Tern eCargo, Brompton, Juiced, Snake Battery, IRIS eTrike, and Other eBike Updates!

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New eBikes

Tern Introduces Compact eCargo Bike

Tern gsd electric cargo bike 2 300x300 1

Tern Bicycles has recently revealed its groundbreaking GSD e-bike, which revolutionizes the world of compact utility bikes. This exceptional bike is specifically designed to accommodate two children, a week’s worth of groceries, or an astonishing 395 pounds of cargo. What’s even more impressive is that it can fold down to fit seamlessly into a small SUV, van, or even a modest urban apartment. Additionally, the bike is adjustable to cater to riders ranging from 4’9″ to 6’4″ in height. The cherry on top? It boasts a remarkable dual Bosch battery capacity, ensuring longevity and power.

Brompton Launches Innovative E-Folder in the UK

Brompton has officially unveiled its highly-anticipated e-folder bike. This game-changing electric bike features a front hub motor and a detachable battery located conveniently within the front bag. When folded, the bike and bag together create a compact, easily transportable package, maximizing portability. The lightest two-speed model weighs just 13.7kg without the battery, and a six-speed version will also be available for those seeking a more versatile ride. Brompton’s innovative e-folder is set to take the UK by storm.

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Electric Bikes with Advanced Features

Brompton Electric Bike

Tern gsd electric cargo bike double battery

In the bottom bracket of the Brompton Electric bike, you will find torque and cadence sensors. These sensors ensure smooth and efficient performance for riders.

The 300Wh battery, weighing approximately 2.9kg, provides sufficient power for your rides. Despite its lightweight design, this battery offers impressive performance.

While the Brompton Electric bike will be launched in 2018, you can already have a trial ride at Brompton Junction in London. Additional test rides will be available throughout the UK, allowing you to experience the bike firsthand.

brompton folding electric bike

Initially, the Brompton Electric bike will not be available in other countries. However, Brompton aims to expand its availability across Europe in the near future. To stay updated, visit Brompton.

Exciting Innovations from Diavelo

Diavelo, a part of the renowned Accell Group based in the Netherlands, is set to introduce a range of new bikes at Eurobike 2017. These bikes incorporate cutting-edge technology and offer an exceptional riding experience.

One of their Limited Edition models, the Pininfarina E-voluzione, features a German Brose mid-drive system and remarkable integration of components. With its carbon fiber frame and parts, the bike maintains a weight under 15 kg. Equipped with GPS and electronic shifters, it provides a complete package for discerning riders.

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Diavelo is also launching a comprehensive model line with Bosch mid motors. These include city e-bikes, e-sports bikes, and e-race bikes. The highlight of these models is the Bosch PowerTube integrated frame battery system, bringing both power and style to your ride. Stay tuned for more updates at Diavelo.

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Impressive eCommuters by Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes is proud to present the remarkable Cross Current S and Cross Current AIR eCommuters. These bikes offer exceptional features at affordable prices, making them a great choice for urban riders.

CrossCurrent S 1024x698 1

The Cross Current S is a fully equipped 650 watt speedy commuter, capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph. With a starting price of $1,699, it provides an excellent value for money. Experience the thrill of riding the Cross Current S by visiting Juiced Bikes.

CrossCurrent AIR 1024x644 1

The 500 watt Cross Current AIR: A Speedy Commuter

The Cross Current AIR is a powerful 500 watt electric bike, perfect for commuting with its top speed of up to 28 mph. Starting at just $1,095, this e-bike offers both speed and affordability.

A Video Introduction to Juiced Bikes and Tora Harris

Check out this informative video about Juiced Bikes and their founder, Tora Harris. Learn more about the innovative designs and features that make Juiced Bikes stand out in the electric bike market.

public c1

The Copenhagen Wheel: Now Available with Marin, Public, Fyxation, and Papillionaire

The Superpedestrian ‘all-in-one’ e-hub, also known as the Copenhagen Wheel, is now more accessible than ever before. This groundbreaking technology can be added to bikes from popular brands such as Marin, Public, Fyxation, and Papillionaire.

Customers can conveniently choose their desired bike at Superpedestrian.com and have it delivered, fully equipped with the Copenhagen Wheel, to their local bike shop.

Diamond back electric mountain bike 1024x863 1

Diamondback Introduces the Ranger Series of eMTBs in the UK

Exciting news for e-mountain biking enthusiasts in the UK! Diamondback has launched the Ranger series of full-suspension eMTBs, bringing their exceptional performance to British riders. This range, which is already available in the US, showcases Diamondback’s commitment to delivering quality bikes across the globe.

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The Ranger series utilizes the Shimano E8000 eMTB specific mid-motor system, chosen by Diamondback for its narrow design and ability to maintain standard MTB geometry. With shorter chainstays, the Ranger provides a ride experience that closely resembles that of a traditional mountain bike.

Diamond back electric mountain bike 1 1024x627 1

The frame of the Ranger features an integrated 504Wh battery pack, offering ample power for thrilling rides. The top-end model, the Ranger 3.0, even includes Shimano Di2 XT electronic shifting, further enhancing the bike’s performance and convenience.

Prices for the Ranger Series

The three models in the Ranger series are priced at £3,650, £3,900, and £4,250, respectively. These bikes offer exceptional value for money.

Exciting Updates for 2018: Lapierre & Haibike Introduce New Frame Batteries

In this informative video, we showcase the revolutionary Snake Power Technology battery, which is intelligently integrated into the downtube for optimal performance. You can find more detailed information about this innovative bike and its cutting-edge battery here.

Take a moment to watch this captivating video highlighting the new Haibike featuring the state-of-the-art Bosch PowerTube frame integrated battery:


Exciting Collaboration: Bianchi & Ferrari’s Venture into E-bikes

Nuvinci N380x 1024x801 1

Founded in 1885, Bianchi is an esteemed Italian bike manufacturer renowned for their distinctive pale turquoise road racing bikes. They have recently joined forces with the prestigious Ferrari brand to embark on a joint venture aimed at developing an exciting new range of bikes, including e-bikes. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling partnership!

Introducing New Products

scott esilence evo 2017 electric hybrid bike grey orange EV291143 7020 2

Impressive Innovation: Scott E-bike with New Nuvinci Hub

Renowned for their stepless hub gear technology, Nuvinci has recently unveiled the groundbreaking N380X hub designed specifically for sportive and cargo models.

This cutting-edge hub is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of modern e-bikes built for urban commuting, off-road adventures, and hauling heavy loads. It will feature prominently on the highly anticipated Scott E-Silence Evo, offering an unparalleled cycling experience.

gates belts grace electric bike eurobike

More Compatibility for Gates Belt Drives

Gates has announced exciting new product developments to cater to the increasing number of e-bikes using belt drives. Now, e-bikes equipped with the Pinion C-Line gearbox, Rohloff E-14 electronic shifting hubs, and Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 motors can also enjoy the benefits of the low maintenance drive.

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AHEAD for Helmet to Phone Communications

A fascinating device, featured in an Indiegogo campaign, has caught our attention. This device can be attached to your cycle helmet, allowing you to listen to and transmit sound directly to your mobile phone. The built-in oscillator of the device transmits sounds through vibrations, enabling you to enjoy your favorite tunes, talk with friends, utilize navigational applications on your smartphone, all while ensuring your safety and awareness of your surroundings in a wireless manner.

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E-bike Biz

IRIS eTrike up for Eurobike Award

The striking-looking IRIS eTrike from the UK has been selected as a finalist for the Eurobike 2017 awards. Don’t miss the chance to see this remarkable e-trike at the Tannus Solid Tires booth A1-419, where it will come equipped with Tannus puncture-proof tires as standard.

Husqvarna eBikes on the Horizon

Susanne and Felix Puello, renowned for their work with Haibike/Winora, have joined forces with KTM to introduce an impressive line of Husqvarna eBikes.

E-Bike Scheme for Montreal Workers

Global News recently reported on an exciting project in Montreal where Velo-Transit and the city council are launching a pilot program that allows employees to use electric bicycles as a means of commuting to work. With 500 employees sharing 50 bikes over two-week intervals, this initiative aims to promote sustainable transportation options.

Panasonic Aims at Japanese E-mtb Market

Asahi Shimbun has revealed that Panasonic plans to enter the Japanese market with an e-MTB in September. This is particularly noteworthy as the e-bike industry in Japan is currently dominated by practical, non-performance urban models. However, with the expected rise in popularity of sports-oriented electric power-assisted bicycles, Panasonic is making a strategic move to capture this growing market.

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