The Latest Updates on E-Bikes: Moto Parilla Carbon Emtb, Espin Nesta Battery Upgrade, and Beyond!

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Electric bike news 18th November

Italian e-bike company Moto Parilla makes some of the most distinctive e-bikes out there and recently showed off its super futuristic E-MTB, the Tricolore at the EICMA show in Milan.

Parilla emtb

This monster of an e-mtb has been in development for around two years. The monocoque frame is made of carbon along with the seat post and swingarm (the latter reinforced with aluminum).

Power comes from a Polini E-P3 MX mid-engine with an impressive 90 Nm torque. The front light is integrated in the frame, the rear light in the structure of the seat post. Suspension is high quality in the form of an ‘upside-down’ Bright Next front fork whilst rear shock absorbers are Fox Float X 210×55 Kashima.

There are three variants of the Moto Parilla, but all feature a large 880Wh battery and electronic gear shifting. No price details are available but you can request further details via a contact form and order the E-MTB.


EBR has already reviewed the Espin Nesta and loved its jack-of-all-trades performance and its impressive hillclimbing ability. Digital Journal recently announced that Espin has announced an upgraded battery – at 960Wh it’s double the capacity of the original 480Wh model we reviewed.

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Espin Nesta Electric Bike

The New Battery with Improved Capacity and Efficiency

The latest battery innovation incorporates the renowned 21700 Samsung cells (5000mah), which are also utilized in certain electric cars. In terms of physical dimensions, the new battery closely matches the standard version, but it brings numerous advantages that come with a larger capacity, including an extended life cycle and enhanced efficiency.

  • Price Details Yet to be Revealed

There is currently no information available regarding the cost of the new, larger battery option.


We have frequently showcased the exceptionally innovative EAV 2cubed vehicles, and we recently stumbled upon a video capturing the usage of one in New York City. These remarkable EAV vehicles are manufactured in Oxfordshire, UK. Witnessing them in operation on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean is truly remarkable.


Several recent headlines might give the impression that the future of micromobility is under threat. Bird, a micromobility operator based in Santa Monica, California, has been operating shared electric scooters in over 100 cities across Europe, the Middle East, and North America since its establishment in September 2017. In its inaugural year, Bird facilitated a staggering 10 million rides. However, widely reported by sources such as ebiketips, “Bird indicates that unless it secures additional capital, it may face bankruptcy within the next 12 months. The US-based e-scooter and e-bike share company has consistently operated at a loss and has now disclosed an estimated $31.6m overstatement of sales over the past two and a half years.”

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Lime ebikes Nottingham

On the contrary, the Financial Times emphasizes a much more positive outlook. It highlights the growing sophistication and efficiency of successful firms like Tier, which extensively employ shared micromobility vehicles in London, mainland Europe, and the US. Encouraging developments are also emerging from Nottingham, England, as indicated by a report by the BBC, stating that “a fleet of 700 e-bikes will be available for hire at various locations throughout the city on a pay-as-you-go basis. The city council, working in collaboration with operator Lime, is already running an e-scooter trial in the area.”

The primary challenge ahead is not in establishing the popularity of compact electric transport options within cities but rather in creating profitability. This ensures a sustainable future for micromobility, not dependent solely on venture capital. Collaborative agreements like the one reported by the Verge between Lyft (North America’s largest shared e-bike operator) and Redwood Materials for e-bike battery recycling play a crucial role in securing the continued presence of shared e-bikes.

arquette Greenway Trail Project


Michigan to Chicago: A Scenic Adventure

The Grand Rapids Business Journal reports that a magnificent non-motorized greenway is set to unite bikers and pedestrians across three states. Stretching an impressive 58 miles, the Marquette Greenway Trail Project will seamlessly connect Calumet Park in Chicago to the heart of downtown New Buffalo in Michigan. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey along the picturesque south shore of Lake Michigan.

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Feiberg solar bike path

Freiburg’s Solar-Powered Cycle Path

Meanwhile, in the charming city of Freiburg, Germany, a remarkable cycle path is taking shape, featuring an extraordinary innovation. As reported by Efahrer, this cutting-edge path will be adorned with solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to generate abundant electricity. Get ready to pedal through a trail that not only offers breathtaking scenery but also contributes to a sustainable future.

The Latest Updates on E Bikes Moto Parilla Carbon Emtb Espin Nesta Battery Upgrade and Beyond5d7141168 6


A Setback in the E-Bike Industry

Rarely do we witness an e-bike company facing financial troubles in such a flourishing sector. However, according to Cycling Industry News, it seems that Modmo may have to resort to liquidation. The article highlights that the Irish eBike firm, renowned for its modular Saigon platform, has been forced to take this difficult step due to a substantial recall issue. Specifically, the recall was prompted by a safety concern regarding a latch responsible for securing the battery within the bike’s frame. The potential risk of the battery detaching while in motion necessitated this unfortunate decision. It serves as a reminder that even in thriving industries, challenges can arise.