How to Safely Secure and Park Your Electric bike

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Ensuring the Security of Your E-Bike at Home

Keeping your e-bike out of sight is crucial

It is important to keep your e-bike stored in a secure location such as your garage, shed, or inside your house. You can also cover it with a tarp to further prevent it from being seen by potential thieves.


However, it is not just a matter of hiding your e-bike. It is evident that the more secure the location is, the better. If possible, storing it inside your house would be the most ideal option. If that is not feasible for you due to space limitations, a shed or garage can also be a good choice. Nevertheless, it is essential to focus on increasing the security level:

  • Opt for a shed or garage that is not easily visible to thieves, making it difficult for them to operate. Both timber and metal can be suitable materials for the structure, but the sturdier, the better. Some thieves have been known to dismantle sheds if they believe that the rewards outweigh the risks. A strong shed can serve as a major defense. Additionally, investing in strong anti-theft hinges, hasps, and locks is crucial.
  • Installing security lighting in the area is advisable, as it allows for easy detection of any intruders during nighttime.
  • Consider installing a shed or house alarm. While hardwired alarms are ideal, battery-operated ones can also be practical and cost-effective.
  • Make sure not to leave any tools that could be utilized to break into the storage area, whether it be your house, shed, or garage. It may sound obvious, but it is easy to forget about garden implements and other similar items lying around.
  • It is highly recommended to have an immovable locking point within the shed, such as a ground or wall anchor, to further strengthen the security measures.

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Remember to keep a record of your e-bike’s serial number

In the unfortunate event that your e-bike gets stolen, having the serial number on hand is crucial. You will need it to provide the police with the necessary information, as well as for any insurance claims you may need to make. Typically, the serial number can be found on the bottom of the bottom bracket (where the bike cranks are) or sometimes on the headtube of the frame (between the handlebars and forks).

It’s worth noting that some determined thieves might even attempt to file off a stamped serial number. To counter this, you may want to consider hiding a piece of paper with your contact information in the handlebars or seat tube of the bike.

We Also Recommend Bike Registration Services

It is highly advisable to sign up with a bike registration service, and it’s even better to sign up with more than one. There are various organizations that offer this important service.

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Registering your bike may be free and involves simply recording its serial number on a centralized database that can be accessed by law enforcement or anyone who finds a stolen bike. This allows them to retrieve the owner’s details. Additionally, there are optional technologies that can help identify your e-bike if it gets stolen, such as indelible markings or unique markers that are only visible under ultraviolet light.

There are several popular options for bike registration services:

  • Bike Index
  • Garage 529
  • BikeRegister (UK)
  • National Bike Register (Australia)

GPS/Smartphone Tracking: A Revolutionary Technology

One of the most exciting advancements in the world of e-bikes is GPS/Smartphone tracking. This technology is becoming increasingly common on many e-bikes. Some well-known e-bike brands offering off-the-peg models equipped with GPS tracking include Van Moof, Stromer, and Cowboy.

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An In-Depth Look at Cowboy E-Bikes

Take, for instance, Cowboy e-bikes, which offer a remarkable GPS tracking feature. These bikes integrate a SIM card directly into the bike itself. Once your bike is paired with your smartphone, you have the ability to track its precise location, accurate down to a few meters. Even if your bike is inside a building, the built-in Bluetooth scanner allows you to determine its proximity.

However, it’s important to note that if your bike is in an area without cellular network coverage, it won’t be able to send its position. In such cases, having theft insurance provides the best peace of mind in the event of theft.

Stromer ST2: A Success Story of GPS Tracking

Stromer, another prominent e-bike brand, highlights the effectiveness of GPS tracking with their Stromer ST2 model. The GPS tracking feature played a vital role in helping an owner recover not only their own ST2 but also 50 other stolen bikes!

It’s worth mentioning that high-tech e-bikes often come equipped with other electronic safety features that can act as effective theft deterrents. Examples include electronic keys, which utilize a phone or special fob for bike unlocking, as well as integrated alarms that send alerts to your smartphone if the bike is tampered with.

Increasing Number of GPS Tracking Devices for E-Bikes

In recent times, there has been a surge in the availability of GPS tracking devices specifically designed for e-bikes. These devices can be retrofitted onto your bike and serve as a helpful tool in the unfortunate event of a theft.

One notable example is the Boomerang Cyclotrac. It functions as both a GPS tracker and an alarm, and is conveniently mounted on the bike at the water bottle cage. If anyone attempts to tamper with your bike, an alarm will immediately sound, and you will receive a notification on your smartphone through the Boomerang app. Moreover, the GPS tracking feature will enable you to locate your bike efficiently. To learn more about this device, you can watch an informative video.

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Additionally, there are other trackers available that are not specifically designed for bikes, but can still be utilized to safeguard your e-bike. These trackers employ either the cellphone network or short-range Bluetooth technology. Some noteworthy options include SPYtec, Apple Airtags, and Tile (Bluetooth only).

The Importance of Good Insurance for Theft Protection

While GPS trackers provide an added layer of security, the ultimate and most reliable protection against theft is a comprehensive insurance policy. To familiarize yourself with the basics of e-bike insurance and the leading policy providers, you can refer to our detailed guide.

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E-Bike Security Tips in Public

When venturing out and leaving your e-bike parked, you may feel it is particularly vulnerable to theft. However, by following these tips, you can reduce the risk of theft and ensure the safety and security of your e-bike.

Choose a Public Location to Park

Opt for a public place to park your electric bike as thieves are less likely to target bikes in areas with high visibility. The presence of other people makes it more challenging for thieves to tamper with the bike or break the lock unnoticed.

Avoid leaving your electric bike locked up overnight in public spaces. It is advisable to research and identify any known bike theft hotspots in your locality. You can seek advice from your city’s Reddit thread or consult local biking forums to gather insights and suggestions from fellow cyclists.

On the other hand, consider utilizing highly secure parking facilities such as indoor Cycle Hubs or guarded parking areas if they are available at your destination. These facilities offer enhanced protection for your e-bike.

Choosing the Best Lock for Your E-Bike

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Ensuring the safety of your e-bike is of utmost importance. To achieve this, it is essential to refer to our comprehensive guide on lock security ratings and the best locks available. This invaluable resource provides insights into various lock types, while also offering suggestions on how to secure different parts of your bike, such as frame locks, wheel axle locks, and hex bolts for stem and component security. Trust our guide to make an informed decision.

Choosing a Secure Locking Point

It’s not just about having a top-notch lock; you must also pay attention to where and how you lock your bike. Opt for a locking point that is securely fixed to the ground and made of heavy-gauge materials. Concrete posts are highly recommended, as they are incredibly challenging to cut through. Avoid flimsy metal railings or thin wood, as they are easily compromised. Consider the following options:

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– Bike parking areas that are solidly attached to concrete.

– Trees, street signs, or street lights. Ensure that your bike cannot be lifted over these objects. Avoid parking meters due to their vulnerability.

– Choose a durable fence rather than a chain link, as a thief can easily cut through the latter.

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– Handrails that are firmly attached to walls or sidewalks also provide excellent locking options.

Implementing Effective Bike Securing Techniques

Properly securing your e-bike includes not only locking the frame, but also the rear and, if possible, the front wheel using a long enough lock or a secondary lock. Minimize the space surrounding the locks to discourage thieves from using tools. If the weight and inconvenience of carrying a robust lock with you are discouraging, consider leaving it locked to a trusted spot that you frequently visit, such as outside your workplace or a transit station.

Consider the following additional tips for effective e-bike securing techniques:

Park your bike in busy areas, but be mindful of hindering pedestrian traffic. Some locations may not accommodate multiple locked bikes due to congestion. Respect the surroundings.

Secure your helmet to your bike. In areas with a high risk of theft, thread your bike cable through the vents in your helmet or through the helmet straps. Personally, I have never experienced a stolen helmet. After all, who would want a used one?

If your e-bike display and lights are detachable, bring them with you. Detachable displays, such as the Bosch Kiox, prevent thieves from using your bike’s electric assistance and riding away effortlessly.

  • Several riders opt to remove certain components from their e-bike. This action can significantly reduce the appeal for thieves – particularly the battery, which is often the most sensible item to remove (especially if it doesn’t lock to the bike frame). By doing so, the e-bike is effectively disabled, rendering it considerably less valuable to potential thieves. Additionally, you may want to charge the battery at your destination. Although some riders have taken it to the extreme by removing seatposts and even wheels, this poses the challenge of carrying them around or finding a secure storage option – both of which may not be practical.

These practices are essential for ensuring the safety and security of your cherished e-bike, whether it’s stored at home or in a public area. If you have any additional tips that we may have overlooked, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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