eBike Updates: Electric Cargo Deliveries, Dual Battery by Electric Bike Company, Triumph BULLS MiRider, Discounts

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eBike Industry Updates

Food Deliveries During Coronavirus

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The current situation with the pandemic has brought about some interesting developments in the eBike industry. One notable trend is the surge in eCargo food deliveries. As reported by Business Insider, environmental charity Hubbub has taken the initiative to use a fleet of electric vehicles to deliver surplus food to communities in Milton Keynes. This innovative solution has become crucial in providing access to food for those unable to reach food banks and community fridges during the lockdown.

The project has received funding from various sources, including the government’s eCargo Bike Grant Fund. This fund, amounting to £2 million, supports low-carbon delivery services and is administered by the Energy Saving Trust. Additionally, CAF Venturesome and the National Lottery Community Fund have also backed this venture.


The success of this initiative has led to plans of expanding the low-carbon service, known as ‘Food Connect’, to other parts of the country. This is especially important for areas where community fridges and food bank operations have been disrupted due to the pandemic. Community fridges, which are public refrigerators that aim to reduce food waste and provide fresh food to vulnerable people, have shifted to delivery services as a result of social distancing measures imposed by Covid-19.

Rising eBike Imports in the United States

Contrary to concerns surrounding Trump’s tariffs and supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus, eBike imports in the United States are expected to reach record levels in 2020. According to eCycleElectric’s Ed Benjamin, quoted in this Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, imports could reach 400,000 this year, compared to 287,000 in 2019.

The landscape of eBike imports has undergone a transformation in recent years, with a shift away from a few companies primarily selling through Amazon. Instead, the majority of imports are now going to consumer-direct e-bike specialists, brick and mortar e-bike specialists, and conventional bicycle brands in the independent bicycle dealer (IBD) channel. This shift signifies a diversification in the market and highlights the growing popularity of eBikes among different consumer segments.

These updates demonstrate the dynamic nature of the eBike industry and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances. As we navigate through these challenging times, it is interesting to see how eBikes are playing a vital role in various aspects of our lives, from food delivery to transportation options. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this rapidly evolving industry!

This goes hand in hand with a move to higher price, higher quality e-bikes. Benjamin explains, “Americans have shown us in the last year that they understand and are willing to pay for the value in a better e-bike.” He adds, “So we see the $1,500 to $3,000 price point is really taking off.”

According to Benjamin, the top five brands are as follows:

Rad Power Bikes Details Sales Surge and Their Response

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‘The pandemic is proving that e-bikes are essential to an even wider audience of people’

says Rad Power Bikes founder Mike Radenbaugh in this Bloomberg video report.

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He outlines how he feels the surge in sales has been powered partly by people wanting to make the most of allowable time outside their homes during lockdown but even more so by a desire to avoid the risks associated with using public transport.

Even as steps are taken to come out of lockdown, the e-bike sales surge shows no sign of abating, according to Radenbaugh.

Radenbaugh puts Rad Power Bikes’ own success down to an attractive price and being able to get e-bikes directly from Rad Power Bikes to customers effectively.

Such is the continuing surge in demand that extra investment will be taking place to ramp up Rad Power Bikes’ supply chain and customer service abilities to keep up with what Radenbaugh describes as ‘exponential growth’. He quotes 297% growth ‘April over April’.

New eBikes & eBike Systems

Electric Bike Company Increased Range

Electric Bike Company has added a double battery configuration to all of their models by adding the front basket with a battery.

The new stated ranges from Electric Bike Company are as follows with the double battery option:

MODEL C and S – can go from 100 miles to 140 miles

MODEL X and R – go from 70 miles to 110 miles

MODEL Y – double battery 40 miles to 80 miles

The additional basket and battery option adds $699 to the price of an Electric Bike Company eBike.

More info at Electric Bike Company.

Triumph Moves into eBikes

Famous motorcycle manufacturer Triumph have revealed they are moving into the world of e-bikes with the introduction of their new Trekker GT featuring a Shimano mid-drive and RockShox front suspension.

The All-New BULLS Cross Lite EVO: Upgraded Features and Enhanced Performance


BULLS Bikes USA recently introduced the highly anticipated Cross Lite EVO – a cutting-edge e-bike that has quickly gained popularity among BULLS’ enthusiasts.

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Enhanced Specifications

Featuring a sleek design and innovative technology, the Cross Lite EVO is equipped with the latest Bosch Gen4 CX motor and a powerful 625Wh Powertube battery. With its 63mm Suntour NSX front fork, 180mm Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes, and a high-performance 12-speed Shimano SLX groupset, this e-bike offers unparalleled performance and control.

Variety of Choices

The Cross Lite EVO comes in three frame styles – wave, step-thru, and diamond – providing options to suit every rider’s preference. Additionally, it is available in multiple sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for all individuals. Furthermore, this exceptional e-bike comes fully equipped with fenders, lights, and a durable rear carrier.

Accessibility and Availability

Excitingly, the Cross Lite EVO is now available at all authorized BULLS Dealers as well as online at bullsbikesusa.com. The highly-anticipated wave frame model is set to arrive in July 2020 and can be preordered through any local BULLS Dealer. The retail price for this premium e-bike is set at $4,899.

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BULLS Cross Lite EVO

Exciting Upgrades Coming for MiRider One: Unleash the Potential

Introducing MiRider

MiRider, the renowned UK firm, has gained significant acclaim in the leisure market with its revolutionary folding e-bike, the MiRider One. Boasting a lightweight magnesium frame and single-speed configuration, the MiRider One has captivated riders around the world.

Customizable Upgrades

MiRider does not disappoint as they unveil their plans to offer customizable upgrades for the MiRider One, promising to deliver an even lighter and more powerful e-bike. Their focus lies on enhancing weight reduction and overall performance while staying true to the core values that define their brand.

Key Improvements

While specific details are being kept under wraps, MiRider has disclosed some of the exciting changes that await. The most significant of these upgrades include a torque sensing bottom bracket coupled with a lighter rear hub motor, providing an impressive 5 NM increase in torque compared to the standard motor. Moreover, they have incorporated lightweight wire-spoked wheels, sports tires, and carbon fiber components such as the seat, stem, and handlebars to significantly reduce the weight of the e-bike.

MiRider One

In conclusion, both the BULLS Cross Lite EVO and MiRider One demonstrate the constant drive for innovation and improvement within the e-bike industry. These remarkable advancements in technology and design offer riders unparalleled experiences and the opportunity to elevate their cycling adventures to new heights.

To ensure that the additional performance is properly managed, the brakes will undergo an upgrade to a hydraulic system, allowing them to take advantage of the enhanced traction provided by the tires on the road.

In addition, the rider’s computer screen will be improved with an LED version, while still maintaining the beloved thumb throttle boost feature found in the current model.

Although we anticipate increased efficiency in the torque sensing drive system, we are also developing a 10Ah battery to cater to the bike’s growing appeal among city commuters.

MiRiDER aims to achieve a bike that can be retrofitted with as many parts as possible, allowing both current and new customers to customize their upgrades and create a bike that suits their individual needs.

Get Inspired

Discover eBike Rebates in New England

An Appeal for Electric Bike Rebates

Visit Energy News US for the full story. The article highlights that around 80 organizations, businesses, and individuals have joined forces to request rebates for e-bikes. They argue that the existing electric vehicle rebate program is unfair, as it only applies to electric cars, which are unaffordable for many middle- to lower-income households.

Exciting Development in the eCargobike Sector

Santa Monica Leading the Way towards Zero-Emission Deliveries

Learn more at Greenbiz. According to the article, Santa Monica, in sunny California, could soon become the first zero-emission delivery zone in North America. This would mean that all goods, whether it be food, packages, or more, would be transported using zero-emission vehicles, such as electric delivery vans, hydrogen fuel cell trucks, or e-cargo bikes.

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It is important to note that this is currently a pilot scheme, as the Los Angeles area suffers from severe air pollution. The city, in collaboration with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), is spearheading the development of this project within a designated one-square-mile area in Santa Monica’s downtown corridor. The aim is to gather insights from this initiative and expand the use of zero-emission zones to other regions in Los Angeles, including Culver City, Pasadena, and downtown L.A.

ECF Encourages European Cities to Embrace the Potential of Cargo Bikes

As stated in an article by Cycling Industry News:

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) recently hosted a webinar, discussing the EU-funded City Changer Cargo Bike Project. The project aims to support cities in realizing the immense potential of cargo bikes for transportation and logistics. It estimates that one-third of delivery trips within urban areas could be replaced by this mode of transport.

The article mentions various ideas, such as implementing more congestion charging zones and offering subsidies, to encourage greater adoption of cargo and e-cargo bikes.

eBike Skills

LEVA presents Online Tech Classes

LEVA has collaborated with Dr. Don Gerhardt and various LEVA members and E-Bike manufacturers to create the E-Bike Technician Training and Certification Program. The program is based on training that Dr. Gerhardt developed for universities and community colleges, focusing on battery systems and electric vehicles.


One of the instructors, Edward Benjamin, brings his extensive experience working in bicycle shops as a mechanic and store owner since 1969. He has also been consulting the industry for technical issues and sourcing for the past two decades.

The course syllabus remains consistent regardless of location or instructor, but each instructor incorporates additional material and information from their specific backgrounds. Dr. Gerhardt emphasizes engineering and science, while Ed Benjamin focuses on bike shop operations, bike mechanics, and maximizing profitability.

Check out this video for more details: LEVA Facebook Video

The program offers four levels of certification and technician training for $550. You can also participate in the live online course for $325.

For further information, visit the LEVA website.

eBike Biz

New Industry Resource by People for Bikes

The PeopleForBikes Coalition Research and Statistics Subcommittee has launched a comprehensive Business Intelligence Hub. This hub provides a comprehensive package of ridership, retail sales, and consumer data on a weekly basis, offering valuable insights into the state of the bike business and biking participation in the U.S.

Yamaha Expands Distribution in Europe

Starting from July 1st, 2020, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. will take on the responsibility of distributing OEM e-Bike Systems to the growing European market. This strategic move will enable Yamaha Motor to provide enhanced support to OEM partners from a centralized location at its European headquarters in Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands.

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