ShortHopper top tube gets fillet brazed

July 20, 2010 · 0 comments

In this step the top tube was cut and mitered to fit between the head tube and seat tube. Then it was fillet brazed into place.

The alignment was simple in this step. The alignment between the front and rear halves was the hard part so for this step the only alignment was to get the top tube level.

head tube - top tube miter

The following photos show the miters before fillet brazing and the fillets after.

The miters were created by hand with files and lots of test fitting.

head tube - seat tube miter

This completes the electric bike frame except for finish work. This will take some time because finishing fillets requires lots of filing and sanding.

To read all about the steps for this project so far go to the ShortHopper category.

The next steps are to start adding the components. I have to build a front wheel. I’m making a video of this and will be posting soon.

Once the components are added I’ll go for a test ride to see how it works as a regular bicycle. Once that is proven an electric motor and batteries will be fitted.

head tube - top tube fillet

top tube - seat tube fillet

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