My Experiences and Discoveries while Commuting on an Ebike

My Experiences and Discoveries while Commuting on an Ebike40b122401 1 1

I’ve been using my ebike for years to commute to work.

With my reliable RadCity 5 Plus, I conquer the infamous hills of Seattle and confidently navigate its cityscape.

Transitioning from driving to biking took some adjustments.

Switching from daily drives and parking far away to becoming a first-time bike commuter required a crash course in various skills. This, of course, included learning how to avoid crashes. As we celebrate National Bike Month in May, I want to share my insights to inspire others to take up biking to work.

Biking is just as quick as driving.

At least for me. If you live 20 miles away from your workplace on the highway, a car will naturally be faster. However, it takes me the same amount of time to commute by ebike (24 minutes without worrying about parking) as it does by car (22 minutes plus an additional 1-10 minutes to find parking, depending on luck). On an ebike, I can take advantage of bike paths and avoid traffic. When I reach my workplace, there’s no need to search for parking. It’s a win-win situation.

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Biking is more cost-effective than driving.

Maintaining a bicycle is typically much cheaper than maintaining a car. In my first 90 days of bike commuting, I covered 650 miles on my ebike and only needed to tune up my brakes twice, costing me a total of $34. This is almost exactly what I would spend on gas every week, amounting to over $400 in three months (plus an additional $60 for an oil change). My colleague conducted a cost comparison between ebiking and driving and has since saved thousands of dollars.

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My lunch break is filled with freedom and joy.

During my lunch hour, I have ample freedom to zip a few blocks away and explore a variety of restaurants. I can also grab a quick meal and return to the office with plenty of time to enjoy it. Sometimes, I even pick up lunches for my colleagues, becoming their biggest fan. Distance and time constraints no longer limit me, and the fresh air during the ride boosts my energy for the rest of the day.

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Layers, the secret to an enjoyable ride.

Mornings can unexpectedly be chilly, and the weather can change rapidly in the evenings. To ensure that what should be an enjoyable 5-mile ride doesn’t become an overwhelming journey with no end in sight, I’ve learned to carry a few different gear options. I always have a warm pair of gloves, a lighter pair for milder temperatures, a hat, and rain pants with me. These items guarantee a comfortable and achievable ride, eliminating the need to abandon the mission and resort to taking a bus.

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Every day brings beautiful discoveries and picturesque neighborhoods.

Through biking, I’ve become intimately acquainted with Seattle’s neighborhoods in ways that I never would have while driving a car. The ability to easily and swiftly change directions on any street, park virtually anywhere, and embrace spontaneous adventures has turned every ride into an exploration. Since embarking on my ebike journey, I have uncovered hidden gems such as new restaurants, parks, and other delightful neighborhood treasures. Even though I grew up in Seattle and thought I knew the city well, there are still countless undiscovered gems waiting to be found, and they’re all the more accessible thanks to my ebike.

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Benefits of Bike Commuting

Increasing my Time on the Bike

Since I began bike commuting, I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of time I spend riding. This newfound momentum has had a positive impact on my overall cycling routine. On weekends, specifically, I embark on thrilling 10-15 mile excursions solely for the purpose of exploration. It’s truly an incredible way to discover new sights and experiences.

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The Perfect Test Run

If you are considering bike commuting to work, I highly recommend conducting a trial run on the weekend first. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the process and fine-tune your approach without the pressure of being tardy. Experiment with different routes to determine the most efficient path to your workplace. Once you have identified your ideal route, optimized your gear, and perfected your timing, sit back, embrace the breathtaking views, and relish in the invigorating sensation of being on the other side of the windowpane.

Embark on Your Own Bike Commuting Journey

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