Latest Updates on eBikes for Families: Ellen’s Riding Adventures, Interactive eMTB Trail Map, Enhanced GPS Tracking, Bike Motorhome, and Exciting Visual Content

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New eBike Models Introduced

This week, we bring you the latest news in the world of eBikes, featuring exciting additions to the market. The Recon, Pedego, and Carrera brands have unveiled their impressive new eBike models.

BULLS Monster E FS electric fat bike

Ellen’s Adventure with Haibike

We also have an exclusive story about renowned cyclist Ellen, who recently embarked on a thrilling ride with the powerful Haibike eBike.

Discover the Ultimate eMTB Ride

In addition, we present an exciting trail map that showcases the most exhilarating eMTB rides for all the adventurous souls out there.

eFat Bikes: Power and Versatility

If you’re in search of a versatile transportation solution, look no further than eFat Bikes. These remarkable inventions are designed to conquer any terrain with ease.

Track Your eBike with GPS

Concerned about the security of your eBike? We’ve got you covered with a hidden GPS tracker that ensures the safety of your valuable two-wheeler.

The New Wheel Trade-In Program

Have an older eBike? Take advantage of The New Wheel’s trade-in program, which allows you to upgrade to the latest models while saving money in the process.

Enhanced Safety with Helmet Air-Bag

Discover the revolutionary helmet air-bag, a cutting-edge safety feature that provides unparalleled protection for riders.

Ride in Style with RV’s for Bikes

If you’re looking for a unique and convenient way to travel with your eBike, explore the world of RV’s specifically designed to accommodate bikes.

And that’s not all! This week’s eBike news round-up includes many more exciting updates and developments in the industry. Stay tuned!


Introducing the Recon Mono E-Bikes

Intriguing news comes from Seoul, South Korea, as Recon launches an IndieGoGo campaign to introduce their highly innovative Mono series of e-bikes.

The Mono series comprises three remarkable models, including 20″, 26″, and fat-bike variants. Each model boasts a unique and eye-catching frame design that seamlessly integrates batteries and lights, offering a sleek and efficient package. Moreover, these components can be detached as needed.

The Mono 20 model features an intriguing mono-suspension system at the top of the forks, enhancing ride comfort and performance. All models in the Mono series offer both pedelec and throttle modes for a personalized riding experience.

Bringing the best of design and functionality, the weight of the bikes ranges from 19.2kg to 22.8kg, ensuring that riders can enjoy exceptional maneuverability and control.

With the Recon Mono E-Bikes, your journey becomes a thrilling adventure from start to finish.

Early Bird Discounts on Recon E-Bikes

Reconbikes, established in 2015, specializes in e-bikes and began with a single office. Since then, they have expanded to include 30 branches.

Starting at $749, early bird discounts are now available for Recon e-bikes, with shipping options to China, Korea, and the North Americas. Spine Bikes of Italy will be responsible for marketing these bikes in Europe.

Pedego Trail Tracker models

For more information, you can check out their Indiegogo campaign.

Pedego Introduces Bikes for the Whole Family

Pedego has recently introduced two new fat-tire electric bikes called Trail Tracker. These bikes are available in 20-inch and 24-inch sizes, in addition to the original 26-inch Trail Tracker. This makes Pedego one of the few companies catering to children and younger e-bike enthusiasts.

Here are the details:

  • 20” wheel Trail Tracker for riders with a height between 4’11” to 5’3”. This bike prioritizes safety for child riders with a top speed of 12mph. It also features a throttle-only system for manual speed control.
  • 24” wheel Trail Tracker for riders with a height between 5’4” to 5’9”. This model offers the same features as the larger Trail Tracker, including pedal assist and six levels of power. It also includes a throttle option and has a top speed of 20 mph.
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Carrera Crosscity E-bike

Trail Trackers are currently available at over 90 Pedego-branded stores worldwide, as well as numerous independent electric bike dealers.

Halfords Expands Carrera Electric Range in the UK

Halfords, the leading bike chain store in the UK, has extended their own-brand Carrera range with new models. These additions include a folder and mountain bike options, in addition to the existing Carrera Crossfire commuter model.

The folding option is called the Carrera Crosscity. It features frame-enclosed batteries and boasts a claimed range of up to 30 miles. It also comes equipped with 8-speed Shimano Acera gears, v-Brakes, and Kenda tyres. The recommended retail price is £650.

Carrera Vulcan E-bike

Bafang’s New Hub Motors Target Folding Bikes

The Carrera Vulcan e-MTB

The Carrera Vulcan e-MTB presents an array of features. It offers 9 speed Shimano Altus gears, Suntour forks with 120mm travel, and hydralic disc brakes. The price is listed at £1000. Additionally, both models are equipped with rear hub motors.

Bafang’s Introduction

Bafang System G353

Bafang holds a distinguished position as a reputable Chinese motor manufacturer, extensively utilized by countless e-bike brands worldwide. In their endeavor to cater to folding bikes with 14″, 16″, or 20″ wheels, they have chosen the Taipei Cycle Show as the perfect platform to unveil two innovative hub motors. These new additions are designed specifically for the folding bike market, encompassing three-speed and single-speed variations.

The RM G353 Hub

Among these new hub motors is the RM G353, a 3-speed hub equipped with its own shifting components, including a short cage rear derailleur and a 3-speed trigger shifter created by Sensah. Boasting a power rating of 220W, it is meticulously crafted to fit the narrower 120mm standard dropouts commonly found on folding bikes. With a weight of only 2.4kg, this model is exclusively available as a disc brake version. It also possesses the capability to accommodate a speed or torque sensor bottom bracket, ensuring compatibility with Bafang’s wide range of display options. Additionally, manufacturers employing these motors have the liberty to customize their own battery systems.

Just In Wisper 705

The RM G351 Hub

As for the single-speed enthusiasts, Bafang presents the RM G351, a rear hub motor weighing a mere 2.2kg. Bafang proudly claims it to be one of the lightest geared hub motors available in the market.

New Arrival

Introducing the Wisper 705 Torque from the UK

Wisper, a well-established e-bike manufacturer in the UK, specializes in creating high-quality electric bicycles designed for both leisure and commuting purposes.

An Innovative Torque Range

Their latest line of bikes, known as the Torque range, showcases cutting-edge technology that revolves around torque sensing. This means that the bike adjusts its performance based on the torque applied by the rider.

We are thrilled to have the step-thru 705 Torque model available for testing, so keep an eye out for our upcoming Ride Impressions report. In the meantime, feel free to visit the manufacturer’s website for more information about the Wisper 705 Torque.

Finding Inspiration

Discover Ellen’s Adventure with Haibike

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Featuring celebrities on eBikes is a fantastic way to promote greater awareness of these electric bicycles. Ellen appears to be thoroughly enjoying her ride on a Haibike!

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.21.43 AM

Exploring Electric Mountain Bike Routes

People for Bikes is currently developing a comprehensive map that highlights eMountain bike rides and trails. They value your input and encourage you to contribute information on your local eMountain bike routes and trails.

Opting for an Active Lifestyle

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the capabilities of eMTBs. These bikes can handle various terrains with ease, offering a thrilling and versatile riding experience.

Discover the Rise of eFat Bikes

An intriguing report from Outside Online delves into the fascinating world of e-fat bikes. They specifically mention the impressive features of the BULLS Monster E FS E-fat bike.

BULLS Monster E FS electric fat bike

Remember to always explore new possibilities and embrace the incredible opportunities e-bikes present for a more exciting and sustainable mode of transportation.

Article: Riding Bulls and Plowing Through Obstacles

Although jumping over Bulls may be out of the question, this article praises their impressive prowess in navigating through tough terrains, such as rock gardens and fallen logs.

Introducing the New Wheel Trade-In Program

Starting April 1st, the New Wheel Electric Bike Shop will launch the country’s groundbreaking vehicle trade-in program dedicated to promoting environmentally-friendly electric bikes.

New Wheel explains the deal:

  • Customers bring their used bike or car to one of The New Wheel’s two Bay Area locations, along with a valid ID.
  • A member of The New Wheel team will evaluate the trade-in within 20 minutes.
  • While waiting, customers can test ride electric bikes from over 25 available models at The New Wheel.
  • The selection includes European-inspired commuter bikes, mountain bikes, and cargo bikes capable of carrying two kids.
  • All bikes at The New Wheel are legally rideable in California and come with a manufacturer’s warranty lasting at least 2 years.

The New Wheel

Experience RV Adventures on Your Bike

Discover the world of RV travel, but with the convenience of your bicycle! Experience the joy of cycling while enjoying the comforts of an RV with the innovative Widepath Camper built specifically for bicycles.

Exciting New Accessories

Sherlock GPS Tracker: Protect Your Bike

Bike theft is a headache, but now there is a solution. Equip your eBike with the Sherlock GPS tracker, discreetly hidden within your handlebar. This compact device can alert you through its smartphone app if any tampering is detected. Watch this informative video to learn more:

Hövding Helmet Airbags at Justebikes

Justebikes, a leading e-bike retailer in London, proudly announces its exclusive partnership as the first UK retailer of the revolutionary Hövding cyclist airbags.


Since its launch in 2012, Hövding has provided cyclists with a cutting-edge safety solution. Worn around the neck, it analyzes a rider’s body movements 200 times per second. In the event of an accident, the Hövding airbag deploys within 0.1 seconds, offering unparalleled protection.

The Success of Hövding Airbags

Hoveding 2

The press release from Hövding states that they have sold more than 50,000 airbags worldwide, with at least 800 documented cases where their airbags have saved the lives of cyclists involved in accidents. This remarkable statistic highlights the effectiveness of Hövding in protecting cyclists. Currently, Hövding airbags are available in over 840 stores across 17 countries. Their popularity continues to grow.

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The price of Hövding airbags may appear steep at first glance. However, it is important to note that customers receive a free replacement after each deployment. This added benefit helps to offset the initial cost, making it a more economical choice in the long run.

If you’re still skeptical, we encourage you to witness the Hövding airbag in action!

Exciting News for E-Bike Enthusiasts

Anticipated Reduction in Bosch Mid-Drive E-bike Prices for 2018

Bosch, a renowned name in the e-bike industry, recently announced exciting news at the Taipei cycle show. They revealed that their Active Line mid-drive motors, featured in next year’s models, are expected to see a significant price drop. Prices are likely to range from 1300-1500 euros (approximately $1400 to $1600). This change will directly compete with more affordable hub motor models, making e-bikes equipped with Bosch motors more accessible to a wider audience.

Notably, this price reduction does not affect the premium-priced Performance Line mid-drives commonly found on e-MTBS. There may also be increased competition for Yamaha mid-drives, known for their competitive pricing.

Bafang’s Investment in Batteries: A Move for Higher-End E-Bike Sales

Bafang, a leading player in the e-bike industry, has recently announced a substantial investment in their battery development and production facility. As reported by Cycling Industry News, this $12 million investment aims to enhance their OEM offering and provide a comprehensive systems solution for electric bikes.

This strategic move positions Bafang as a prominent supplier of e-drivetrains and batteries in the middle and higher segments of the e-bike market. Their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation reinforces their desire to cater to the evolving needs of e-bike enthusiasts.

Trek’s Entry into the European Speed Pedelec Market


According to Bike Europe, Trek, a well-established American company, has unveiled a new line of commuter e-bikes known as the Super Commuter Range. This lineup includes four models, two of which are speed pedelecs that can reach a top assisted speed of 45km/h. These models are specifically targeted towards the European market and will be available for purchase starting from March 15th.

In the United States, customers can already place orders for the Super Commuter 8S through Trek retailers, with deliveries expected to commence on June 1st.

Revolutionizing E-Bike Battery Technology

An Incident in Newport Beach and the Pursuit of Safer E-Bike Battery Tech

Recently, there was a concerning incident in Newport Beach, California, where an eBike battery caught fire. Fortunately, no one was injured. Although such occurrences are rare, they are often headline-worthy due to their significance.

However, there is hope on the horizon with the advancement of solid electrolyte battery technology. This emerging technology has the potential to offer noncombustible batteries with increased energy density, shorter charging times, and longer lifespans. These advancements would greatly improve the overall performance and safety of e-bike batteries.

Two notable sources, the University of Texas at Austin and Stanford, have published reports on this groundbreaking battery tech, showcasing its potential and importance in the e-bike industry.

Stay tuned for more updates, news, and reviews on e-bikes. Thank you for being a part of the Electric Bike Report community!


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