How to Fix a Flat Tire

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A flat tire doesn’t have to catch you off guard. Indeed, they can be quite frustrating, but fear not, with a little bit of expertise, you’ll be back on your e bike in no time.

In the interest of keeping you on the right path, we have introduced Rad Academy, a series of basic electric bike maintenance classes that enable riders to enhance their skills with our team of knowledgeable experts.

If you missed this month’s livestream, fret not, for you can still watch Service Excellence Manager Fritz’s detailed demonstration on IGTV.

Fritz’s Expert Tips

Tip #1: Stock Up on the Right Tools and Supplies

  • Ensure that you have all the necessary tools and supplies. This includes acquiring a replacement tube, a tire lever, a pump or CO2 inflator, as well as a pick, knifepoint, or a similar poking tool. Additionally, if you plan on working on your rear wheel, remember to have your battery key, an adjustable 18mm wrench, a 4mm hex wrench, zip ties, and a cutting tool handy. And for optimal preparedness, a tire pressure gauge proves immensely helpful.
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Tip #2: Remove Your Battery for Safety

  • Prior to starting any maintenance, it is crucial to detach your battery. This not only facilitates flipping your bike, but also ensures your personal safety. Remember to fully discharge your bike. Once the battery is removed, press and hold the power button to ensure that all stored electricity is thoroughly discharged.

Tip #3: Tire Replacement Made Easy

  • To replace your tire, you need not completely remove the axle nuts. Loosening them will suffice and save you time and effort.

Tip #4: Handle with Care

  • When removing the wheel, be cautious not to damage the motor wire that you have just unplugged or the round, thin steel brake rotor.
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Tip #5: Create Slack for Easier Tire Lever Use

  • Gently push the tire off the rim to create some slack before utilizing your tire lever.

Tip #6: Properly Inflate the New Tube

  • Prior to reinstallation, ensure that there is some air in the new tube so that it retains its shape. This will significantly ease the process and save you time and effort during installation.

Tip #7: Assess Tire Condition

  • After removing any debris from both the interior and exterior of your tire, you can still use it if you are unable to directly see the threads or casing.

If performing your own maintenance does not instill confidence, worry not! Explore our comprehensive range of service options. Want to delve deeper into our remarkable tires? Take a glance at how we are revolutionizing the game in our custom electric bike tire guide.

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