EcoSpeed Electric Mountain Drive

December 21, 2010 · 0 comments

This video is from my trip to EcoSpeed in Portland, Oregon November 2010. Tad Beckwith, VP of Sales, gave an overview of their system

The Electric Mountain Drive looks like a really nice kit. The controller, motor, mounting system, and battery are very high quality.

The Velociraptor controller is their own design. It’s driven by a 32 bit RISC processor and is fully programmable by EcoSpeed with many different operational settings. The idea behind the name Velociraptor is that it’s built to survive.

Some of the controller features are:

  • Auto battery voltage detection.
  • Programmable power limit.
  • Intelligent battery interface that is optimized for battery chemistry.
  • Mode switch between full power and economy mode.
  • Intelligent low voltage limiting to extend range without cutting out.
  • Intelligent high temperature limiting that adjusts power to help prevent cutting out.
  • Fully upgradeable.

Available motor choices for the kit are 700W and 1000W. They are considering just offering the 1000W but both are available now.

The new mounting system on the motor attaches directly to the bottom bracket to prevent twisting of the motor on the down tube. They have different sizes of down tube clamps that will work with most bikes. A new adjustable clamp is in the works that will allow clamping to any size including oval tubes.

Their battery packs come in different voltage, amp hour ratings and mounting systems. They have a rocker switch for power and a U bolt if you want to lock the batteries to the bike. The batteries are encased in aluminum with a heavy duty fabric cover. The batteries supplied by them are LiFePO4 but their system is compatible with other vendor’s batteries.

Overall the Electric Mountain Drive system looks like a quality choice for a mid-drive system. For more information visit their website at

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