Ultimate Electric Bike Report: Unveiling the Definitive Electric Bike Rear Rack Bag (Pannier) Guide

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Sometimes, when it comes to attaching bags to the rear rack of an electric bike, it’s not a simple task of purchasing any old bicycle bag and installing it. There are certain racks that have larger tubing to accommodate the e-bike battery, which makes it difficult for some bicycle bags to clip onto. Additionally, the battery itself can obstruct the attachment of the bicycle bag clips to the rack. However, there are bags that are specifically designed to work well with these types of racks. These bags consist of two separate bags with a connection piece in the center that rests on top of the rack.

Basil Tour XL Double Bicycle Bag

– Capacity: 40 Liters or 2440 cubic inches

– Material: Water-repellent 600D poly

– Features: Fronts are rounded and strengthened, two zipper side pockets covered with ‘Soft Filling’, double reflective stripes on all sides

– Fastening system: Straps

Find out more about the Basil Bags here

Basil Bags also come in a variety of different colors and designs. Just make sure you choose the bags that have the center connection piece to rest on top of the rack.

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**Basil Blossom Double Bike Bag**

Here is another option from the Basil brand: the Basil Blossom Double Bike Bag.

**Bike Smart DoubleWide**

And lastly, we have the Bike Smart DoubleWide bags.

Designed with the needs of the long-distance commuter and the bicycle touring adventurer in mind, the BikeSmart DoubleWide presents itself as a one piece double sided saddlebag style pannier that is crafted from water-resistant nylon material.

Basil Blossom Double Bike Bag

Bike Smart DoubleWide

In terms of aesthetics, the pannier boasts reflective trim, enhancing visibility during night rides. Furthermore, the attachment system is easy and elastic, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

To provide even more confidence to potential buyers, the BikeSmart DoubleWide comes with a lifetime warranty, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality.

Bike Smart Doublewide bags.

For additional information about this impressive pannier, make sure to visit the Bike Smart website where you can find out more about the Bike Smart DoubleWide.


Discover the Axiom Appalachian

Introducing the Axiom Appalachian, a pannier that meets the demands of budget-minded commuters. Designed as a one piece double sided saddlebag, this pannier offers durability and convenience.

Crafted from water-resistant 600 denier nylon, the Appalachian features reflective trim to ensure safety on the road. The attachment system is elastic and easy to use, making it a breeze to install.

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Axiom Appalachian Rear Pannier

The zippers used on this pannier are self-repairing, adding to its practicality. Its one-piece, double-sided design further enhances its functionality.

What sets Axiom bags apart is the high level fabric used in their construction. Not only are these bags waterproof, but they also have remarkably low off-gassing characteristics. This means that when you open an Axiom bag, you won’t be overwhelmed by the smell of plastic or chemicals. In fact, these bags surpass European standards in this regard.

To learn more about the Axiom Appalachian, including customer reviews, visit the provided link.

Traditional Bike Bags: A World of Possibilities

If your electric bike is equipped with a traditional bike rack setup and the battery doesn’t interfere with bag attachment, then you have a wide range of options available to you. At this point, let’s explore some information about bike bags and a recommended store.

Ortlieb bicycle bags

One popular choice among cyclists is the Ortlieb bicycle bags. These bags are renowned for their high quality construction and reliable waterproof features.

For a great selection of bags suitable for commuting, touring, and everything in between, I highly recommend checking out Bike Bag Shop. They offer a variety of options and can even assist you in choosing a suitable rear or front rack if your e-bike doesn’t already have one.

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If you prefer a different style of bag, you might be interested in a Timbuk2 Bike Messenger Bag. Alternatively, a backpack designed specifically for bike riding is another convenient option. These bags are especially useful when running errands and you want to have your pack with you at all times.

Timbuk2 Bike Messanger Bag

This concludes our discussion for the time being. I intend to supplement this guide with additional bag alternatives as I encounter them.

If there are any bags that you have been utilizing, please share your thoughts on them in the comment section below.

Thank you!


Additional Bag Options

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