Porsche Introduces E-bike, Lectric Upgrades Battery, and Other E-bike News

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Exciting News!

German performance car manufacturer Porsche has recently made an exciting announcement. They are now venturing into the world of e-bike motors, designing and producing these systems under their own brand name. This move seems like a natural progression for Porsche, considering that they acquired Fazua, a renowned German designer and manufacturer of sleek, lightweight frame-integrated e-bike motor systems back in June. However, this is not just a simple rebranding exercise for Porsche. They have expressed their intentions to further develop not just motors and batteries, but also the necessary software architecture for connectivity solutions. The future looks promising for e-bike enthusiasts as Porsche even plans to introduce their very own range of branded e-bikes, although the target date of “the middle of this decade” does leave some room for impatience. In addition, Porsche has assured that e-bike motor systems will still be produced under the Fazua name, and both Porsche and Fazua products will be made available to other e-bike brands, allowing for increased accessibility and choice within the market. It is worth mentioning that Porsche’s involvement in the e-bike industry doesn’t stop here. In November last year, they also acquired a majority stake in Greyp Bikes, a premium e-bike manufacturer.

Fazua Ride 60 Light E-Bike System 60NmElectric bike news 4th August


An Exciting Development!

When it comes to affordable folding e-bikes in the U.S., Lectric is undeniably one of the leaders, if not the absolute leader. As EBR has pointed out before, Lectric offers a range of exceptional folding e-bikes that cater to the needs of many customers. Now, Lectric has taken a significant step forward by introducing a major battery upgrade for their popular Lectric XP 2.0 model. What’s even more impressive is that this upgrade is backwards compatible, which means that even existing owners of the Lectric XP 2.0 can benefit from the improved battery performance. This enhancement is undoubtedly a game-changer, as it allows riders to go further and experience extended adventures without worrying about running out of power. Lectric’s commitment to continuously improving their products demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction and a desire to stay ahead in the competitive e-bike market. So if you’re in search of a dependable and affordable folding e-bike, Lectric XP 2.0 with its big battery upgrade is definitely worth considering.

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Lectric XP 2.0 Electric Folding Bike Review

Exciting Battery Upgrade for the Lectric XP 2.0

It’s fantastic news that the Lectric XP 2.0 is receiving a major upgrade to its battery capacity. The original 460 Wh battery is being replaced with an impressive 672 Wh capacity, marking a significant 46% increase in range.

What makes this upgrade even better is that it has been achieved through enhanced power density. This means that despite the increased capacity, the battery remains the same physical size and can be retrofitted to both XP 1.0 and XP 2.0 models.

Bianchi Vertic emtb

The Introduction of Bianchi E-MTB Line

Traditionally renowned for their road bikes, Bianchi has expanded its expertise to include high-quality electric road bikes and hybrid e-bike designs. Now, they proudly present their brand new range of e-mtbs.

Bianchi introduces the e-Vertic range, which establishes a new technological standard in the realm of e-bikes. The series features various versions, including the FX-Type Pro full-suspension carbon e-MTB and its counterparts with aluminum frames: e-Vertic FX-Type (full-suspension e-MTB), X-Type (hardtail e-MTB), T-Type (e-Tourer), and C-Type (e-Urban). The details are crystal clear.

The flagship model, Vertic FX-Type Pro, boasts Bosch’s latest “smart” system, comprising the Performance Line CX motor unit and a carbon frame-integrated 750Wh Powertube battery. In contrast, the other models opt for a 625Wh battery accompanied by aluminum frames.

In addition to the pure e-mtbs, the Vertic range includes touring and urban variants powered by Bosch mid-drives. These models feature smaller batteries compared to their off-road counterparts.

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As of now, the availability is set for January 2023, although the prices have not been disclosed at the time of writing.

Washington tax credits

No Federal Government E-Bike Credits?

According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN), the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 appears to be progressing towards Senate approval this week. While the bill incorporates climate change provisions favored by bike advocates, it unfortunately overlooks the electric bike tax credit and other bike-related measures that were initially proposed in President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act. The latter bill had successfully passed the House last year but subsequently failed in the Senate, partially due to opposition from Manchin.

The Missed Opportunity in Legislation

PeopleForBikes expressed their disappointment with the legislation, stating that it “misses a massive opportunity by neglecting to invest in an electric bicycle tax credit and other critical initiatives to promote biking for transportation.” However, the BRAIN article provides further insight into this missed opportunity.

Detailing the E-BIKE Act included in the House legislation, the article explains that it would have provided a tax credit specifically for the purchase of a new e-bike. This tax credit could be applied to the first $3,000 of the bike’s cost, resulting in a benefit value of up to $900. Additionally, the House legislation would have allowed for a tax benefit to be reinstated through the Bicycle Commuter Act. Unfortunately, both of these provisions are absent from the new bill.

Exciting Conference on Micromobility

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Micromobility America conference! This two-day event celebrates small electric vehicles and their potential to revolutionize our cities. The conference, set to take place in the SF Bay Area on September 15-16, offers a platform for engaging talks and productive meetings focused on the future of transportation through small EVs.

The speaker lineup includes Mike Radenbaugh, the co-founder of Rad Power Bikes, and Mayor Eric Adams will also participate remotely to explore how NYC is leading the way in micromobility. Attendees will have the opportunity to test a variety of small electric vehicles on the dedicated track.

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Porsche Introduces E bike Lectric Upgrades Battery and Other E bike News822141171 5 1

Introducing Mycle’s New E-Bike Models

Mycle, a rising player in the UK e-bike market, has recently unveiled three new models at competitive prices.

One of their offerings, the Cadence, is a hybrid city e-bike priced at £1599. It features a rear hub motor, a 280Wh frame-integrated battery, an adjustable stem, 7-speed Shimano gears, integrated lights, and Tektro disc brakes.

The Comfort, another Mycle model, is a step-thru e-bike with similar specifications to the Cadence. Priced at £1599, this model also includes a rear rack.

Breaking the norm in the UK market, Mycle has also introduced a folding electric fat bike called the Charge. This model, available for £1599, boasts a high torque hub motor, a 375Wh battery, 20-inch fat tires, front suspension, front and rear lights, 7-speed gears, and Zoom disc brakes. Embracing the versatility of this style, Mycle aims to offer a unique option for customers seeking a folding e-bike.


Absolutely, according to Clarence Eckerson Jnr. In the video below, he compares the well-known cycle lane in Paris on rue de Rivoli to the congested and often narrow cycle lanes in NYC.

With an increasing number of small vehicles utilizing bike lanes in cities worldwide, some legally and others not, Eckerson argues that New York should provide wider, bi-directional lanes for all types of micro-mobility. This would ensure safer conditions for all users and reduce the resemblance to the wild west. Additionally, it would promote all forms of micromobility.

Streetsblog NYC has published a humorous guide that covers the expansion of micromobility. The guide includes various types of electric bikes, mopeds, electric skateboards, mono-wheels, and uni-wheels.