Guide to Electric Cargo Bikes & Trikes for Heavy-Duty Use

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UPS eTrike in Pittsburgh, PA

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Cargo bikes take on a whole new lease on life when electric assist is added, and there are now more designs, models, and motor options to choose from than ever before. This is a comprehensive exploration showcasing the wide array of heavy-duty eCargo bike/trike models available for both individuals and businesses.

A Focus on Large Carrying Capacity and Weight Payloads

Throughout this guide, we have specifically concentrated on robust models that possess not only a strong carrying capacity but are also capable of handling significant weight payloads.

Here, you will find detailed guides to exceptional personal electric cargo bikes, innovative electric trikes, and remarkable electric recumbent trikes.

Now, let’s delve into the realm of these extraordinary heavy electric cargo bikes and trikes!


Babboe boasts two compelling advantages that set them apart. Firstly, they aim to provide an affordable option compared to many other cargo bike brands. Secondly, they offer an extensive selection of trike models in addition to two-wheelers, targeting individuals who recognize the challenges of maintaining balance with extremely heavy loads, especially at low speeds.

babboe BigE budget option 2071 pounds

In the United Kingdom, their range of electric options begins with the £2075 Big-E trike, followed by the two-wheel “Bakfiets” style bike, the Mini-E. Both of these models are equipped with a rear electric bike hub motor.

Stepping up to the top-of-the-line Carve Mountain, priced at £4305, you’ll find a formidable machine powered by a high-quality Yamaha mid-motor. With the inclusion of tilting steering, this model offers a sharper turning circle and an overall more dynamic and bike-like riding experience.

babboe Mini e most budget option 2155 pounds

The cargo boxes of all Babboe bikes seem to incorporate a variety of practical accessories, such as baby seats, toddler seats, benches, and cushions. It’s important to note, however, that as a budget-friendly option, there may be some compromises on materials. For example, Babboe boxes are constructed of pressed wood, which may not provide the same level of protection against inclement weather conditions as some higher-priced brands. Nevertheless, considering everything, they still represent excellent value for money.

babboe carve mountain

Please note that the range available in the United States appears to differ slightly from the aforementioned options. To explore the US selection, visit their website here.

Butchers and Bicycles

Billed as ‘the ultimate family bike with car-like comfort’ and boasting the amazing feature of being able to use your child seat in the front carrying box, it’s easy to see why this bike stands out.

What’s even more impressive is the option to access the cargo box through a small front door!

Their only model, the MK1-E, is equipped with the reliable and powerful Bosch Performance CX motor. Additionally, it offers a low maintenance option with the Nuvinci geared, Gates belt-driven system. You can also choose to add a rain cover, complete with a skylight for a touch of luxury.

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800x788 ButchersBicycles MK1 E 2017 Bosch 05

With prices starting at just under €5,000, this is truly a bike worth considering.

Coaster Pedicab

Coaster Pedicab specializes in cargo trikes designed for pedicabs, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Coaster Pedicab 1024x683 1

These trikes are perfect for various applications, from cargo transportation to mobile vending.

But that’s not all, because they also cater to the beer enthusiasts out there!

Coaster cargo trike 1024x786 1

Based in Missoula Montana, Coaster builds these exceptional cargo trikes and offers a range of electric assist options for added convenience.

Here’s a glimpse at one of their remarkable eTrikes built specifically for UPS in Toronto:

Coaster vendor cargo bike

And if you’d like to delve into the full story, click on this link.

Coaster beer cargo trike

Cycles Maximus

Experience the excellence of Cycles Maximus, a renowned brand in the cycling world.

With a commitment to delivering top-notch products, Cycles Maximus offers a range of exceptional bicycles that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, explore the innovative designs and superior quality provided by Cycles Maximus by visiting their website here.

Cycles Maximus MaxVan Courier 141216 9 WS 1024x510 1

A Reliable and Innovative UK-Based Company

A company with a long-standing history in the United Kingdom has recently relaunched its operations. Each aspect of their products is meticulously crafted to ensure durability and reliability for daily use in any weather conditions.

Versatile Carrying Options and Exceptional Payload

Cycles Maximus CabTrikes at Kew Gardens London

Considering the target market for their vehicles, there is a wide range of rear carrying options available, ranging from flatbeds to the impressively sturdy MaxVan body, featuring thermal insulation and a remarkable 300kg payload capacity.

Douze Cycles: Redefining Cargo Bikes

DOUZE Cycles G4e MESSENGER TRAVELLER Brose power 1024x583 1

Douze, a well-known French company, offers two distinct ranges of cargo bikes: the UP range designed for commuters and professionals, and the F range catering to families. Power options for both ranges are provided by BionX, Go SwissDrive, and the upcoming BROSE.

Upon closer inspection, their designs differ significantly from conventional two-wheeled Bakfiets cargo bikes. Douze has pioneered the use of concealed cables within the frame, replacing traditional metal steering rods. What’s more, their frames are separable for effortless transport and storage. Additionally, customers have the option of equipping their cargo bikes with Pinion gears, located in the bottom bracket, resulting in a rugged and low-maintenance ride.

DOUZE CYCLES separation 2

Various carrying options are available, including soft bags, hardshell cases, and flatbeds, providing versatility for different transport needs.

mOVE: Redefining Urban Mobility

This innovative Danish ‘tadpole trike’ design has recently achieved great success through its Kickstarter campaign. As you read this, the first models are being prepared for shipping.

movE 4

Not only does the mOVE trike offer enhanced maneuverability, but it also boasts a wide range of features that provide excellent value for money. While the Kickstarter campaign has concluded and detailed ordering information is not yet available, initial funding options began at DKK 11,181 (approximately US$1800).

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movE 2

Organic Transport Elf

When it comes to e-cargo bikes, the Organic Transport Elf goes above and beyond by providing not only efficient transportation for both people and cargo but also offering protection from various weather conditions and the comfort of seating found in automobiles. This remarkable velomobile is a well-established example in the market.

The Elf Solo is their basic model, featuring a cargo compartment and designed to accommodate one rider. On the other hand, the Elf 2FR can comfortably carry a rider and two small children while still having enough space for cargo.

organc transit elf electric cargo trike 2

Additionally, Organic Transport offers a specialized model specifically designed for police and other occupations that require heavier payloads. The range of their models includes a solar panel that can conveniently charge the battery within approximately 8 hours of direct sunlight.

organc transit elf electric cargo trike 1024x683 1

Despite resembling some car-like advantages, the Elfs are legally classified as e-bikes since they can be propelled using both pedal and electric-assist power. The electric-assist speed is also limited to 20mph, ensuring safety.

Standard payload capacity for these models is 350lbs/160kg, but they can be upgraded to carry an impressive 550lbs/250kg. Starting prices for these innovative and versatile bikes begin at US$8,895.


Hailing from Seattle, Radpower recently launched their commercial division with the introduction of the Radburro e-cargo trike specifically designed for industrial payloads. This reliable and sturdy trike is perfect for various commercial purposes.

As expected, Radburro offers a range of carrying options to suit different needs. Their flatbed, for example, is capable of securely transporting pallets, while the Truck Bed option excels at handling loose materials such as sand and gravel. Furthermore, the trike is equipped with a pneumatic tipping ability, just like a mini tipper truck, making unloading a breeze.

radburro electric cargo trike tiltbest

With its robust design and functionality, Radburro is a top choice for businesses looking for efficient and reliable transportation solutions.

Pricing for the Truck Trike starts at US$5499.

radburro electric cargo trike pedicab 1024x768 1

Truck Trike

The Truck Trike proudly claims to be ‘the first authentic industrial trike with an unprecedented payload capacity’. In practice, this means that the newest vehicles utilized by UPS can carry over one-third of a ton.

UPS electric bike deliveries 1024x576 1

It is a versatile system that allows customers to choose from various rear load bed options, including a 96-inch long Titan model, a pedicab, a cargo box, and even a coffee stand.

Additionally, there is an option for dual motors, combined with the patented front wheel human drive, ensuring that each wheel has its own power source.

Truck trike 1

These trikes are manufactured in Portland, Oregon, and Truck Trike proclaims to be the sole producer in the United States creating vehicles within this innovative weight class—250 lbs capable of hauling triple its own weight—750 lbs. of payload plus the driver.

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Explore the available options in the video:

Urban Arrow

These intriguing bicycles, designed and crafted in the Netherlands, utilize the same ‘back end’—a rather conventional-looking e-bike frame with Bosch mid-drive—to offer two primary designs.

urbanarrow 1

The first design is a family version, observed in action as it transports two children and a very contented-looking dog.

The cargo version provides three different cargo platform lengths, with the option of the monstrous XXL model featuring a 130cm long cargo bed. There is also the fascinating Shorty version, which cleverly incorporates ample storage space into a maneuverable short wheelbase.

Urban Arrow has also developed a three-wheeled bicycle specifically for a supermarket chain, as displayed in this video. It appears capable of carrying an astonishing amount of food…

urban arrow cargo flatbed options


Similar to Organic Elf, Kody Baker, one of the co-founders of Veemo, recognized the immense potential of a vehicle with ‘the advantages of a small car within the regulatory environment of an electric-assist bike’.

However, Veemo has taken it one step further by incorporating a third element that is currently highly popular—bike sharing.

veemo 2

Currently, Veemo is conducting a pilot program exclusively at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. However, their goal is to expand into the city of Vancouver itself in 2018.

If you want a more detailed understanding of Veemo’s technology and design, you can find it here:

veemo 1


From the latest velomobiles to one of the oldest, Veloform from Germany, there is another interesting application for e-cargo bikes – using them as taxis. During my visit to Frankfurt, I saw these taxis being frequently used.

Veloform’s CityCruiser model is a modern and electric version of the cycle rickshaw, equipped with impressive technology such as an 1870Wh battery and a 14-speed Rohloff hub gears. With this, the taxi “driver” can transport two adults across town, conquering long distances and hilly terrain on the way.

Undoubtedly, Veloform has demonstrated real commercial potential by operating in 52 countries and over 120 cities worldwide.

The sides of Veloform’s vehicles can be utilized for advertising purposes, generating revenue. In fact, 500 international brands have already booked campaigns, promotions, and events on these vehicles. The starting price is EUR 9,990.

Here is a video showcasing their operation in Paris back in 2007 (in French):

That concludes our comprehensive guide to heavy-duty electric cargo bikes and trikes.

Please note that we have specifically focused on models with an ample carrying capacity and capable of handling heavy payloads in this guide.

For more information, here are guides to personal electric cargo bikes, electric trikes, and electric recumbent trikes.

If you know of any worthy models that we haven’t included yet, or if you want to share what you carry and where, please leave a comment in the section below and let us know.