How To Lock Your Ebike : Essential Tips to Keep Your Ride Secure.

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Whether you’ve been enjoying your electric bike for several years or recently received one as a holiday gift, all Rad riders share a common goal: preserving the ownership of their ebikes.

When it comes to safeguarding your ride and discouraging potential thieves, it is essential to implement a few straightforward measures.

1. Secure your frame to the bike rack

Have you ever come across a bike rack with a lone wheel and a lock attached to it lying on the ground? This unfortunate sight often indicates that the owner neglected one of the crucial rules for protecting their ebike: ensuring that the lock adequately covers the frame.

A white electric bike with a bike lock through its frame connecting it to a bike rack.

To ensure your ebike’s proper attachment to a bike rack, verify that the lock fully covers the bike’s frame. This is crucial because if you only lock the wheels or the saddle, a thief can easily remove the locked component and seize the rest of the ebike.

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For maximum security, you may consider using a wheel lock or running a cable lock through both wheels in addition to the primary lock on the frame. However, this should not serve as your primary defense tactic.

2. Bring your battery along

When you anticipate leaving your ebike unattended for extended periods, an extra layer of reassurance can be achieved by removing the battery and taking it with you. Our Battery Travel Case offers a convenient solution for on-the-go battery transportation.

Since the battery represents one of the costliest components of your ebike, removing it makes your ride significantly less appealing to potential thieves. Moreover, without a battery to power the motor, it becomes significantly harder for them to make a quick getaway on your ebike.

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3. Choose well-populated parking locations

Selecting suitable spots to park and secure your ebike constitutes a critical step in deterring thieves.

Whenever possible, opt for bike racks in highly populated areas with substantial foot traffic or video surveillance. Try to avoid leaving your ebike parked outside during nighttime, especially in areas lacking additional surveillance.

4. Register your ebike

Did you know that your ebike possesses a unique serial number? You can find it engraved on the bike’s frame, either beneath the Rad badge at the front or on the underside of the bottom bracket. Additionally, the serial number is typically included on the exterior of the box in which your ebike was packaged.

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Upon discovering the serial number, capture a photograph and retain it for future reference.

You can input the serial number into public databases hosted by Bike Index and 529 Garage, both of which offer complimentary services that store your ebike’s information in a database accessible to police departments and bike shops. This can prove valuable if your ebike is misplaced or stolen.

A man in a green coat parks his ebike outside by a bike rack. A red brick building is in the background.

5. Exercise common sense

Remain vigilant and exercise caution at all times. Even if you are briefly stepping into a store or believe you are in a secure location, it is always wise to lock up your ebike as a precautionary measure. A small amount of prevention can spare you significant heartache in the long run.