Exciting Updates from Ebike World: Van Moof Unveils 5-series, Introduces Swytch Pocket Battery, and More!

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The Latest in Electric Bike Innovation

Van Moof Unveils Their Series-5 Models

Van Moof has recently unveiled their latest line of e-bikes, known as the series-5. These innovative bicycles are the epitome of both style and functionality.

Propella 9s Pro

The S5 model maintains the iconic and attention-grabbing design that Van Moof is renowned for. Meanwhile, the A5 model features smaller wheels and a step-thru frame, aiming to captivate a broader audience and cater to riders of all heights. This strategic move expands their reach beyond the traditional market of tall riders in northern Europe. The A5 bicycle is specifically designed for individuals ranging from 5’1″ to 6’7″ and incorporates 24-inch wheels. Additionally, it boasts a weight of 22kg, slightly lighter than the S5 model that weighs 23kg.

Van Moof

Both the S5 and A5 models are equipped with Van Moof’s latest Gen 5 front wheel motor, boasting a continuous-rated power of 250W. These bikes also feature electronic gear shifting and torque sensing functionalities, providing a seamless riding experience. To further enhance the power delivery, Van Moof has included a “Boost” button, granting an additional surge of power that can amplify the torque up to an impressive 68 Nm.

One of the standout features of the new e-bikes is the introduction of the ‘Halo Ring’ Interface. A circular LED light positioned on the handlebars, this interface provides real-time information on speed, battery levels, and smartphone connectivity status. Naturally, there is also a dedicated app that complements this feature. This intuitive interface replaces the previous dot-matrix display, which was located on the top tube.

an Moof Halo light

Furthermore, Van Moof has implemented several other design improvements. The high-visibility lights have been reengineered to enhance safety, ensuring that riders remain visible even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the bikes now feature one-piece adjustable handlebars and stems for a more personalized and comfortable riding experience. To cater to the tech-savvy riders, there is a phone mount equipped with a USB-C charging port.

The series-5 e-bikes have a retail price of $2,998/£2,298/€2,498. However, the exact shipping dates have yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more updates on these cutting-edge bicycles.


A Game-Changing Innovation for Electric Bikes

Swytch eBike Conversion Kit Orange Power Pack on Handlebars

Swytch Introduces Pocket-Sized Battery Technology

Swytch has recently unveiled their groundbreaking battery kit, revolutionizing the electric bike industry. This compact and portable solution offers immense convenience and versatility to riders.

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The pocket-sized battery is the star of this kit, delivering unrivaled power and performance. Despite its small size, it provides ample energy to keep your electric bike cruising for miles. Swytch has truly pushed the boundaries of what is possible with this ingenious device.

By incorporating this kit into your bike’s design, you can experience a newfound freedom and independence. No longer bound by traditional electric bike limitations, you can travel further and explore new territories with confidence. Swytch’s battery kit is a game-changer for the industry, bringing innovation and excitement to riders worldwide.

Discover the future of electric biking with Swytch’s revolutionary pocket-sized battery kit. Embrace the limitless possibilities and embark on unforgettable adventures with ease. Prepare to elevate your riding experience to unprecedented heights.

We have previously examined the Swytch kit; however, now presenting itself is the updated Swytch kit with an innovative and remarkably compact battery (including a newly designed mount), measuring at approximately 8.3 x 4 x 1 inches (212mm x 100mm x 25mm) and claiming to weigh 1.5lbs (700g).

Naturally, this is not a result of some magical new battery chemistry, as the reduction in physical size has been achieved at the expense of its capacity. The new battery has a capacity of around 100Wh (compared to the previous options of 180Wh and 250Wh), allowing the new version to be transported on airplanes. Nevertheless, impressively, on paper at least, it possesses an increased power density, rising from approximately 120Wh per kilo to 140Wh per kilo.

M510 drive system

Moreover, there will also be a slightly larger battery option, weighing 2.4lbs (1.1kg) and measuring 9 x 4 x 1.4 inches (228mm x 100mm x 36mm).

Similar to the old kit, customers are expected to endure several months of waiting for the new version, as Swytch accumulates a sufficient number of customer orders before initiating each manufacturing round to minimize costs. More details regarding the official public launch next month will reveal the price and allow for the placement of orders.


The UK’s Bikebiz reports on the newly introduced Canyon Spectral:ON e-MTB for 2022.

“It showcases an extended range courtesy of new Canyon-engineered 720Wh and 900Wh batteries, weighing a total of 48lbs / 21.8kg (720Wh battery, medium), featuring 155mm of rear travel and 150mm of front travel…”. Its power is derived from a top-of-the-line Shimano EP8 mid-drive. The new frame now boasts a full carbon construction, including a carbon rear triangle, marking a first for Canyon.

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Himiway Escape Pro

Currently, the released models range from 9,299 euros to 11,299 euros, while May will witness the introduction of lower-spec models starting at €6,500. Presently, these bikes are exclusively available in Europe.


The Himiway Escape Becomes the Escape Pro

Bike Europe Hyena ebike drive system

The popular moped-style e-bike, the Himiway Escape, has recently been upgraded to the Escape Pro. Its battery capacity has been increased from 672 Wh to an impressive 840 Wh. This enhanced version of the e-bike is available for purchase at a retail price of $1799.

Exciting New Lightweight E-Bike Drive Systems Showcased at the Taipei Cycle Show

The recently held Taipei Cycle show featured the introduction of some remarkable lightweight e-bike drive systems, which may soon make their way from Asia to European e-bikes.

As reported by Bike Europe, the renowned e-bike manufacturer, Hyena, finally had the chance to unveil its new drive system at the 2022 Taipei Cycle show. This innovative system not only offers a lightweight design but is also compact in size. Furthermore, all the components of the system are cleverly concealed within the bike frame, giving the e-bike the appearance of a regular bicycle.

The versatile Hyena system offers several options. One of them is the MRT-A250 rear hub motor, weighing just 2.7kg but providing an impressive torque rating of 40Nm. Another option is the MRC-A250 rear hub motor, designed specifically for trekking models. It weighs 2.9kg and also boasts a torque rating of 40Nm. Lastly, the MRC-E250 is the smallest hub motor in the range, weighing a mere 2.2kg. This compact motor can be fully concealed behind the cassette.

In addition, Bike Europe also reported on KHGears, an e-bike system supplier, who showcased their integrated downtube motor at an international show for the first time. KHGears, an established engineering company since 1991, manufactures a wide range of gears and gearboxes for various industries, including sewing machines, power tools, and boating industries. Recently, they ventured into the e-bike market with their compact downtube system. This highly efficient system, excluding the battery, weighs only 2.8kg and can deliver an impressive torque of up to 70Nm. Production of this system is set to begin later this year, with KHGears focusing on the European market and customers in Taiwan.

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The astonishing creation known as the Xturismo has brought together the thrilling combination of an electric flying machine and an e-bike style. However, it must be acknowledged that it pushes the boundaries of what one would typically define as either.

flying e-bike

Captivating the attention of spectators, the Xturismo recently made a grand entrance in Japan. Hovering with caution and grace in front of thousands at the Sapporo Dome, this innovative marvel mesmerized the crowd before a Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters baseball game.

It’s worth noting that the engine of this extraordinary machine is not solely powered by electricity; rather, it boasts a hybrid system. Naturally, it is through these small yet significant steps that the future of technology often unfolds. Nevertheless, the Xturismo, conceived by the visionary minds at startup A.L.I. Technologies, still has a considerable distance to travel before it can become a widely embraced means of transportation, should such a milestone ever be reached.

For those who may be interested, acquiring the Xturismo comes at a substantial cost of $680,000 and is restricted to flying solely on private land.


sales eu us

The rapid advancement of e-bikes and e-scooters in both Europe and the United States has recently been brought to light by Deloitte in a groundbreaking report.

The article highlights the impressive growth in sales, driven in part by the impact of the pandemic:

“Deloitte analysis reveals that the combined total of e-bike sales in North America and Europe nearly doubled from 2018 to an estimated 6.4 million units in 2021. Despite the global decline in consumer vehicle sales and a staggering 73% decrease in transit ridership across the United States in 2020-2021, e-bike sales in the country witnessed a remarkable 26% year-over-year growth, with Europe experiencing a notable 22% increase.”

However, it is crucial to recognize that both these markets pale in comparison to the colossal e-bike industry in China, which possesses its own unique characteristics.

“E-bikes have long dominated the Chinese market, with an astonishing annual sales figure exceeding 30 million. However, it is worth noting that these models tend to be larger, heavier, and are less inclined to employ lithium batteries when compared to their North American and European counterparts.