Porsche Electric Mountain Bike, Innovative Folding eBike, Electric Bicycles for Law Enforcement, Compact Mid-Drive System, eTrike Adventures, and Additional Content! [VIDEO]

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New eBikes and eBike Systems

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Sivrac Unique eFolder

Sivrac’s one-of-a-kind e-folder, which will be released in September, has caught our attention. According to iMiró, a U.S.-based company, this e-folder boasts a patented X-frame design with a folding point at the center, ensuring stability and durability. To easily fold the bike, all you have to do is pull the folding knob and lift the frame.

Notable features include an integrated battery within the frame, a compact rear hub motor, and a handlebar display/control unit with Bluetooth connectivity. This e-folder is equipped with a six-speed derailleur and weighs around 48.5 pounds (22kg), as stated on their website.

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Excitingly, a Kickstarter campaign is on the horizon for Sivrac’s e-folder.

Rehau Injection Molded Frames

Rehau, a renowned German manufacturer specializing in automotive bodywork components, has delved into the world of e-bikes since 2013. Through their e-bike project, this billion-dollar polymer expert has developed cutting-edge composite bodies for e-bikes.

Bike Europe Reports on Rehaus E-Bike Body Project Going Consumer Direct

Bike Europe reports that the Rehaus E-Bike Body Project is now available directly to consumers under the Nuvelos brand name. This exciting development brings these innovative bikes within reach of individual buyers.

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The Nuvelos website provides detailed specifications, including 27.5-inch tires, a 504 watt/h battery, and a Shimano Steps motor. These features ensure a powerful and smooth riding experience.

What sets these e-bikes apart is their unique frame design. The frame consists of two injection-molded support channels that are carefully joined together to create an incredibly stable structure. This hollow structure, which cleverly houses the battery, cable, and motor, features a groundbreaking planar design that resists deformation.

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Bike Europe confirms that the frame is impressively lightweight, weighing in at just 7 pounds (3.2kg). Furthermore, it is worth noting that this remarkable frame is 100% recyclable, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to e-bike manufacturing.

Introducing the Porsche eBike X

A recent launch from Porsche introduces the limited edition Porsche eBike X, a true marvel in the world of e-mountain bikes. With only 250 units available, time is running out to own this exclusive masterpiece.

If you’re keen to learn more about this extraordinary e-bike, you can visit Porsche’s German language launch page here. For a more in-depth article in English, click here.

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The Remarkable New Super Small Nidec Mid Drive

According to a report by Bike Europe, Nidec, a Japanese company, has unveiled a game-changing super small mid-drive system aimed at road, compact, and folding e-bikes. Weighing only 5.5 pounds (2.5kg), this cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the industry.

For more information on this groundbreaking innovation, you can read Bike Europe’s report here. Experience the future of e-bikes with Nidec’s incredible mid-drive system.

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E-bike Accessories

New Cycle Map Aimed at E-bikers

E-bikers Can Explore Off-Road with the New Waterproof Cycle Map

A helpful blog post provides details about the recently launched South Pennines & Peak District Off Road Cycle Map, specifically designed for electric bikers. This GPX-friendly map is not only waterproof but has been extensively researched using e-bikes.

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It covers a portion of the renowned Peak District National Park, which attracts approximately 13.25 million visitors annually and is considered a cycling and e-biking paradise. No matter their skill level, e-bikers can now venture off-road with ease.

Insurance for E-bikes

Insurance 4 Ebikes Offers Comprehensive E-bike Coverage

UK residents can now benefit from the comprehensive insurance services provided by Insurance 4 Ebikes. This unique comparison service offers coverage for theft, third-party damage, European travel, competitive use, and much more. Safeguard your valuable e-bike today.

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Get Inspired

Pullyaps’ Senior Services Goes E-bike

The News Tribune Highlights Puyallup’s E-bike Initiative for Senior Citizens

Discover the heartwarming story of Puyallup, Washington, where the city has introduced a volunteer-staffed pedal-cab bike program to enhance the mobility of senior citizens. According to Sarah Harris, the director of Puyallup’s Park and Recreation, trained volunteers take seniors on delightful trips to local restaurants, trails, and even for ice cream treats.

Recognized as one of the nation’s ten Age-Friendly communities by the AARP in 2016, Puyallup ensures the safety and convenience of its seniors through well-maintained streets, accessible buildings, intergenerational activities, and inclusive housing options. The careful selection of bikes is evident, as Mayor John Palmer opted for a design that allows the seniors to have an unobstructed view, even though it incurred a higher cost compared to alternative rickshaw-style designs.

The E-bikes used in this program are provided by the renowned Copenhagen-based Trio Bikes. These bikes feature comfortable bench seats in front of the rider, ensuring a pleasant experience for all involved.

eMTB Racing Could Become a Major Scene in the United States

An Interview with Ned Overend

VeloNews recently sat down with Ned Overend, the first-ever official world champion in mountain biking.

This article provides insights into his strong advocacy for the inclusion of an e-mtb racing category. Over time, and following the remarkable rise of e-bike popularity in Europe, Overend has transitioned into a passionate e-bike supporter, dispelling his initial skepticism. What stands out the most, however, is his belief in the gradual seriousness that will accompany the growth of this category.

According to Overend, “any time there are world championship stripes on the line, people will be serious. And there are already dedicated individuals who are competing on e-bikes.”

Could New E-bikes Enhance Police Response Efficiency and Safety in Naples?

An Exploration of the Potential Benefits

This informative video report by Wink News showcases how the Naples Police Department is conducting trials with a Pedego e-bike, aiming to “save lives.”

Currently, the police utilize traditional bicycles, but they anticipate that incorporating e-bikes into their fleet will enable officers to approach emergency situations in a calmer and more composed state of mind. Depending on funding availability, the PD is considering the acquisition of three additional e-bikes.

A Surprising Statistic Reveals Public Misconceptions about E-bikes

An Analysis of Public Awareness

If recent findings indeed represent the prevailing opinion, this eye-opening report by Cycling Industry News highlights the substantial educational challenge that the e-bike industry in the UK faces.

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“The scale of the education challenge facing the cycling industry around electric bikes had been laid bare by new research from Halfords,” the report states.

The study revealed that a significant majority of the public lacks basic understanding of electric bikes, with 65% unaware that e-bikes require the rider to pedal (possibly due to the misconception that e-bikes are a form of cheating). Furthermore, the research unveiled various other mistaken beliefs held by the public:

– 20% erroneously believe that insurance is mandatory for e-bikes.

– 43% are unsure if e-bike riders are obligated to pay “road tax” (such as Vehicle Excise Duty, which is determined by CO2 emissions).

– 37% incorrectly believe that e-bikes require a charging point.

Cycling Infrastructure and Policy Considerations

Exciting News: Tyne Cycle Tunnel is Now Open!

After an extensive and costly refurbishment, the Tyne Pedestrian and Cycle tunnels in the Newcastle area of the UK have finally reopened. This presents an excellent opportunity for cyclists and pedestrians alike to enjoy a fantastic ride through these tunnels.

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Exploring the Future of E-Tech

Beyond Imagination: Introducing Flying Cars

Flying Electric Cars Taking Off

According to a report by Bloomberg, the future of technology now includes flying electric cars. Manufactured by NEC Corp., these vehicles resemble large drones and are designed to carry passengers. A recent demonstration by the Japanese electronics maker took place in a suburb of Tokyo, where the car, powered by a battery, soared briefly to about 3 meters (10 ft.) above the ground. Japan’s government has expressed its desire to become a leader in flying cars after lagging behind in advancements such as electric cars and ride-hailing services. By 2023, they aim to have flying cars transporting goods, with cities allowing people to ride in these vehicles by the 2030s.

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E-micromobility: Audi’s Innovative E-kickscooter

New Concept Combining Electric Pedal Scooters and Skateboards

A recent report from Electrive introduces Audi’s new four-wheel electric scooter. This collapsible vehicle merges the best features of electric pedal scooters and skateboards. Scheduled for production towards the end of 2020, the Audi e-tron scooter meets the requirements for very small electric vehicles. It is anticipated to be available to private customers for approximately €2,000 and is also being explored as an alternative option for fleets.

The Decline of Dockless Bike Share in the UK

The Guardian raises an important question in its article, as it investigates the rise and fall of dockless bike share programs in the UK. Oliver O’Brien, an academic from UCL’s Consumer Data Research Centre, has gathered data that reveals the extent of these schemes. During the height of competition in July 2018, the four major dockless operators covered an extensive area of 617 sq km. However, only Mobike remains, and its operating territories have significantly reduced to a total of approximately 37 sq km. Yobike operates a smaller dockless scheme in Bristol and Southampton, which is not included in the collected data.

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Audi e tron scooter

Latest Developments in Bike and E-Bike Sharing in the UK

News regarding bike and e-bike sharing in other parts of the UK provides a mixed picture but with several positive updates.

An insightful report reveals that the Brighton bike share scheme has become the most popular in Britain, excluding London. Meanwhile, Exeter’s long-standing CoBikes e-bike share scheme, which is operated by German company Nextbike, is undergoing a significant upgrade and expansion.

A local media report informs us that a new dockless electronic bike sharing service is set to be introduced across the Richmond area of Greater London. The specifics, such as the number of e-bikes and designated parking bays, have not yet been disclosed. However, it is hoped that the scheme will build on the success of a pilot project from last year, which saw 6,000 trips made on 200 shared bikes in the Richmond borough.

Unfortunately, there are also some challenges on the horizon for bike-sharing programs in both the UK and the US.

EbikesDerby, once regarded as the largest e-bike share system in the UK, has permanently shut down due to extensive vandalism. Similarly, in the US, Lyft has announced that it will temporarily suspend its Bay Wheels e-bikes fleet while investigating and improving battery technology following two instances of bike batteries catching fire. Although there are speculations of vandalism being the cause, no definitive answer has been provided yet. The affected e-bikes will be removed from San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

Updates on E-Bike Law and Standards

New Regulations for E-Bike Testing in Europe

The EU has implemented stricter standards for e-bikes, and according to a report by Bike Europe, “DEKRA, a German testing and experts organization, has expanded its services to cater to the growing demand in electric two-wheel mobility. A new electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory and battery testing facilities in Stuttgart have been established due to recent changes in the legal status of e-bikes. Compliance with the Machinery Directive and EN 15194 is now a legal requirement for e-bikes with a maximum speed of 25km/h.”

Analysis of E-Bike Sales in the US

According to Cycling Industry News, data from the US supplier group BPSA’s “E-Bike Summit” in March indicates a remarkable growth of ebike units from January 2017 to July 2018, which was followed by a significant decline due to the imposition of US tariffs on Chinese goods. However, there has been some recovery in January 2019, and the upward trend is expected to continue despite the price increases resulting from the tariffs.

These statistics demonstrate that e-bike sales have managed to flourish despite the impact of Trump’s tariffs.

Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews, and thank you for your continued readership!


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