Specifications, Video, and Images of the Juiced Riders ODK Electric Cargo Bike

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Juiced Riders ODK Specifications:

Juiced Riders ODK: A Versatile E-Cargo Bike with Impressive Payload Capacity



The frame of this e-cargo bike is made of lightweight aluminium and features an integrated cargo rack. With multiple attachment options for cargo accessories, it can carry a total capacity of 330 lbs (including rider and cargo).


Equipped with a custom steel fork, the Juiced Riders ODK also includes a torque plate specifically designed for the front hub motor.


Powered by a 500 watt Bafang sensorless geared front hub motor, the ODK offers reliable and efficient performance.


The bike is equipped with a 48 Volt 15 Amp Hour lithium-ion battery. It is housed in a custom 3-piece aluminium enclosure and features an integrated battery management system for optimal functionality.

Assist Options:

With a convenient twist grip throttle that includes cruise control, the Juiced Riders ODK offers versatile assist options for a comfortable and controlled ride.


The bike is equipped with a Shimano Nexus 3-speed internally geared rear hub, ensuring smooth and efficient shifting.


The Juiced Riders ODK features a Promax DSK 715 front mechanical disc brake and a Promax rear V-brake. The Tektro EL320 brake levers come with electric assist cutoff sensors, providing reliable stopping power.

Stem & Handlebars:

Designed for comfort and control, the Juiced Riders ODK includes a Promax stem, steel handlebars, and Velo Lock-on grips.



The bike is equipped with 20″ Kenda e-bike tires, offering a balance of stability and maneuverability.

Seat: Comfy Velo saddle.

  • Accessories: Fenders, Chain guard, Kickstand.
  • Additional accessory options: panniers, baskets, kid seats, small lockable trunk, large lockable trunk, etc.

Total Weight: 72.5 lbs.

  • Sizes: One size fits all.
  • Step-through frame design with adjustable seatpost.


Price: $2,099 at the time of testing.

Warranty: One year.

Here is a link to the information page of the Juiced Riders ODK electric cargo bike.


Checkout the Video & Pictures of the Juiced Riders ODK!

The Juiced Riders ODK is ready to run some errands!


The ODK offers a spacious step-through area, which is ideal for heavy cargo. It provides easy access for mounting and dismounting the bike and can accommodate a variety of riders.

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Additional Cross Tube for Reinforcement


This is an additional cross tube in the step through area that helps reinforce the aluminium frame of the ODK. It provides extra strength and stability, ensuring the durability and reliability of the bike.

Stout and Sturdy Frame

The ODK features an aluminium frame with reinforced gussets, making it a stout cargo hauler. The strategically placed gussets add strength and rigidity to the frame, allowing it to withstand heavy loads and rough terrains with ease.


Powerful Bafang 500 Watt Geared Front Hub Motor

This is the impressive Bafang 500 watt geared front hub motor. It boasts immense power and torque, giving the ODK the ability to perform impressive acceleration and handle challenging inclines effortlessly.

With this motor, the ODK can peel out with remarkable speed and agility. It provides a thrilling and exhilarating riding experience.


**Promax Front Mechanical Disc Brakes**

The Promax front mechanical disc brakes, featuring a 180mm rotor, offer exceptional stopping power. These brakes ensure a reliable and robust braking system, providing you with enhanced safety and control.

**Promax Rear V-Brake Placement**


Mounted ingeniously below the chainstays, the Promax rear V-brake on the ODK model showcases thoughtful design. This strategic positioning optimizes braking efficiency and stability, contributing to a smooth and controlled riding experience.

**Shimano Nexus 3-speed Internally Geared Rear Hub**

Incorporating the renowned Shimano Nexus 3-speed internally geared rear hub, the ODK is equipped with a reliable and efficient drivetrain. This exceptional feature simplifies your cycling experience, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free ride. The Shimano Nexus hub is designed to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the drivetrain, allowing you to traverse various terrains smoothly and effortlessly. Visit [Juiced Riders](https://www.juicedriders.com/) for more information about this remarkable electric cargo bike.


The Kenda e-bike specific tires

The Kenda e-bike specific tires are utilized in both the front and rear of the bike. Notably, the inner tubes possess a thickness that is four times greater than that of regular tubes. Furthermore, by implementing Slime sealant, the likelihood of encountering a flat tire diminishes significantly.


The on/off switch and battery placement

Positioned just below the seat on the front side of the battery, the on/off switch is conveniently placed for easy access. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that there is a fuse for the battery located on the opposite side, ensuring utmost safety and functionality.

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The convenient controller placement

Located just in front of the battery, the controller affords a user-friendly design. In the event of any potential issues with the controller, it appears to be effortlessly replaceable, guaranteeing seamless operation.


The Charger Connection

The charger connection is located on the back of the 48 volt 15 ah lithium ion battery pack. The pack is safely enclosed in a custom aluminium housing and seamlessly integrated into the bike’s rack.

View of the ODK Command Center

Behold the impressive ODK command center! On the right, you’ll find a convenient twist grip throttle and a bell. On the left, there’s a control display showcasing essential information, accompanied by a Shimano Nexus 3-speed grip shifter.


Battery Level and Cruise Control

The control display provides a clear indication of the battery level and even features a handy cruise control button. This feature proves especially useful during long stretches of uninterrupted road. To activate it, simply reach your desired speed, press the button, and release the throttle. The cruise control feature automatically disengages upon grabbing either brake lever, twisting the throttle, or pressing the cruise control button once again.


This is the wiring harness that consolidates all of the electrical wires and keeps the bike looking clean!

The wiring harness featured in the image above serves to consolidate and organize all the electrical wires of the bike. This clever design keeps the bike looking tidy and free from messy wire entanglements. It ensures a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing appearance for the bike.


The Tektro brake levers with integrated sensors

Cutting off the electrical assist when you apply the brakes

The Tektro brake levers installed on this bike are equipped with advanced sensors. These sensors have a fantastic feature – they automatically deactivate the electrical assist of the bike when you grab the brake levers. Therefore, you can confidently engage the brakes, even if you’re still twisting the throttle. This intelligent system guarantees enhanced safety and control during your electric bike rides.

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The ODK’s comfortable Velo saddle

The ODK electric cargo bike comes equipped with a high-quality and supremely comfortable saddle from Velo. This specially designed saddle ensures a cozy and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you are embarking on a short commute or a long-distance journey, the Velo saddle provides optimal support and cushioning. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a pleasurable bike ride with the ODK’s top-notch saddle.


Cargo Setup with Wald Basket and Basil Tour XL Bags


This is the cargo setup showcasing the Wald basket along with the practical Basil Tour XL bags. This configuration provides ample space for storing your belongings as you ride.


Wald Basket and Basil Tour XL Bags with Battery and Integrated Rack

This image showcases both the Wald basket and Basil Tour XL bags along with a clear view of the battery and integrated rack. This combination adds functionality and convenience to your electric cargo bike.


Spacious Trunk for Groceries and Local Deliveries


Take a look at the impressive trunk! This practical feature is perfect for running errands such as grocery shopping. Moreover, it can provide great utility for restaurants and messenger businesses seeking reliable solutions for local deliveries.

The Big Trunk:

The big trunk is equipped with a lockable latch, making it convenient for running multiple errands.


Interior Features:

The interior of the big trunk includes a bit of insulation, perfect for transporting food items.

Comfortable Backside:

The backside of the big trunk doubles as a comfortable backrest, adding to the overall convenience.

Take a Ride:

Here I am, enjoying the ODK on the road!


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