Figuring out eBike torque arm angles for rear hub motor

November 19, 2010 · 0 comments

Mounting a torque arm assembly for a rear hub motor can be a challenge. There are multiple angles to choose from and multiple mounting options. In the video I show what the optimal angles are and then figure out the best placement on the bike.

The E-BikeKit torque arm assembly contains a separate arm and mounting bracket. Since the arm and mounting bracket are two separate pieces, their relationship to one another is critical. If the arm is not at the optimal angle, the assembly won’t be as strong with more twisting possible at the mounting point which could loosen the nut.

If the arm and the mounting bracket were one piece, it wouldn’t be an issue. I might weld mine together once I get the final install done to eliminated the possibility of the mounting bolt from loosening.

The mounting bracket can be installed on the axle in four different orientations. On Leah’s bike, there was only one orientation that provided the best position for the arm mounting angle. Picking the right angle of the mounting piece depends a lot on the best placement for the arm. In the video I demonstrate how the optimal angle is determined.

Once I figured out what angles to mount the arm and mounting bracket, I was able to finish the torque arm assembly install. There were more details to figure out. I’ll show those in the next video.

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Stay tuned for more details as this project proceeds.

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