting news for electric bike enthusiasts! The upcoming Charged Up! Interbike event in New Jersey, scheduled for May 14-15, promises to be a must-attend event. In collaboration with Outdoor Retailer, this event will exhibit cutting-edge outdoor technology to major media companies. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the latest advancements in electric bike technology!

The Verrado Electric Drift Trike: A Thrilling Non-Electric Bike


Although not an electric bike, the Verrado electric drift trike from Local Motors is undeniably a remarkable and exhilarating vehicle. Currently, there is an ongoing Kickstarter project where you can support this exciting venture. Check out the project here: [Verrado Electric Drift Trike Kickstarter](

The Stigo Scooter: A Highly Portable Electric Scooter

The Stigo Scooter is an exceptional electric scooter that offers unparalleled portability. Its compact design allows users to easily fold and carry it wherever they go. This remarkable innovation has gained significant recognition in the field, as Stigo has been honored as a finalist in the prestigious EDF Pulse “Electricity and Smart Living” Awards. These awards showcase the best green energy solutions worldwide and are sponsored by Électricité de France (EDF), the largest producer of electricity globally.

Stigo: A Finalist in the EDF Pulse Awards

Stigo’s exceptional attributes have secured its place as a finalist in the EDF Pulse Awards. This remarkable achievement has led to its recognition as a leading solution in the field of electric transportation. Join in the excitement by participating in the online voting for the winners of these renowned awards.

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