10 Pet Accessories For Electric Bikes

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The Scenic Route

Have you ever observed that life becomes more enjoyable when you have the opportunity to bring your beloved friend along for the journey? This is especially true when your special companion happens to be of the furry, four-legged kind.

At Rad, we have a passion for our pets and we are tired of leaving them at home every time we embark on a ride with our electric bikes – especially since they always give us those sorrowful puppy dog eyes as we leave.

Naturally, we put our minds together to come up with an amazing solution: a brand-new collection of pet accessories!

From carriers to portable water bowls, chew toys, and kerchiefs, we were confident that these items would bring delight to our furry friends. However, it’s always beneficial to seek the opinion of an expert, and for that, we turned to the esteemed Lee Asher.

Perhaps you are familiar with Lee through social media. Since 2018, he has been the driving force behind The Asher House, a project that involves him traveling across the country in a bus with 10 energetic dogs to promote pet adoption. The joy that Asher brings to his mission is evident in the company of the pups that accompany him. They include canine superstars like Bo, a 6-year-old chocolate lab who leads the pack, and Butters, a spirited chihuahua that was rescued from the streets. We were eager to see if this adorable gang would approve of our new accessories, so we gave them all a sneak peek. It turns out that our products were a big hit with both Asher and his pals. “They’re brilliant,” Asher exclaimed at the end of his first trial run. “The dogs adored the chew toys, and I must say, we all loved the kerchiefs.” But it was the ebike accessories that truly made an impression.

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Title: Asher and his Love for the Rad Life

Asher, a familiar face in the Rad life, embraces the thrill of the open road. Whenever he embarks on a journey, he effortlessly secures his treasured RadRover electric fat bike to the back of his bus. This convenient arrangement ensures that he can swiftly run errands or seek assistance in unforeseen emergencies.

While Asher finds solace at home, he finds joy in the companionship of his four-legged friends, for they too revel in the excitement it brings.

“As the leader of my pack, I have the responsibility to keep my dogs active every single day,” he expressed. “What truly impresses me about a Rad bike is that even when I’m completely exhausted, I can effortlessly hop on and allow my dogs to chase after me. The best part is, it doesn’t require much effort. They receive the workout of a lifetime while I leisurely ride this magnificent bike. It’s truly a divine blessing from our canine guardians.”

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Occasionally, Asher notices that the smaller dogs tire more swiftly than their larger counterparts. However, thanks to the new carriers, they can now effortlessly join in on the entire adventure.

“The chihuahua, while not one to chase after the bike, delights in sitting comfortably in the front basket,” he remarked with a smile. “Thanks to the exquisite padding provided, he finds it exceptionally cozy. I am grateful that there is no need for additional blankets or towels to keep him content. This setup is simply perfect.”

Asher eagerly shared his plans to take these accessories along with him on his upcoming travels. He eagerly anticipates attending adoption events and visiting shelters more frequently, spreading the vital message that every dog, regardless of circumstance, deserves a loving home.

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“Within the shelter, each and every dog yearns for the opportunity to be chosen as a forever companion,” Asher confessed to us during our conversation at his residence in South Lake Tahoe. “However, it is no easy feat to embody this mission while constantly traveling, especially when sharing the road with dogs in need of consistent exercise. These accessories do wonders in simplifying the process, making it truly impeccable.”

Does it get any more appealing when both pets and humans concur? The answer is undeniably fetching!

Are you ready to embark on quality adventures with your furry friend? Take a moment to discover our remarkable range of pet accessories!