ShortHopper top tube gets fillet brazed

July 20, 2010

In this step the top tube was cut and mitered to fit between the head tube and seat tube. Then it was fillet brazed into place. The alignment was simple in this step. The alignment between the front and rear halves was the hard part so for this step the only alignment was to get […]

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ShortHopper down tube – bottom bracket gets fillet brazed

July 16, 2010

The front and rear triangles are joined in this step. This will required careful alignment to ensure that the bike tracks properly. The previous step showed the head tube brazed to the down tube. In this step that whole section is joined to the bottom bracket. The down tube was cut to the correct length […]

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ShortHopper head tube – down tube gets fillet brazed

July 12, 2010

The ShortHopper project continues. Assembly of the front triangle is progressing. ShortHopper began as a drawing based on the rear triangle of a donor frame. After the frame was chopped the reconstruction to the new geometry could begin. In the previous ShortHopper post you can see the chopped front triangle of the 26” bike. The […]

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eBike NoPonder is finished

July 6, 2010

The NoPonder project is finished, formerly known as Chop Mountain Bike project. It started as a mountain bike frame with an electric bike conversion kit but rode poorly and was not secure. These problems were solved by chopping the frame, moving the batteries to lower the center of gravity and putting everything in boxes which […]

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ShortHopper gets fired up again

July 2, 2010

This project started back in April. I’m getting it fired up again. The original post can be seen here. The idea behind this electric bike is multi-transport mobility. What this means is the bike is small and light enough that it can be transported in a car or train relatively easily and be a comfortable […]

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Chop Mountain Bike project is complete

June 29, 2010

The chopped mountain bike project bike is complete. I have named her No Ponder. It is my favorite electric bike so far and she rides like a dream. I get many comments while out and about. It is very unique. This project was motivated by problems with the existing bike that needed fixed. It was […]

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Easy voltmeter-to-charge-port cable

June 28, 2010

This cable is easy to make and lets you connect a voltmeter to the charging connector of your electric bike batteries. It’s handy to take a reading of the state of the batteries before and after riding by just plugging this into your charging connector and measuring the voltage. A small voltmeter could be mounted […]

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Custom built fork fixture on a budget

June 22, 2010

The front fork fixture is complete and works alright. It took awhile to figure out how to build but I think I can re-use it for many projects to come. The fixture has to hold the fork such that all the critical points are in line with each other for brazing. There are production fixtures […]

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Frame Tube Blocks for frame building

June 16, 2010

These tube blocks are extremely handy for holding tubes in a vise without damaging the tube. I picked up a set at the frame building course I took recently. I’ll use these blocks extensively when building electric bike frames. The lower left photo shows one of the blocks in action holding the fork I’m working […]

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Bicycle Frame Building Tools

May 6, 2010

There are many specialty tools used to build a bicycle frame. Some of them are shown here in the photos that I took while at the UBI Chromoly Brazing Frame Building class. They are quite handy to have but aren’t accessible to a beginning frame builder. The expense is too great to go and buy […]

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