Radmission Electric Metro Bike Hill Climbing Capabilities

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If you’ve had an opportunity to explore the RadMission Electric Metro bike, one of the primary aspects that will likely catch your attention (apart from its affordable $999 USD price!) is its single-speed configuration.

Naturally, you might wonder about its performance on hills. And hey, that’s a valid question! We understand that single-speed bikes typically aren’t known for conquering those challenging inclines without considerable pedal power. So why would the RadMission be any different?

These types of inquiries are precisely why we initiated Test Ride Tuesday, a novel series that allows riders to experience firsthand what our electric bikes are capable of in real-world scenarios.

Launching the series with a closer examination of the RadMission’s climbing capabilities couldn’t be more fitting.

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We ventured to the Issaquah Highlands in Washington, a neighborhood abundantly dotted with steep hills, to put our latest model to the test. Maneuvering those streets on a regular bicycle would be arduous and sweat-inducing. But on a Mission? Not so much.

The bike effortlessly handled every challenge we threw its way. A seasoned mountain biker? Absolutely. Spotting a RadCity Step-Thru? Good to see you here, my friend!

It’s not just us who have noticed the Mission’s ability to tame hills. The experts at Electric Bike Review also conducted an uphill test ride of their own, solely relying on the throttle.

“Let’s see what happens if I completely stop… and try to use the throttle from a standstill,” proposed the ebike guru Court Rye.

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A few seconds later, he had reached his verdict: “I’m truly impressed! The motor is incredibly zippy. For me, that’s one of the major highlights of this bike.”

It’s no surprise that EBR crowned the RadMission as the best affordable electric bike of 2020.

Upon returning to our headquarters in Seattle, we made a visit to the Rad Lab to inquire Cory Tsai, the product manager behind the RadMission, about how his team accomplished this feat.

“We dedicated ourselves to instilling a powerful feel in every aspect of this bike,” he stated. “Its exceptional hill-climbing capability comes from combining a geared hub motor with narrower tires to reduce rolling resistance. Additionally, it weighs less compared to our other bike models, which contributes to its performance.”

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According to Tsai, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The bike was also meticulously designed to extract maximum potential from the rider.

“When you’re riding it, you assume a more aggressive position compared to our other models, enabling your body to apply power to the pedals more efficiently,” he explained. “It provides a riding experience closest to that of a road or hybrid bike, which is what many new ebike riders are accustomed to.”

The RadMission is currently available at $999 ($1,499 CAD/€1,099 EUR). Curious about the story behind the RadMission? Rad Power Bikes CEO and Founder Mike Radenbaugh divulged the inside scoop.