Extra Power: 10 Motorized Trailers to Supercharge Your Electric Bike Experience

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Electric bikes are absolutely fantastic, but have you ever considered the idea of an electric cargo trailer that can give your traditional bike an extra boost?


Believe it or not, such a thing exists!

From compact trailers that are perfect for your daily commute essentials, to spacious e-cargo trailers capable of carrying kayaks and up to an impressive 330 pounds of weight, the options in the world of e-cargo trailers are growing rapidly.

Imagine being able to transport additional weight, people, or cargo without straining your bike or your legs. Well, that’s exactly what these top options offer – an effortless ride with a heavy load.

It’s important to note that some of these trailers may not be available in your country, but let’s explore the top choices together.

brouhaha (3)

The Incredible Brouhaha Bike Trailer

Photos courtesy of Gizmag

Why is the Brouhaha considered one of the best options out there? Because it truly pulls its weight, quite literally. Created by Brian Bartel, this trailer has revolutionized the concept of bike trailers, as it can be seamlessly used with both e-bikes and regular bikes. Thanks to its combination of a 36-volt sealed acid battery and a powerful 500-watt motor, the Brouhaha offers the smoothest ride you can imagine. What sets it apart is its ability to optimize its own power usage, saving precious battery life.

brouhaha (1)

The Brouhaha trailer only activates when it senses motion, automatically adjusting its capabilities to reduce strain on your bike. Whether you’re carrying an additional passenger or a bag of groceries, this trailer knows exactly how to make your ride as effortless as possible. It’s estimated to handle a weight of around 180 pounds, becoming your ultimate hauling companion.

Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign for this project failed to reach its goal. However, don’t lose hope! Keep an eye out for this remarkable product, as it promises to fulfill all your hauling needs.

PRICE: $5,000 for a brand new production model, $2,500 for a used model, or $1,200 for a 3-month rental.

brouhaha (2)

Learn more about the Brouhaha e-cargo trailer on their official Facebook page.

The Impressive Cycloboost Trailer

Cycloboost: The Ultimate Bike Trailer

Introducing the Cycloboost, the latest addition to the market that will truly live up to its name. This remarkable trailer, born from the collaboration between Aevon and Cycloboost, boasts extraordinary capabilities that will leave you in awe.

cycloboost (1)

Whether you’re running errands or embarking on a thrilling mountain adventure, the Cycloboost can effortlessly carry heavy loads for various purposes. It offers you the freedom to carry more, travel farther, and explore for extended periods.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose the battery life that suits your needs. Opt for the 10Ah battery, providing a range of approximately 25 miles, or go for the 20Ah battery for longer journeys, reaching up to 62 miles. Additionally, depending on the trailer model you choose, it can effortlessly handle weights ranging from 77 to 100 pounds. Still skeptical? Check out our comprehensive review of the Cycloboost trailer here.

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cycloboost (3)cycloboost (2)

PRICE: $1,400

Find more information on the Cycloboost trailer here.

Ridekick Power Trailer: Conquer Any Terrain

Defeat the resistance of the wind and conquer any hill with the Ridekick trailer. Designed with utmost flexibility, it can easily attach to any bike or trike you own.

Despite its compact size, this motorized trailer delivers exceptional performance. Don’t be fooled by its appearance; it can propel your bike up to 19 miles per hour (Mph) and comes equipped with a full suspension to handle any bumps in the road, even when carrying a load of 75 pounds.

Ridekick trailer (3)

Introducing the Ridekick: The Ultimate Bike Attachment

The Ridekick is a game-changing bike accessory that can be effortlessly attached to your bike in just under 15 seconds. With this innovative attachment, you can conveniently transport various items, from a simple bag of groceries to your entire suitcase. What sets the Ridekick apart is its exceptional safety features, stability, and the ability to lock it securely. Plus, its battery life offers you an exciting ride that can last between 1 and 4 hours.

Ridekick trailer (2)

Price: $700

For more information about RideKick, click here.

Ridekick trailer (1)

4. The Powerful Carla Cargo Trailer

Photo courtesy of CarlaGo and Gizmag

If you’re looking to elevate your biking experience to the next level, the Carla Cargo model is the ideal motorized trailer for you. Designed to effortlessly power your bike while carrying heavy loads, this remarkable trailer adds muscles to your ride. It boasts a remarkable hauling capacity of around 330 pounds, granting you the convenience of transporting substantial weight with the assistance of its electric engine.

carla cargo bike (1)

Moreover, the Carla Cargo trailer is a cost-efficient option that offers exceptional utility. Its comfort and quiet operation make it an excellent choice for any journey. With a speed of 14 miles per hour (Mph), it effortlessly transports you, your bike, and your massive loads.

Price: $4,550

carla cargo bike (3)

For further details about the Carla Cargo Trailer, click here.

5. The Versatile Atomic Zombie CycleBully Trailer

carla cargo bike (2)

The Atomic Zombie CycleBully Trailer is a robust and multi-purpose bike trailer that offers exceptional suspension and an electric motor to keep your bike going and going. Its design alone indicates its suitability for carrying picnics, supplies, or gear on rides throughout the town and even beyond. With its impressive range, which can be modified to reach nearly 50 miles on a single charge, this trailer is perfect for exploring virtually any destination.

cyclebully (1)

Remember, these innovative bike trailers, along with their powerful features, are here to provide you with ultimate convenience and functionality on your cycling adventures.

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The assist motor is incredibly powerful, so no slope will impede your progress, even if you’re cycling with a full load of groceries. It’s easy to attach and serves as the perfect reason to opt for a bike instead of your car when running errands around town, as it can carry up to 100 pounds.

The only downside? It’s a do-it-yourself project, which means you’ll need to purchase the plans and construct it on your own. However, this also implies that it’s more affordable and allows for limitless customization options, making it all the more fulfilling.

cyclebully (2)

PRICE: $18 for DIY plans.

More information about CycleBulley can be found here.

The Brilliant Afterwards Electrailer

cyclebully (3)

Effortless attachment, simple unloading, and convenient dismantling, should you wish to do so. It can be neatly stored away within seconds, once you’ve returned home and unloaded all your cargo.

This trailer boasts a compact, modest design, yet it has the ability to carry impressively heavy loads while offering ample pushing power. It effortlessly transports up to 100 pounds at speeds of 15 miles per hour (Mph). However, if speed isn’t a priority, you can detach it from your bike and use it solely as a trolley.

afterwards electrailer (1)

It’s an ideal solution for various purposes, whether it’s running errands or carrying groceries back home.

PRICE: $1,900

The Exceptional Topeak Journey Trailer

afterwards electrailer (2)

Photos courtesy of Topeak

With its sleek, narrow, and dynamic design, the Topeak Journey model effortlessly propels your bike while providing ample storage space for navigating the urban landscape. This beautifully crafted trailer flawlessly adapts and leans with every turn you take.

The sleek structure and compact size render it ideal for narrow pathways, with the added advantage of being able to transport up to 70 pounds. Its speed is also commendable, maintaining an above-average pace of 15 miles per hour (Mph) as you embark on your e-bike adventure.

topeak journey (1)

When traversing flat terrain, the Topeak Journey Trailer effortlessly propels you and your belongings for approximately 30 miles.

PRICE: $1,580

For more information on the Topeak Journey trailer, visit this link.

8. Cargo Box 140 Trailer

Images provided by Electrail.

topeak journey (2)

This trailer challenges any weather conditions, obstacles, or accidents that come its way. The aluminum box securely mounted on its sturdy frame is designed to safeguard fragile items and prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Thanks to its robust construction, the Cargo Box 140 provides ample storage space while ensuring that nothing falls out. It offers stability and dependability, capable of carrying an impressive 175 pounds.

Despite its weight capacity, the Cargo Box 140 manages to maintain a remarkable speed of around 15 miles per hour (Mph).

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cargo box (1)

PRICE: $1,850

For more details about the Cargo Box 140 Trailer, click here.

9. Bluebird Electric Trailer

Images courtesy of Electra.

Boasting a sturdy design, the Bluebird trailer serves as the perfect companion for your bike, offering a spacious trunk and even a child seat. It effortlessly caters to your diverse needs and provides additional conveniences. The durable steel frame, waterproof fabric, and rollover protection ensure the safety of everything from your child to your groceries, even in the face of unforeseen accidents. With the capacity to carry up to 80 pounds, it alleviates strain on your battery and bike.

cargo box (2)

Whether you’re planning a weekend excursion to the park or embarking on a longer journey where a car would typically be your go-to choice, the Bluebird trailer is an excellent alternative. It maintains a speed of 15 miles per hour (Mph) and provides the perfect opportunity to leisurely explore town while reveling in the sunshine and fresh air.

bluebird (1)

PRICE: $1,250

Find out more about the fascinating Bluebird Electric Trailer here.

A Closer Look at the Impressive Cargo Eurobox Trailer

Effortlessly Hauling with Style and Durability

Photos courtesy of Electrail

Made from robust aluminum, the Cargo Eurobox Trailer is specifically designed to handle sizable loads with ease. Whether it’s for quick errands or longer journeys, this trailer can carry up to 175 pounds, allowing you to transport your goods effortlessly at a steady speed of 15 miles per hour. With a single charge, it can accompany you for a remarkable 6 hours, providing an entire day’s worth of productivity. It’s clear that this trailer exemplifies how e-bikes can render cars obsolete if more individuals opt for this fantastic alternative.

cargo eurobox (1)bluebird (2)

Experience Convenience without Compromise

Unlike conventional methods of transportation, the Cargo Eurobox Trailer allows you to handle heavy loads without exerting strain on your legs or bike. It offers an incredibly practical solution, making excuses obsolete and simplifying the process of carrying hefty cargo.

PRICE: $1,900

Discover more about the exceptional Cargo Eurobox Trailer here.

Unveiling a World of Electric Trailer Options

With diligent exploration, you can uncover a myriad of electric trailers that cater to your specific cargo needs. Although it may require a substantial investment, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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Author Bio: Martin Laird, an esteemed authority in eco-friendly design, specializes in customized quad and bike trailers. He avidly explores both the cityscape and surrounding areas with his bicycle, harboring a secret desire to possess his very own Haibike XDURO Fatsix.

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