Specialized Debuts for Globe EBikes

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Specialized Introduces New Line of Globe Electric Cargo Bikes

  • In order to promote the replacement of car trips with e-bike trips, Specialized has released special information about its upcoming Globe electric cargo bikes.
  • Starting in 2022, customers will be able to place orders for these bikes, with deliveries scheduled for early 2023.

For years, Specialized has been a key player in the e-bike market. Now, with the relaunch of its Globe brand and the introduction of a range of practical cargo commuter e-bikes, the company seeks to encourage people to fully embrace bicycles over cars.

Embracing Sustainable Living

According to Specialized’s press release, most short car trips are dull and detrimental to the environment and one’s finances. With its Globe brand, Specialized aims to inject more enjoyment into local living while reducing the overall reliance on cars, trucks, and SUVs for daily transportation.

While there isn’t much information available at this time, a glimpse at the adorable cactus-filled image released by Specialized reveals some key features of the e-bike. It boasts sturdy wheels and tires, complete with fenders and lights. Additionally, it is equipped with a rear hub motor, an adjustable seat height, and various cargo mounting options. Please note that cacti are not included and it’s best to avoid riding surrounded by them to prevent any potential accidents.

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Globe is not limited to carrying cargo or transporting children; instead, it embodies the concept of versatility in cycling. Saul Leiken, the global category leader for Globe, explained to The Verge that the brand aims to cater to various rider experiences.

A Legacy of Excellence

According to The Verge, the Globe brand has been a utilitarian branch of Specialized since the 1990s. Its emphasis lies in both durability and affordability, offering products that stand the test of time. Globe’s introduction will not replace Specialized’s existing e-bike offerings but will rather complement them, targeting a unique segment within the cycling market.

While it remains unclear how customers can purchase these bikes, it is likely that buying directly from the Specialized website will be an option. However, Specialized has also expressed its commitment to partnering with local independent bike shops for its Globe brand. Earlier this year, Specialized made headlines by announcing direct-to-consumer purchasing options on its website for U.S. customers. The recent appointment of Armin Landgraf, the former CEO of Canyon Bicycle, as the chief of worldwide markets further reinforces Specialized’s dedication to expanding its direct sales approach.

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Level Commuter Ebike

## Bikes for Commuting

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The objective for Globe is to start accepting orders later this year, with the initial bikes arriving in early 2023 for U.S. customers.

Kona Dr. Dew

Bikes for Commuting are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. Among the top options is the Aventon Level Commuter Ebike. This bike offers outstanding performance and is intelligently designed. Additionally, it comes nearly fully assembled and is perfectly suited for commuting purposes. All these remarkable features are provided at an affordable price.

For those individuals seeking a more stylish and sophisticated bike for their daily commutes, the Kona Dr. Dew is an excellent choice. Its frame design is sleeker than the ordinary commuter bikes, exuding a sense of elegance. Furthermore, the Dr. Dew is equipped with tubeless-ready wheels, enhancing its overall functionality.

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Priority Ace

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Take advantage of these exceptional bikes tailored for commuting purposes. Whether you opt for the Aventon Level Commuter Ebike, Kona Dr. Dew, or Priority Ace, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle your daily journeys with style, convenience, and efficiency. Happy riding!

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