How to make an electric bike battery box that will fit all battery packs.

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How is it possible to make one battery box that will fit all battery packs? You make the box fit the largest of the lot. Of course this is a bad idea and not really practical for an electric bike. Maybe it’s practical for an electric cargo bike that has lots of room but for a small commuter bike, it’s not a good idea.

So what’s the alternative? Currently there are no standards for battery packs that I know of. It would be nice if there were but I don’t see it happening for a long time.

Some of the issues that have to be considered when designing a box are:
* Dimensions of the battery pack.
* Mounting points if any
* Location of charging port
* Location of key switch
* Location to install it on the electric bike
* Method of attachment to the electric bike
* Routing of the wires
* Make it look attractive and professional
* Others? Leave a comment and tell me

For the NoPonder eBike prototype, formerly the Chop Mountain Bike project, I started with the batteries that I had and built the box to fit them. In the photos you can see the final box and what it looked like during fabrication. It hides the batteries and wires nicely. It’s secure and has easy access to the charging port and key switch. Yes it’s large and heavy but so are the batteries. The batteries are 10ah SLA. When I replace them I’ll have to find something smaller which shouldn’t be hard.

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For the ShortHopper eBike I’m starting with a donor rear triangle as seen in the last photo. I have to design a box, or mounting system, for a battery pack that I don’t have yet that will fit seamlessly on the eBike. I want it to be compatible with as many packs as possible so I can replace it with another brand if needed. The rear triangle will need to be modified by chopping the rear stays to make room for the batteries.

I’ll continue to post information about this design and fabrication for the battery box. If you have an opinion about it, leave a comment. If you have any battery pack recommendations, let me know. I would be much obliged.

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