Conversion Continues While Waiting For Kit

October 17, 2010 · 1 comment

Work on Leah’s eBike conversion continues. My research is done and I finally ordered an electric bike conversion kit. More about this later.

While waiting for the eBike conversion kit to be delivered I’m making modifications to the bike to get it ready. I already overhauled and tuned it up. Now I’m making some modifications that I know I’m going to want and need.

I replaced the handlebars with cruiser style bars to allow for an upright riding position. This meant I had to take off the brake levers and shifters. Instead of re-installing those, I’m making some changes.

I’m going to install a thumb throttle so I’ll have to use twist shifters. The front shifter will stay the same at 3 positions. The rear shifter will be either 6 or 7 position. That will match the corresponding freewheel I install. I’m going to try both 6 and 7 speed freewheels so you can see the different installation issues for each.

If I wanted a twist throttle, I might have been able to use the existing rear shifter for the 7 speed freewheel. There is no guarantee of this because not all shifters are compatible with all freewheels. But in my case, since the existing shifter is part of the brake lever, I’m going to have to replace it anyway to allow for the brake lever in the kit. I’ll go ahead and change to a twist shifter.

The issue about shifter compatibility and freewheels is probably worth an entire post about. There are many combination’s to consider. Shifters that are part of the brake levers adds another layer of considerations. This is one of the stickier issues with doing an electric bike conversion.

I’m going to use the brake levers in the kit. These have a switch that will cutoff the motor when the brakes are applied. This adds a safety feature that I like. It adds a potential point of failure however because of the switch. I’ll take a closer look at these when I have them.

I need to add a rear rack to hold the battery and controller. I have a rack but will wait to install it on the bike. I might have to modify it to allow mounting the battery and controller.

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I’ll let you know more about the kit after I install it and try it out. I’ll show all of the details of installation and how I solve any problems.

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1 Don October 27, 2010 at 1:16 am

Good description of preparing the bike for installing the conversion.

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