Reluctant to Assemble an Electric Bicycle? Have it Constructed and Delivered to You!

Reluctant to Assemble an Electric Bicycle Have it Constructed and Delivered to You72b590899 380

While we take pride in producing ebikes that are effortless to assemble straight out of the package, we understand that there are numerous riders out there who simply cannot wait to embark on their journey the moment their brand new model arrives.

Does this sound like you? Well, you’re in luck! Cyclists in specific regions now have the option to have their new electric bike completely built, fine-tuned, and delivered directly to their doorsteps.

To find out if the Rad Mobile Service Built & Delivered or velofix Direct shipping options are available in your area, take a moment to check your zip code. By selecting RMS or velofix as your shipping choice at checkout (for a small fee), your bike will arrive ready to hit the road!

Rad Mobile Service and velofix Direct have partnered together to make this service accessible in most urban locales. If you reside in a participating area, we would like to provide you with a few reasons why this service might be the perfect fit for you.

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1. Absolutely No Experience Required

Many of our riders find that assembling their bike is a simple and effortless process. Some even appreciate the opportunity to become more familiar with their bike during the assembly.

However, let’s be frank. For some of us, even the sight of an assembly manual is enough to make our heads spin. No matter how easy the instructions may appear, they may still remind us of the days in high school when we struggled to build anything more than a birdhouse that barely functioned, barely earning passing grades.

Even though we strive to make at-home assembly as straightforward as possible, this option is perfect for riders who simply want to get out and ride. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

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2. The Epitome of Convenience

When ordering a bike through our standard shipping method, you can anticipate an experience similar to ordering any other high-value item. FedEx provides you with a delivery date and kindly requests that either you or another responsible adult be present to sign for the package once it arrives. Simple enough.

However, with our assembly and delivery options, we take convenience to another level. RMS and velofix Direct grant you the ability to select your own delivery date, eliminating the need for constant tracking or last-minute scrambles to ensure someone will be home to receive the bike.

With convenience like that, it becomes an ideal solution for individuals juggling demanding schedules.

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3. Inquire and Receive Answers to All Your Queries

For those seeking a more hands-on bike shop experience with their online purchase, our delivery service provides an opportunity to engage directly with an expert, all from the comfort of your own home!

This adds a personal touch to your experience (without physical contact, of course. Our teams have taken measures to ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines).

They will happily address any questions you may have, guide you through the bike’s key features, and ensure you feel completely at ease before embarking on your first ride. They’ll even personalize the bike’s fit to accommodate your individual size!

Need assistance with your bike? Rad Mobile Service and velofix Direct can bring a wide range of maintenance options right to your doorstep, including tune-ups, safety checks, adjustments, and even flat tire repairs.