Ebikes for Exercise

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Exercise and excitement in one

Experience the perfect blend of exercise and enjoyment by riding an electric bike. Our valued customers have found that they are able to ride for longer and engage in more healthy activities thanks to the pedal assist feature.

Transform your fitness with an electric bike

Electric Bicycles for Physical Fitnessf53122355 0

Many individuals wonder whether riding an ebike can truly provide a worthwhile workout and contribute to improved fitness. There is a prevailing misconception that utilizing an electric bike equates to cheating. As a prominent global manufacturer of ebikes, we receive these inquiries from countless potential customers. To address these concerns, we meticulously examined scientific studies, listened attentively to our customers, and even conducted our own research.

The great news is that riding an ebike indeed offers excellent exercise opportunities and contributes to enhancing fitness levels. It is crucial to emphasize that ebikes are by no means a shortcut, but rather a supportive aid that allows riders to have full control over their electric assist, which ultimately enhances their range and power. Consequently, this enables individuals to partake in more frequent riding experiences.

Insightful Research & Reports

Numerous scientific studies and reports have been conducted to investigate the similarity in workout efficiency between ebikes and traditional bicycles. In a comprehensive study carried out by Brigham Young University in 2019, various physiological indicators were measured, leading to the discovery that the average heart rate of subjects riding conventional bikes was only 6.7 percent higher than that of ebike riders.

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A parallel study conducted in 2021 by the University of Miami yielded similar results, revealing that traditional riders burned approximately 400 calories per hour, whereas ebike riders expended around 300 calories per hour. Furthermore, heart rates of individuals riding traditional bicycles were found to be between 6 and 15 percent higher than those riding ebikes.

At Rad, we attribute increased range and speed to heightened levels of physical activity resulting from increased trips. Consequently, we have explored the connection between ebiking and improved health in depth through our blog. Moreover, in order to gain a better understanding of the extent to which exercise can be achieved on an ebike, we conducted our own exclusive experiment.

Following the principle of the law of fives, we examined the calories burned by five riders while utilizing five different levels of pedal assist along a five-mile route. Interestingly, our in-house experiment revealed that some riders actually burned more calories when using a higher level of pedal assist compared to a lower one. Witness this remarkable outcome by reading our blog or watching the video.

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Ebiking Yields Greater Exercise Opportunities and Enhanced Fitness

While it is true that traditional bikes may provide a marginally more intense workout, ebiking offers the remarkable advantage of seamlessly integrating riding into daily life. This inclusivity empowers a larger population by affording them the opportunity to engage in exercise through calorie burning and elevated heart rates. Moreover, when riding an ebike, individuals have the flexibility to maximize their workout by deactivating the battery assist and utilizing it as a conventional bicycle.

We receive numerous testimonials from our customers who regularly utilize their Rad ebikes for exercise purposes. Many riders express how the added speed and power accessible through their ebike compel them to choose it over a car or even a regular bike, particularly when faced with challenging terrains.

Additionally, we frequently hear from customers with health conditions or injuries who are unable to ride a traditional bike, but find ebiking to be both feasible and beneficial in terms of mobility and activity opportunities.

Realizing Tangible Results

We are continually amazed by the stories we receive from our customers regarding the exercise benefits they enjoy with their ebikes. There is one particular account of a talented musician and devoted Rad rider who experienced a journey of transformation. Through regular exercise on his ebike, he successfully shed 10 pant sizes, overcame fatty liver disease, and even managed to reverse his Type 2 diabetes. Discover more about his inspiring journey in our blog.

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Top Rad ebikes to Enhance Your Workout

Experience a thrilling workout while cycling on our diverse range of bikes, each designed to promote fitness and well-being.


Experience the perfect blend of agility and performance with the RadMission. This lightweight hybrid single speed ebike with its sleek design is ideal for navigating urban streets and enjoying smooth rides on paved paths.

Radrover 6 Plus

Take your fitness journey to new heights with the Radrover 6 Plus, our flagship fat tire electric bike. Designed for both off-road adventures and cruising on pavement or paths, it ensures an exhilarating and challenging workout experience.

RadExpand 5

Discover the versatility and convenience of the RadExpand 5, our premium folding electric bike. Whether you’re exploring the city or embarking on a road trip, this compact and easily transportable model fits seamlessly into your car trunk, RV, or apartment, enabling you to seize every opportunity for invigorating rides.

Indulge in the perfect fusion of fitness and adventure with our exceptional range of Rad ebikes, transforming your workouts into unforgettable experiences.