Latest Updates on E-bikes: Ride1UP Gravel, Carbon Fiber Models, and Beyond

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Innovative E-Bikes: Urtopia and CrownCruiser

Urtopia and CrownCruiser, two emerging e-bike brands, are revolutionizing the industry with their carbon fiber e-bikes equipped with advanced technology. This unique approach is not commonly seen, mainly due to the potential high cost of these bikes. However, the pricing strategy of both brands seems to indicate that times might be changing.

Urtopia: A Blend of Elegance and Functionality

Urtopia has chosen an elegant and lightweight design for their e-bikes, weighing just 13kg / 28.5lbs. The frame, handlebars, and even the fork are made entirely from carbon fiber, showcasing the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship. To enhance user experience, the display is seamlessly integrated into the handlebar stem. Moreover, Urtopia boasts an innovative voice-controlled system and a rear radar sensor to ensure your safety on the road.


The e-bike features a rear geared hub motor with a 250W rating, a 360Wh frame-integrated battery, hydraulic disk brakes, and a Gates carbon belt drive. Despite its impressive features, Urtopia offers these bikes at an unbelievably affordable price of $2500, with shipping projected to begin in January 2022.

CrownCruiser: Taking E-Bikes to New Heights

Based in the UK, CrownCruiser takes a more daring approach to e-bike design. The brand’s IndieGoGo-funded e-bike claims a maximum speed of 31mph, surpassing the standard 15.5mph imposed by the EU regulations (although international shipping options exist for countries with higher speed limits like the US). CrownCruiser received substantial funding of nearly £150,000 from Innovate UK’s sustainable funding program, establishing its headquarters in Sheffield.

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Though the carbon monocoque frame adds durability, the bike’s weight reaches approximately 25kg / 55lbs. The distinctive single piston front suspension, along with the 26 x 3″ tires and wide wheel rims, contribute to the overall weight. The e-bike embraces a rear hub motor with a single gear configuration.

Control and customization of the bike settings are effortlessly managed through your smartphone, which can also be wirelessly charged using the induction technology from the main bike battery.

In conclusion, both Urtopia and CrownCruiser exemplify the potential of carbon fiber e-bikes coupled with cutting-edge features. With their impressive designs and competitive pricing, they are poised to shape the future of electric biking.


The future of e-bikes seems promising, as two new bike prototypes offer intriguing insights into the potential features that upcoming models might bring.


A groundbreaking development in the e-bike industry is the introduction of auto suspension. Recently, one of the leading manufacturers of bike transmission and suspension, SRAM AXS, unveiled the innovative RockShox Flight Attendant. This cutting-edge system combines smart technology and a predictive smart spring mechanism to provide an unparalleled riding experience.

Rock Shox Flight Attendant

According to SRAM AXS, the Flight Attendant is the world’s first automatic suspension system that continuously monitors the rider’s inputs and reacts in real-time. By utilizing a range of sensors, it anticipates the optimal suspension position, allowing riders to focus on the sheer joy of riding while maximizing speed and energy efficiency. The wireless communication between sensors in the front and rear suspension units, as well as within the pedal axle, ensures seamless adjustments to different terrains. The system intelligently stiffens on smooth surfaces, reducing energy wastage, and softens on rougher terrains for enhanced comfort. With this revolutionary technology, riders no longer need to manually adjust their suspension while riding or worry about lockout settings.

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Although initially introduced in non-electric full-suspension mountain bikes, it is only a matter of time before this groundbreaking auto suspension system becomes a standard feature in full-suspension e-mountain bikes, captivating both traditional and electric bike enthusiasts alike.


In Ohio, a groundbreaking initiative called Orion aims to make e-bikes more accessible than ever before. Their unique approach offers the opportunity to own an e-bike for only $10 per month.


Recent analysis from market experts at NPD reveals an astonishing surge in the popularity of e-bikes within the United States. The bicycle sector has experienced remarkable growth following the COVID-19 pandemic, with e-bikes emerging as the standout category.

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In the past 12 months alone, sales figures have demonstrated a dramatic increase in demand for e-bikes. Compared to two years ago, mountain bike sales have risen by 70%, children’s bike sales by 57%, and e-bikes have experienced an extraordinary growth rate of 240%. This rapid expansion has positioned e-bikes as the third largest category in terms of sales revenue, surpassing even the long-standing dominance of road bikes.

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The remarkable rise of e-bikes in the US market signifies a transformative shift in the cycling industry. With their unparalleled convenience and eco-friendly nature, e-bikes are carving a new path for the future of cycling.

EBR – US Becoming the Largest Market for Electric Bikes

Underlining the momentum of electric bike sales in the United States, EBR previously highlighted the insights of guest-post writer Ed Benjamin, who stated that the US is well on its way to becoming the most profitable and largest western market for electric bikes.

Brompton’s Phenomenal Growth in the US Market

Further supporting the narrative of flourishing bicycle sales in the US, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) sheds light on the remarkable expansion of UK folding bike manufacturer, Brompton, within the US market. Brompton, renowned for producing the world’s finest folding bike, also offers a popular electric version.

Rapid Expansion Driven by Soaring Demand

BRAIN reveals that Brompton has witnessed a remarkable surge in sales, fueled by an incredible demand seen across its New York City store and regional retailers like REI. Additionally, the company’s e-commerce storefront has contributed to this success. In the past year alone, Brompton has sold over 50% more units in the US, marking a 76% increase compared to 2019. Globally, the manufacturer now sells over 70,000 bikes annually.

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