Oregon Handmade Bike Show, Cargo Bike Summary

October 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Thanks to OBCA, Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association for sponsoring the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show.

There were many fine handmade bikes at the show, each showing elements of style unique to the individual builder. It was very inspiring.

I was particularly attracted to the cargo hauling features of the bikes and their potential with an electric assist option. The ability to haul cargo with added electric assist makes not owning a car possible for me. As someone at the show told me, I’m looking to put the ‘e’ in front of every bike. To me, a handmade custom electric cargo bike would be the ultimate.

The Cycle Truck by Ahearne Cycles was on display. Joseph wants to add an electric motor option to make hauling heavy loads up steep hills easy for those who need it. The front rack over a 20” wheel keeps the cargo weight lower and maintains a standard wheelbase. Add a hub motor and this would make a daily rider for me.
Pereira Cycles was showing a custom bike that had some really nice features: front rack with custom bag that is easy to remove, integrated lock, front and rear light, internal routing of cables and wires.
Stites Design had the only custom electric trike on display, the Truck Trike. This is truly a massive cargo hauler for some serious hauling capability. It is using two EcoSpeed drive systems. It also has a very unique front drive for pedal power.
There were two Portland made Bakfeits style cargo bikes: Joe Bike ShuttleBug and Metrofiets.

This style of cargo bike carries the cargo load in front and very low to the ground for added stability. The wheelbase is long but is out front where it can be seen and could make maneuvering the length easier.
I’m curious how a hub motor would work on the front wheel of this style of cargo bike. I hear the Metrofiets works well with the Stokemonkey.

For more photos, click here.

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