Exciting eBike Updates: Solar-Powered Wheel, GPS Tracking, Adventure in Death Valley, Snow Riding, and More! [Videos]

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Solar Electric Bike Wheel

Forbes reports that an intriguing solar e-wheel kit is set to make its debut at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The kit will be showcased by French firm Rool’in, although details are limited at this time.


Rool’in’s website currently provides information about their conventional kits, available in three different wheel sizes: 20″, 26″, and 28″. The website proudly highlights that the kits can be installed in just 5 minutes and feature Samsung batteries, offering a range of 30km to 50km depending on the wheel size used.

In accordance with EU bike laws, the kit includes a pedelec sensor. Additionally, the sensor can be purchased separately so that it can be easily transferred to a second bike, allowing for a quick swap of the solar wheel. Prices for the kit start at €615. Watch the video below for a closer look at the Rool’in solar wheel:

The concept of a solar e-wheel is not entirely new. Earlier this year, EBR reported on a Dutch prototype, but Rool’in appears to be one of the pioneering companies to bring this idea to the commercial market.

For a comprehensive guide on all-in-one electric bike wheels, click here.

Huffington Post Covers E-Bikes

The Huffington Post, a highly popular news site that has even received a Pulitzer Prize for its journalism, recently highlighted the advantages of electric bikes. The article was written by an author who attended the Electric Bike Expo in Santa Monica, California. It provides an overwhelmingly positive overview of e-bikes, with the author demonstrating a genuine interest and knowledgeable perspective as they discuss several leading brands.

Stolen Celebrity GoCycle Found…Eventually

Chris Evans, a well-known UK celebrity recognized for his popular radio show, is typically associated with cars rather than electric bikes. However, the Daily Express recently reported the unfortunate incident of Evans having his GoCycle stolen, only for it to be recovered nine months later in Lithuania, on the other side of Europe.

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Evans: Stolen Bike Recovery and GPS Tracking

Evans recently made a statement regarding a stolen bike incident. He stated, “The thief had turned off the GPS tracking on the stolen bike, thinking it was safe to do so. However, they later turned it back on, allowing us to locate and return the bike to its rightful owner.”

This incident serves as a high-profile example of the effectiveness of GPS-based tracking systems offered by certain e-bike manufacturers. In fact, GoCycle, a prominent e-bike brand, claims to have already located and returned two lost bikes using GPS technology.

Moreover, it is worth noting that any bicycle can now be equipped with GPS tracking. To learn more about how to add this feature to your bike, check out this informative article.

Halfords Revolution in E-Bike Retail

In the past, Halfords, the renowned UK bike retailer, used to stock only a single brand of e-bikes and was hesitant to promote them. However, with the recent acquisition of Tredz and Wheelies, Halfords has undergone a remarkable transformation. They now offer and advertise an extensive range of e-bikes on their online platform.

Their latest PR strategy involves utilizing Youtube to showcase the advantages of their folding e-bike, which is currently available at an incredibly competitive price of £499.

New Products & Accessories: COBI’s Innovative Offerings

COBI, a leading company specializing in ‘connected biking,’ has recently unveiled several exciting additions to their system. Notably, they have integrated the highly convenient Komoot mapping feature into their system. This vector-based mapping system can be rapidly downloaded, eliminating any delays in displaying digital maps.

Additionally, COBI has introduced new software that enables riders to signal their turns using the AmbiSense LED taillight. These enhancements truly showcase COBI’s commitment to enhancing the biking experience and making it more enjoyable.

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Get Inspired: Death Valley eBike Expedition

The team from Motostrano electric bike shop, based in San Francisco and Redwood City, is currently embarking on an exhilarating adventure in Death Valley. Keep up with their thrilling experiences by following them on Instagram here.

E-MTBs Enhancing Mobility for Older Riders

A heartwarming story reported by Noozhawk highlights the positive impact of e-MTBs on older rider Ron Noe and correspondent Ray Ford. It is truly remarkable to witness how Noe was able to retrofit his bike and Ford’s determination to conquer the rugged terrains of California, despite both having titanium joint replacements.

Conquering German Snow with E-Fat Bikes

Germany witnessed an impressive display of e-fat bikes conquering snowy landscapes. These powerful electric bikes proved their versatility and capability in challenging conditions, showcasing why they are a perfect choice for winter adventures.

Finally, here’s a fascinating article on festive Bavarian snow provided by ebike-mtb.com. The article explores the thrilling experience of riding e-fat bikes on a well-known Bavarian trail until encountering deep snow. It also includes a concise explanation of what constitutes an e-fat bike. With their wide tires, e-fat bikes are specially designed for navigating snowy and icy conditions.


Heading 2: Calgary’s Bike Lane Debate Resolved

Title: Calgary’s Bike Lane Debate Resolved

EBR has previously highlighted the numerous benefits high-quality cycle lanes bring, including increased bike and e-bike usage and sales. Therefore, it was disheartening to witness the ongoing debate in the Canadian city of Calgary regarding the potential removal of an existing bike lane network.

Fortunately, the vote has finally swayed in favor of maintaining the “pilot” network following extensive public consultation. Encouragingly, the public showed overwhelming support for the project, with Mayor Naheed Nenshi receiving an impressive 850 emails, of which 825 expressed support for the cycle track network.

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E-bike Biz

Heading 2: Gazelle Offers E-Bike Leasing to the Netherlands Public

Title: Gazelle Offers E-Bike Leasing to the Netherlands Public

According to Cycling Industry News, Gazelle is exploring a new approach to making e-bikes accessible to the public in the Netherlands. Instead of the traditional outright purchase method, Gazelle is introducing a long-term leasing scheme for electric bike buyers.

Insurance Scare for EU E-bikes

Title: Insurance Scare for EU E-bikes

A recent incident involving a farm worker, a tractor, and a ladder has potential insurance implications for e-bikes across Europe. The European Court of Justice ruling in the case of Damijan Vnuk v Zavarovalnica Triglav indicates that EU member states might be required to enforce compulsory insurance on all motorized vehicles, including electric bikes, regardless of their intended use.

In response to this ruling, the UK’s Department for Transport has released a consultation document, as reported by Cycling Industry News, addressing the effects it could have on the e-bike trade. This development is significant and warrants attention from both e-bike users and the industry as a whole.

Kenda Shifts Focus to E-Bike Tyres


Expanding their Range of E-MTB Models and Revolutionary K-Armor Technology


Bike Europe recently reported that Kenda, the renowned tyre manufacturer, is redirecting its efforts towards the production of e-bike tyres. With a specific focus on e-MTB models and the incorporation of their groundbreaking patented K-Armor anti-puncture technology, Kenda aims to cater to the growing demand in this sector.

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