Blix Introduces E-Fat Bike, Florida Bike Shop Suffers E-Bike Battery Fire, Battery Recycling Initiatives and Beyond!

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Blix Introduces E Fat Bike Florida Bike Shop Suffers E Bike Battery Fire Battery Recycling Initiatives and Beyondb50141167 0

Introducing the New Blix Ultra: Enhanced Features

We would like to share with you the exciting news about the latest addition to the Blix family – the Ultra, an electric fat bike. Hailing from Santa Cruz, the Blix Ultra surpasses expectations with its exceptional features and performance.

Blix Ultra Angle SlateGrey

The Blix Ultra is equipped with a powerful 750W rear hub motor, generating an impressive 90Nm of torque. What’s more, it can even be upgraded to include a dual battery setup, boasting a staggering total of 1,344Wh of energy. With an 8-speed drivetrain, 4-inch knobby tires, and hydraulic disk brakes, the Ultra meets the high standards set by other affordable electric fat bikes available in the market today.

While the Ultra incorporates well-known features that riders appreciate, such as the elongated rear triangle, we are also anticipating the inclusion of additional functional and rack-compatible attributes that have made the other Blix e-bikes highly regarded by riders. Stay tuned for our forthcoming detailed review of the Ultra.

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Devastating Fire Engulfs South Florida Bike Shop

Adante Bike Shop

Recently, a tragic incident occurred at a bike shop in South Florida when one of the electric bike batteries caught fire while being charged.

According to reports from Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, the unfortunate incident took place last Tuesday shortly after the store closed, resulting in significant damage to the shop’s interior and the destruction of a majority of its inventory. The shop owner did not disclose the specific make and model of the e-bike to the publication, but did mention that the battery had recently undergone refurbishment by a company located in Nevada. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported as a result of the fire.

The Andante Bike Shop and the Fire that Destroyed It

The Andante Bike Shop recently suffered a devastating incident as it lacks fire insurance. To help the shop get back on its feet, a GoFundMe campaign has been started.

Exploring E-Bike Battery Safety and Best Practices

Are you interested in learning more about e-bike battery safety? We recommend checking out this informative guest post from the chairman of the Light Electric Vehicle Association.

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Ride1UP Prodigy

Ride1Up Prodigy Enters the Market

Among the most highly anticipated e-bikes on the market are the mid-drive models. Finally, the Ride1Up Prodigy is now available for purchase.

The Prodigy showcases a powerful Brose TF Sprinter mid-drive motor, delivering an impressive 90nm torque. It also features Tektro HD-M290 180mm Hydraulic brakes, Maxxis Refuse 27.5”x2.0” tires, and a 14Ah Samsung battery. While it was initially announced in January 2021, shipping of pre-orders has commenced, albeit with some industry delays.

Starting at $2,295, the Prodigy offers an affordable price point, with an additional $100 upgrade option for the mountain bike version. This release sets a new standard for mid-drive affordability, as many models typically begin at $3,000 or above. Stay tuned for a detailed hands-on review on Electric Bike Report.

Blix Introduces E Fat Bike Florida Bike Shop Suffers E Bike Battery Fire Battery Recycling Initiatives and Beyondb50141167 4

Introducing the Exceptional Wilier Filante Hybrid

Wilier, the renowned Italian bike manufacturer known for its exceptional craftsmanship, has unveiled an extraordinary electric road bike.

The all-new Wilier Filante Hybrid impresses with its ultralight Mahle X20 rear hub motor and an integrated battery with either a 250Wh or 185Wh capacity, depending on the chosen specification. According to Wilier, the X20 system claims the title of the “lightest pedal assist system in the world,” although we have not independently verified this assertion. This compact rear hub motor generates 60Nm of torque from 250W.

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Wilier Filante Hybrid: A Stylish and Costly Ride

Regardless of weight claims, the Filante Hybrid (like all of Wilier’s bikes) looks to be a pretty suave sled. Though (again, like all of Wilier’s bikes), getting one will cost you — the base model starts at $10,000 and some change while the top spec is a cool $13,500.

Trek Partners With Call2Recycle Battery Recycling Program

Trek Verve 3 Bosch PowerTube 500 battery

Trek Bikes Cycling titan announced its participation in a new industry-wide electric bike battery recycling program.

The program, run by Call2Recycle, works with manufacturers and retailers to recycle used lithium-ion batteries. Trek is the latest of nearly 30 e-bike manufacturers, component manufacturers and others in the cycling industry to participate in the effort, according to Call2Recycle.

The program works with participating retailers, who function as collection sites for spent batteries. A rider can bring a used battery to one of the participating drop-off locations for inspection, shipment, and eventual recycling by Call2Recycle.