Exciting and Exhilarating Handcrafted Electric Bicycles Unleashed at the North American Custom Bike Event

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Calfee Design’s Innovative Bamboo eBike

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At the 2017 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Salt Lake City, Utah, eBikes that showcased remarkable innovation and boundless creativity were proudly exhibited.

The event offered a diverse range of frame materials for these exceptional eBikes, including traditional options such as steel, aluminum, and titanium, as well as more exotic choices like bamboo and wood bike frames.

Within this remarkable selection, various eBike types were on display, catering to different needs and preferences. From elegant commuters to gravel grinders, board track racers, sturdy touring rigs, and high-power off-road machines, there was an eBike for every adventurous soul.

Calfee bamboo electric bike 1

We express our gratitude to Andy McKerrow of Efficient Velo Tools for capturing most of the mesmerizing visuals that adorned this incredible show.

The Remarkable Bamboo eBike by Calfee Design

One of the standout pieces from the exhibition was the bamboo eBike created by Calfee Design. This masterpiece of engineering flawlessly combines the power of eco-friendly bamboo with captivating design elements.

Calfee bamboo electric bike 2

Featuring an intriguing boom tube and top tube design, this eBike commands attention from every angle.

Equipped with a mighty Bafang mid-drive motor boasting an impressive 1,500 watts of power and paired with a 54-volt, 980-watt hour battery, this remarkable eBike can reach speeds of up to 40 mph. It pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally expected from an electric bicycle, resembling more of a spirited moped.

Calfee bamboo electric bike 3

The bamboo theme is further showcased in the impeccable design, with the spokes of the 20″ wheels crafted from this remarkable material. Additionally, the front wheel boasts a cutting-edge dynamo hub, providing a sustainable source of power for the integrated LED light system.

Calfee bamboo electric bike 4

The Schwift SchweeTi: A Titanium Speed Pedelec Gravel Grinder

The allure of titanium as a frame material has always been prominent due to its lightweight nature and its ability to provide a “springy” quality. While it shares the lively feel of steel frames, titanium frames boast less weight and slightly enhanced shock-absorbing properties. Ultimately, it exudes a captivating aesthetic appeal.

Calfee bamboo electric bike 5

During the showcase, Schwift Cycles proudly introduced their latest masterpiece: the SchweeTi. This remarkable gravel grinder speed pedelec presents a plethora of intriguing features that are sure to captivate cycling enthusiasts.

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 9

Taking the reins of this innovative creation is Zach Krapfl, a seasoned bicycle designer renowned for his exceptional work at Felt Electric and various other ventures. Schwift Cycles stands as one of his brilliant endeavors, and the SchweeTi exemplifies the culmination of his expertise.

Allow me to provide you with Zach’s insightful description of the Schwift SchweeTi. “We have meticulously crafted a titanium road bike that captures the essence of speed and precision – the Schwift SchweeTi. This extraordinary model showcases drop bars, a Bosch Performance Speed system capable of propelling you at speeds of up to 28 MPH, a robust 500Wh battery, a head tube beautifully adorned with laser engravings, a TT (top tube) showcasing meticulous laser engraving as well, a 3D printed titanium motor node, a concealed internal speed sensor, and a Shimano Di2 drive train that guarantees optimal performance and reliability.”

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Schwift Scweeti electric bike 2Schwift Scweeti electric bike 1

Get ready to embark on a truly exhilarating cycling adventure with the Schwift SchweeTi, an unparalleled fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship.

A Closer Look at the Bosch Performance Speed System and Bosch PowerPack 500 Battery

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 10

The Innovative Bosch Mid-Drive Motor

The power behind the Bosch Performance Speed system is the cutting-edge Bosch mid-drive motor. This motor is intelligently mounted to a 3D printed titanium motor node, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Sleek Integration of Bosch Controller

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 13

In a quest for seamless design, the standard Bosch controller has been ingeniously relocated. Now, all the essential control and information functionalities have been neatly integrated under the hood of the left Shimano shifter.

Unparalleled Shifting Efficiency with Shimano Di2 XTR

Equipped with electronic shifting, the Shimano Di2 XTR rear derailleur takes gear shifting to a whole new level of precision. Remarkably smooth gear changes are effortlessly achieved, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 4

Optimized for Speed and Agility

To ensure dynamic and rapid performance, ENVE composits were utilized for the handlebar, stem, seat post, and wheels (Road plus with WTB Horizon tires). This meticulous selection of components contributes to the nimble and swift nature of the bike. Notably, the bike boasts an industry-leading weight of 36.1 pounds (16.39kg)!

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 5

The Exceptional 3D Printed Titanium Motor Node

Exemplifying the advanced technology employed in this bicycle, the 3D printed titanium motor node stands as a remarkable testament. This cutting-edge component seamlessly integrates the Bosch mid-drive motor, reinforcing both performance and durability.

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 6

The head tubes are laser engraved, oh how mesmerizing titanium can be.

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 7


Oh, those titanium welds are absolutely stunning.

Zach expressed his excitement, saying “We are immensely satisfied with the performance thus far and will be introducing an adventure eMTB 27.5 plus version equipped with a Bosch CX motor this month. These models are our pioneers, and each one is tailored 100% to meet the specific needs of our valued customers. We proudly manufacture them right here in Paonia, CO.”

Schwift Scweeti electric bike 8

To stay updated with Schwift Cycles, you can visit their Instagram page by clicking here.

Introducing the Maxwell Cycles E-Boardtracker

Wow! Prepare to be amazed by the Maxwell Cycles E-Boardtracker.

The bike showcases a powerful 1,500 watt Crystalyte “hub” motor, expertly positioned in the center of the bike. While the traditional drivetrain propels the right side of the rear hub, the left side is driven by the motor. Accompanying the motor is a 52V battery, with the option of a 20 or 30 amp hour configuration.

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Maxwell Cycles electric bike 2Maxwell Cycles electric bike 1

The motor propels backwards towards the large gear on the left side of the bicycle.

A Cycle Analyst is utilized for the exhibition. The controller resides in the simulated fuel tank just beneath the top tube of the frame.

Here’s a video interview with Kevin Ostrom from Maxwell Cycles regarding the E-Boardtracker:

Follow Maxwell Cycles at their Facebook page.

Maxwell Cycles electric bike 4

Wood eBike from Cedarville University

This is truly a stunning piece! The frame contours possess a graceful appearance with ample material at the critical junction points. This eBike employs the Shimano STEPS mid-drive system.

Jay Kinsinger, a seasoned frame builder and esteemed professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering at Cedarville University in Ohio, oversees its construction.

Maxwell Cycles electric bike 3

The wooden fenders enhance the bespoke appearance of this eBike.

The handlebar area is adorned with a covering of leather (or synthetic leather).

Tout Terrain

Tout Terrain: Sturdy Construction for Touring Bikes

Tout Terrain is renowned for their robust touring bikes, and this eBike with a steel frame embodies their commitment to durability and resilience.

Cedarville wood electric bike 1

The Pinion gear box, located within the bottom bracket, offers a remarkable range of up to 18 different gear options, depending on the specific model. This innovative feature enhances versatility and adaptability. Notably, a Gates Carbon belt drive ensures long-lasting durability, requiring minimal maintenance and effectively preventing unwanted contact with the rider’s pant legs.

Cedarville wood electric bike 2

Moreover, this impeccable Tout Terrain eBike incorporates the sophisticated and remarkably silent Go Swiss drive system. The seamless integration of this advanced technology enhances the overall riding experience, providing a smooth and noiseless performance.

Cedarville wood electric bike 3

It is worth mentioning that the Go Swiss display, equipped on this extraordinary Tout Terrain eBike, astounds with its incredible size, enabling riders to effortlessly view and monitor various essential parameters. Cycle Monkey proudly serves as the distributor of Tout Terrain bicycles in the United States, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience these exceptional creations.

Tout Terrain electric bike 2

Electric Mixte by Sixth Law Cycles: A Commuter’s Dream

Tout Terrain electric bike 3

Presented by Sixth Law Cycles, the Electric Mixte embodies elegance and functionality, providing commuters with an extraordinary riding experience. This step-thru commuter bicycle seamlessly incorporates the Shimano STEPS mid-drive system, renowned for its superior performance and efficiency. Furthermore, featuring the Di2 electronic shifting and the Alfine 11 speed internally geared hub, this outstanding bicycle promises a smooth and effortless ride.

Tout Terrain electric bike 4

The Electric Mixte impresses with its integrated rear rack and light system, offering convenience and safety to riders. This thoughtful addition enhances the practicality of the bicycle, enabling users to effortlessly carry their belongings and ensuring visibility in low-light conditions.

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Tout Terrain electric bike 6

In conclusion, both the Tout Terrain eBike and the Electric Mixte by Sixth Law Cycles exemplify the pinnacle of innovation and craftsmanship in the world of cycling. With their outstanding features and impeccable design, these bicycles serve as a testament to the enduring quality and commitment to excellence of their respective manufacturers.

The Mixte: a Perfect Blend of Performance and Style

Sixth Law Cycles electric bike 1

The remarkable Mixte bicycle is equipped with top-of-the-line components. It boasts Schwalbe Marathon Plus, renowned for their unbeatable durability and reliability. The brilliant Supernove M99 headlight illuminates your path with unparalleled brightness. Not to mention, the Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes provide unmatched stopping power.

Sixth Law Cycles electric bike 2

Prepare to be amazed by the double tubes located at the step-thru area. This unique design feature adds a touch of coolness to the Mixte’s overall appearance.

Discover the world of Sixth Law Cycles here.

Sixth Law Cycles electric bike 3

Voltinator: Unleash Your Riding Potential

Introducing the Voltinator, a powerhouse of an eMTB that promises extraordinary performance. You have the option to choose between the 750-watt legal electric bike version or the exhilarating off-road-only variant. The off-road version offers power options of 3000 watts, 5000 watts, and an astonishing 9000 watts.

Feast your eyes on the formidable integrated structural battery box that forms the downtube of the frame. Its robust construction ensures superior durability. The Voltinator is compatible with various wheel sizes and tire widths, and its geometry and wheelbase are fully adjustable. For those who prefer a personalized touch, Risse offers custom sizes to accommodate your specific motor, battery size, and suspension travel requirements. Whether you opt for a complete eBike or just the frame for a DIY project, Risse has you covered.

Risse Voltinator electric bike 1Risse Voltinator electric bike 2

Take a closer look at the sleek display located in the top tube near the handlebar area. Additionally, revel in the convenience of the built-in USB charging ports.

For more information, visit RisseRacing.com.

That’s a Wrap: Recognizing Excellence

Risse Voltinator electric bike 4

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