DIY rear stay jig for electric bike frame building

August 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Out of my need to build electric bike frames on a budget, I have to build a lot of my own tools. One of the tools I’ll need in my next build is a jig to hold the rear stays in place while tacking them into place.

I’m fillet brazing my stays so they need to be held securely and aligned until they are tacked. I saw some photos of similar jigs for this purpose and decided to make one. It wasn’t hard and only cost about $10 US.

The clamp is from an old derailleur. I’ll be able to clamp onto the seat tube and hold the top portion of the jig. The dummy axle is an inexpensive 3/8” x 165mm solid axle. The binder allows the jig to be lengthened or shortened as needed.

I’m looking forward to trying this jig out on my next build.

I also made a fork jig that can be seen by clicking here.

More tools are on the way.

I’ll make posts about them so you can see.

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