How to Store Your Ebike for the Winter

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Looking to store your electric bicycle until the weather improves?

While it’s possible to safely ride your ebike rain or shine, we understand that some riders prefer to take a break during the colder months.

If you’re considering putting your e-bike in storage until springtime, here are a few tips to ensure the safety of both your bike and its battery.

Keep your ebike battery warm and protected.

Just like us, your ebike battery requires a comfortable environment to operate optimally. Store your battery in a warm, dry, and secure place when it’s not in use. By doing so, you’ll shield it from harsh weather conditions, maintain its charge, and prolong its lifespan.

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Make sure to store your battery indoors within the temperature range of 50 °F – 77 °F /10 °C – 25 °C. Failure to do so may void your warranty, render the battery non-functional, or create a hazardous situation.

For riders seeking a convenient way to transport their battery, Rad offers a specialized battery case designed for easy transportation on the go.

Prepare your battery for long-term storage.

If you plan to store your battery for more than two weeks, it’s best to maintain it at around 75% charged. Additionally, regularly check on it every month to ensure it stays at that level.

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Keeping the battery fully charged while in storage may result in reduced range over time. While a day or two won’t cause concern, prolonged full charging can impact the battery’s performance.

Bring your ebike indoors.

Storing Your Electric Bike During the Winterdf6122348 0

We always recommend storing your bike in a dry location above freezing temperatures.

Whenever possible, keep your electric bicycle in an indoor area away from the elements, such as inside a garage, shed, or your home. If the bike is wet when you bring it in, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it down and ensure it is stored upright.

If you must keep your ebike outdoors, bring the battery indoors and protect the electric bike with a waterproof cover.

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Reminder: Never immerse your battery!

Under no circumstances should you submerge your battery or bike in water or any other liquid.

This can cause damage to your electrical system or create a hazardous situation. While the ebike’s components are water-resistant, it’s still important to avoid large puddles, streams, or heavy rain. When storing the bike, take similar precautions to prevent moisture.

After riding your ebike in wet conditions, carefully inspect it to ensure all components are free of dirt, debris, and moisture.