Weatherproof Your Motor Controller

November 13, 2009 · 0 comments

ControllerBoxMounted2I don’t know about you but I like to have my gear protected from the weather. Having a more secure installation has its benefits too. I like to ride my bikes all year round so I needed a good solution for keeping my controller safe and sound.

For my cargo bike I made the box out of a sheet of tin. Not fancy or pretty but it worked and was cheap. It was rather time consuming though.

For the controller in the photos, I bought an aluminum box with a lid. It was around twenty bucks and looks really nice. It is 6”L x 10”W x 2”H. It fits the Crystalyte CT4825 and cables nicely.

I used electrical pvc conduit connectors to route the wires in and out. The whole thing is mounted to the rear rack with metal straps. It is mounted far enough back so my heal doesn’t hit it while pedaling.

I’ll be using this solution a lot in my upcoming designs.

Do you have a good solution for weatherproofing your controller? Leave a comment. I’m always looking for more ideas.


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