Launch of Ridekick International Electric Bike Trailer Sales in Australia Coincides with Interbike Exhibition

Launch of Ridekick International Electric Bike Trailer Sales in Australia Coincides with Interbike Exhibitiondb7143492 0 2

Ridekick Electric Bike Trailer

Launch of Ridekick International Electric Bike Trailer Sales in Australia Coincides with Interbike Exhibitiondb7143492 0 1

This is a press release from Ridekick International.

Returning to Interbike for Its Third Year

Fort Collins, Colorado – Ridekick International, a Colorado-based company, is excited to announce its return to Interbike for its third year. The company aims to showcase its products and expand its presence on the exhibit floor.

A Revolutionary Electric Bike Trailer

The Ridekick power trailer has been available in the market for over a year now. This innovative product combines the design of an electric bicycle with a bike trailer, enabling bicyclists to effortlessly ride through town, conquer hills, and overcome headwinds at remarkable speeds of up to 19 mph without the need for pedaling.

Easily Attachable and Highly Convenient

The Ridekick power trailer can be easily attached to most bicycles within minutes and unhitched in seconds for traditional riding. With a lockable storage compartment boasting a generous capacity of 42 liters, riders can now utilize this bicycle-equipped power trailer for transportation purposes and leave their cars at home.

Extended Range and International Recognition

In response to market demands, Ridekick International has introduced a longer-range lithium battery to its product line. This 20 Ah LiFePO4 battery provides power at speeds of up to 19 mph and offers an impressive range of 25-30 miles on a single charge. Additionally, this battery can support riders for an astounding 45,000 miles over its lifespan.

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Ridekick International has not only witnessed success in the United States but also internationally. With sales in eight different countries and the imminent launch of their first international distributor in Australia, their global presence continues to grow.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Honor

In June of 2012, Ridekick International received an incredible accolade as it was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of its 100 Brilliant Companies. Mark Wanger, the founder and president of Ridekick International, expressed his gratitude for this distinction, emphasizing the Ridekick trailer’s one-of-a-kind nature and its positive impact on transportation and cycling enthusiasts.

Founded by Mark Wanger in 2009, Ridekick International continues to be a driving force in the electric bike trailer industry, constantly innovating and expanding its reach.

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Wanger’s Interest in Sustainable Transportation

Wanger’s curiosity was piqued by the desire to eliminate the perspiration associated with his bicycle commute to local meetings of a sustainability organization in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Vision of Ridekick

“The objective of Ridekick is to offer an economical means for individuals to embrace cycling as a mode of transportation, leaving their cars at home. Half of our car journeys are shorter than four miles from our residences, and cycling provides an enjoyable and health-conscious alternative to driving,” expressed Wanger.

The Ridekick Power Trailer

The Ridekick power trailer is meticulously crafted and produced in Fort Collins, Colorado, and can be obtained from independent bicycle vendors all over the United States, as well as in Australia.

Online Purchase and Availability

Customers outside the reach of independent dealers can conveniently make online purchases through the company’s website

Ridekick’s Affiliations and Innovations

Ridekick International is situated in the enchanting cycling-friendly community of Fort Collins, Colorado, which holds a prestigious gold-ranking. Moreover, it is an esteemed member of the Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative, devoted to nurturing the growth of new clean-energy enterprises.

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Ridekick is also proudly associated with Bikes Belong, a U.S. bicycle industry-sponsored initiative aiming to encourage more frequent bicycle use. Additionally, it has gained recognition at the silver-level partnership within ClimateWise, an energy-saving program initiated by the City of Fort Collins.

Discover Ridekick at Interbike

To delve further into the world of the Ridekick power trailer, make sure to visit their booth, number 40070, situated on the lower level alongside the electric bike test track, during the Interbike event.

Supporting Philanthropy

In line with their philanthropic mission, Ridekick will contribute $1 to Ride for Reading for each person who takes a test-ride of their power trailer at the electric bike test track.

Additional Information and Reviews

For more comprehensive details and impartial evaluations, please explore Ridekick’s website at

For other inquiries, kindly reach out to Chelsey Walker, Marketing Specialist, via email at [email protected] or by calling 877-974-4440, extension 1.

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