Find The Right Seat For Your Electric Bike

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Have a seat! We would like to discuss the saddle on your electric bike.

To begin, when you resume riding after an extended hiatus, there will be a period of adjustment. This is especially relevant for electric bikes since you will likely have the stamina for longer rides over larger distances.

However, if you have been accumulating miles over the course of several weeks and desire a more comfortable experience, you may be intrigued by an upgrade. We offer two new saddles specifically designed for various types of riders.

Let us examine the distinctions between each of our seats.

A bike seat available standard on most Rad Power Bikes models.

The Standard

This is the seat that accompanies your electric bike when you make a purchase. It has been meticulously selected to accommodate a wide range of riders and aims to strike a balance between comfort and performance.

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“Compared to most standard saddles found in the market, it possesses additional cushioning that perfectly complements the riding position on our models,” stated Rad Lab Industrial Designer Trevor Knapp.

If you ride a RadRunner or RadMission, you might notice that the appearance of your saddle differs slightly, but fear not! The RadRunner seat features a custom patented moped/bicycle hybrid positioning solution to align with the bike and provide you with a pleasant riding experience. As for the RadMission, its seat is tailored for riders who are more accustomed to conventional bikes, making it optimized for those who spend more time pedaling.

The Rad Power Bikes Enhanced Comfort Saddle, a cruiser-style seat.

The Enhanced Comfort Saddle

The enhanced comfort saddle is an exceptionally wide and plush seat that includes an additional layer of gel padding and enhanced suspension to absorb any bumps in the road.

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“It is our largest seat and has a cruiser-style design,” shared Knapp. “If you enjoy leisurely rides and prefer minimal pedaling, this is a saddle that will undoubtedly captivate you.”

The Comfort Saddle

Between our standard seat and the enhanced comfort saddle, there is the comfort saddle. It closely resembles the shape of the standard seat, but offers extra memory foam padding and spring rails for enhanced suspension.

The Rad Power Bikes comfort saddle, a plush seat for active riders.

“This saddle is ideal for active riders who appreciate the traditional bike riding experience but desire additional cushioning. For instance, if you have a lengthy bike commute, this saddle is a fantastic choice.”

Interested in enhancing your ride even further? Take a look at our comprehensive range of electric bike accessories!

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