Chopped electric mountain bike nears completion

February 9, 2010 · 1 comment

It’s been awhile since the last update so I thought I would make a post to let you know how it’s going. As usual, it is taking longer than expected.

The paint for this electric bike frame is still curing. I started the re-assembly this evening. It’s going to get new brakes and levers. I’m replacing the cantilever with linear pull; that way I won’t have to add cable hangers. The cantilevers weren’t working very well before so am hoping the linear pull brakes will be an improvement. Being able to stop with all the extra weight will come in really handy.

The final weight of the frame with fork and headset is about 5.5 pounds. This isn’t exact because my scale isn’t. I didn’t weigh the battery box. It’s over designed and heavy. I’ll probably lighten it up once the SLA batteries expire and I replace them with LiFePo4.

The battery box is painted too. I need to add some padding to keep the batteries in place and insulate the wires from any contact with metal. I’m going to seal the box with aluminum to keep the weather out and protect the batteries. The aluminum sides will also provide a place to mount the key switch and charge port. I also need to extend the fuse holder. You see, there is always something to do.

It’s coming together and I’m looking forward to putting this electric bike into service.

In the mean time I’m working on a new design. It’s going to be an electric recumbent cargo bike. Stay tuned for more videos, photos, and blogs about it. Right now I have parts all over the floor to try and visualize the geometry.

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1 pdxebiker February 11, 2010 at 11:45 am

Turned out great! Cant wait to follow the cargo-bent build!

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