How Often Does My Ebike Need Maintenance

Two riders ride their RadCity electric commuter bikes through city streets012123583 0 1

Taking your ebike in for service is a normal part of owning one. During countless Rad miles and tons of fun, brake pads become thinner, chain lubricant washes away, and tire tread wears down. However, even though wear and tear are inevitable, seeking help from a trusted professional every once in a while can ensure that you enjoy riding your Rad ebike for many years to come.

Now, you might be wondering how often you should schedule maintenance. Our general recommendation is a basic tune-up every six months or every 750-1,250 miles. However, paying attention to your riding habits, locations, and frequency can assist you in developing a personalized routine.

If you’re arranging a basic diagnostic or check-up and you’re facing minor issues that have just begun appearing, most of these can be resolved on the spot. Reputable bike shops usually provide tune-ups that cover various areas, including brakes, derailleurs, chains, wheels, rims, hubs, spokes, and tires. In some cases, leaving your ebike overnight may be necessary.

Many service providers also offer overhauls, which typically involve the same tasks as a tune-up but might include replacing certain components.

In this article, we will explore various service intervals that might be appropriate for different types of riders. However, keep in mind that your results may differ based on how you store your ebike, the climate in your region, and your individual riding style. To ensure a safe ride, always follow the pre-ride safety checklist mentioned in the most current edition of your manual.

The Commuter

The Commuter:

City rides are known for sudden, abrupt stops. By adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, you can ensure your brakes always perform at their best. You live to ride and ride to live. Every day starts in the bike lane and concludes with the guidance of a headlight illuminating your path.

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You frequently use pedal assist, carry heavy loads, and conquer challenging hills, even in harsh weather conditions such as snow, salt, and mud. Given the extra strain you put on your bike’s components, they are more prone to wearing out faster, which means they might require additional care and attention.

Two riders ride their RadCity electric commuter bikes through city streets.

Riding Frequency: Every day.

Mileage: 15-20.

Terrain: Steep hills, urban traffic.

Cargo: Passengers, groceries, miscellaneous items.

Recommended Service Intervals:

– Check-Up / Minor Service: Every 300 miles.

– Tune-Up / Basic Service: Every 500 miles.

– Overhaul: Every 1,000 miles.

The Weekend Warrior

Service Intervals

Dirt and grit can wear down your chain

When it comes to maintaining your bike, one of the things you need to pay attention to is the condition of your chain. Over time, dirt and grit can accumulate on the chain, causing it to wear down. However, replacing the chain is a cheap and easy fix. If you catch the problem early enough, you can actually extend the lifespan of your entire bike.

The importance of regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your bike in top shape. Even if you don’t ride your ebike every day, when you do use it, you use it to its fullest potential, especially during the weekends. You rely on a moderate amount of pedal assist and sometimes carry cargo. While rain and dirt may not stop you, you might choose to skip a ride if the weather gets exceptionally nasty.

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A RadRover in a woodsy setting against a rock climbing spot.

How frequently do you ride?

As a regular rider, you hop on your bike several times a week. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

What’s your average mileage?

You cover a distance of 10-15 miles during your rides.

What kind of terrain do you tackle?

You encounter some hills and enjoy the beauty of nature during your rides.

What cargo do you carry?

You pack gear, extra clothes, and even lunch for your biking adventures.

Recommended Service Intervals

Here’s a guide to help you keep your bike in optimal condition:

Maintenance Mileage

Service Required

– Every 300 miles: Check-Up / Minor Service

– Every 500 miles: Tune-Up / Basic Service

– Every 1,200 miles: Overhaul

The Casual Rider

If you prefer riding on flat ground, you won’t require brake service as frequently as those who navigate massive hills on a daily basis. When the weather is nice, your ebike is your trusted companion for day trips, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and explore new places.

You utilize a decent amount of pedal assist but don’t carry much cargo. Furthermore, you tend to ride in favorable conditions and dry areas, meaning that your bike’s mechanical systems aren’t subjected to excessive stress.

How often do you ride?

Your outings are more occasional rather than a daily routine.

A woman in painting gear walks her RadCity on a sunny day.

What’s your average mileage?

You cover a distance of 5-10 miles during your casual rides.

What kind of terrain do you tackle?

You enjoy riding on flat terrain and paved trails, making your journey smoother.

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What cargo do you carry?

You only carry essentials like keys and a phone during your rides.

Recommended Service Intervals

To ensure your ebike stays in great shape, it’s important to follow these service intervals:

Maintenance Mileage

Service Required

– Every 500 miles: Check-Up / Minor Service

– Every 750 miles: Tune-Up / Basic Service

– Every 1,500 miles: Overhaul

Remember: While service schedules are helpful, it’s equally important to pay attention to your ebike’s performance and address any minor issues promptly. By taking care of smaller problems as they arise, you can minimize the need for major repairs in the future.

Here are some signs that indicate you might need a quick check-up:

    • Your brakes produce squealing noises or fail to function as effectively as before.
    • Your gears don’t shift smoothly.

Common Bike Issues and Maintenance Tips

1. Excessive Noise When Pedaling

If you’re experiencing excessive noise while pedaling, it’s essential to address this issue promptly. Unusual sounds can indicate potential mechanical problems.

2. Cracked or Visibly Damaged Tires

One of the signs that your bike needs attention is cracked or visibly damaged tires. Damaged tires can compromise your safety and affect the bike’s overall performance.

3. Dirty or Rusty Chain

Regular chain maintenance is crucial for optimal bike functioning. If you notice your chain getting dirty or rusty, it’s time to clean and lubricate it. Neglecting this maintenance can lead to poor shifting and even chain breakage.

If you require professional bicycle service, do not worry. Rad Power Bikes and our authorized partners offer a range of options to meet your needs and location.